Australia vs Brazil in 2019 Women’s World Cup

An essential match during the 2019 Women’s World Cup will occur on Thursday afternoon when the two most elite teams in Group C, Brazil and Australia, collide in an exciting soccer match in Montpellier.

Team Rankings and Betting Odds

At the moment, Brazil is ranked 10th in the world when it comes to women’s football and starts their journey in the tournament by defeating Jamaica 3-0 to take a spot in the knockout stages. On the other hand, Australia is ranked 6th in the world and was defeated by Italy during their opening game of the tournament.

Australia will look for a positive result when they play against Brazil on Thursday afternoon. If they are unable to defeat Brazil, they might risk missing the knockout stages completely. Kick off will take place at noon ET from the Stade de la Mosson.

Bookmakers have recently listed Australia as the favourites to win the match with a +115 moneyline, while Brazil is seen as the underdogs with a +220 moneyline. The draw for the game is set at +260, while the over/under is set at 2.5 goals for the match. Before you place your bets on the game this week, make sure you take some time to read the predictions set out by David Sumpter, a European soccer expert.


David Sumpter is a renowned mathematician and the author of the favourite book “Soccermatics”. His book explains how mathematics works in the world of sports. He also created the compelling Soccerbot model along with a wide range of other analysts.

The Soccerbot examines a team’s performance and includes the current odds. It will also calculate metrics and will even predict any upcoming match. Since its inception three years ago, the Soccerbot model from Sumpter is up an unbelievable 2,000% when it comes to Premier League games.

Since the start of the 2019 Women’s World Cup, it already impresses loads of bettors, returning at least $725 to anyone that will follow it’s predicted picks. The Soccerbot model also correctly predicted amazing Argentina vs Japan draw of +825 and was spot on when it came to New Zealand getting defeated by the Netherlands and England beating Scotland during the opening games.

With such an incredible record, the Soccerbot now looks towards Brazil vs Australia match. It seems like Australia will be the more desperate team to win the game on Thursday afternoon after they failed to score a point against Italy. They will also leave without any points if they fail to defeat Brazil. Australia’s only opportunity to advance to the knockout stages is by defeating Jamaica, depending on what happens during the match between Jamaica and Italy.

With all the information the Soccerbot gathers, it looks like its leaning towards Australia to win the match. Although Brazil is more experienced in the field, the national team from Australia will want to be victorious, and that means more trouble for Brazil.