Archie Fraser Will Continue to Push for Reform Even With New A-League Expansion

Archie Fraser recently stated that he is going to continue supporting the promotion-relegation for football in Australia as well as the national second division establishment even though he is being appointed as the chief executive for a brand-new A-League club, known as the Macarthur South West United team.

Archie Fraser is going to quit his current job with the Association of Australian Football Clubs. He was heading the national second division campaign during his time there to necessarily take charge of the A-League club that was based in Campbelltown in time for their entry into the tournament in October of 2020.

The difference between leading a franchise-style football squad from trying to revolutionize the football pyramid in Australia might appear rather stark. However, Fraser believes is far from inconsistent with the views and values of the game.

He confirmed to reporters that this would be the highest level he can participate in when it comes to football. He believes that Australian football needs to be integrated from bottom to top so it can continue to have a positive impact on the sport. He eventually wants both relegation and promotion. However, it needs to be spot on to function correctly.

Archie Fraser’s Career

Even though he previously worked as the A-League head during 2009 and 2010, Archie Fraser has managed to become a louder critic of the Australian Football Federation in recent years. In the coming weeks, he will take charge of the Macarthur South West United squad where his primary task will be to drive commercial operations for the brand-new club. Another aim for him will be to include a top-shelf player within the team to improve their overall skills and abilities within the A-League.

Archie Fraser’s main job as CEO will be to remove rocks that are in the way and to ensure there are enough funds to make anything possible. This will need to be crowd drawn and will require somebody that will continue to play in Fraser’s opinion. This will necessarily assist the team to get established. Fraser also believes that they have an elite player for the team that will draw spectators to enjoy games throughout the season.

The First Task for Archie Fraser

Fraser recently stated that his first task with the new A-League team would be to appoint a new head coach. Ante Milicic, the head coach for the Matildas, is strongly linked with the new role. However, there hasn’t been any deals made yet. Various sources predict that Milicic will remain the head coach for Matildas until well after the World Cup in 2019.

Fraser also stated that the club needs to consider engaging with demographics that are still untapped for clubs in the A-League. This means migrant groups from Asia within the region. This will substantially influence the recruitment of the club by signing several players from country’s that have a significant population in the southwest region of Sydney.