Australian Football Preserving Their Heritage

Football Federation Australia is going from strength to strength in their efforts to promote and enhance the sport in the country. In recent weeks we have seen the relentless effort placed on their bid to host the World Cup. We have also had a long and rich history of football in Australia being brought to us by the recently published book of Peter Kunz, Chronicles of Soccer in Australia – Foundation Years 1859 to 1949. Now the Football Federation of Australia announced their official heritage committee to record and reflect the history of the sport in the country.

The FFA Heritage Committee

The FFA started through Chris Nikou, FFA Chairman, that one of the main priorities of the new Board of Directors, is to recognize the history of the sport in their country. They also want to centralize the memorabilia which individual collectors have collected over time, to start building a football museum. The Committee’s focus will be placed on promoting the social, economic, historical and cultural heritage of football’s significance in the country. The Committee members will include members of the football community who have in the past shown interest in committing themselves to acquire a more excellent knowledge of football’s history. These would consist of names like Bonita Mersiades, from the publishing world, Fox Sports’ Andy Harper and Simon Hill, Peter Katholos the former Socceroo and Chairman of the Johnny Warren Football Foundation, Jamie Warren. Remo Nogarotto, FFA Director, will be in charge of the Committee.

The Need to Celebrate a Rich History

The Committee’s focus will be set on celebrating the rich history of the sport in the country. The historical milestones along the journey of more than 160 years need to be correctly identified, recognized and celebrated. For this purpose, a Historical sub-committee are there to ensure that the facts are accurately represented. Peter Kunz is undoubtedly part of this Committee. It also included Garry McKenzie of the Gold Coast, football historians Ian Syson and Roy Hay from Melbourne and Adelaide, the statistician Andrew Howe will be present. Trevor Thompson represents Sydney.

Relying on Individuals to Keep up With History

Nogarotto stated that in the history of football this far, they have always relied upon individuals who have a passion for the sport to collect the precious memorabilia, to document the past and also to showcase it to inspire younger generations. The Committee realized the importance of centralizing all of these and that it needs to be coordinated in a way so that it is done more effectively and that it is an enjoyable and accessible experience for all football fans. It is also about more than collecting history and factual information but also about celebrating the significant role players, contributors and brilliant players. The purpose of the entire drive is to preserve the past to create a better future for the sport of football in Australia, to ensure that nothing of value gets lost along the way.