Baseball Bat Turned Into Weapon in England

The Walking Dead has turned into an influential television series that defined a generation in positive and negative ways. This was proven again with the announcement that an 18-year-old had been sentenced for physically harming a younger boy with baseball nails, which was penetrated with screw-like nails. Sentencing for John Callis-Woolsey followed after this legally-aged adult admitted to attacking the younger boy, who was sixteen years of age and lived in Derbyshire. The event occurred on November 13th, 2018. It resulted in the younger boy, who isn’t identified for security purposes, to require lifelong care and medical assistance.

John Woolsey wasn’t the only individual involved with this attack, as he received assistance from Kyle Cullen. He received sentencing from the Derby Crown Court as well, with both being sentenced to eight eights at a Young Offenders Institute. Cullen is receiving an additional twelve months of sentencing for conspiring to commit robbery, with this charge being followed through at a Detention Centre. When the investigation was underway by Derbyshire law enforcement, it was noted that the baseball bat had been turned into a terrible weapon.

This weapon shared similarities to the weapon used by Negan on The Walking Dead, which a show based in North America during the Zombie Apocalypse. The ignorance of these young men was extensive, with them performing “The Floss Dance” from Fortnite after being caught by law enforcement. Most believe that these two men deserved longer sentences, with lawyers and judges forced to back down with the Young Detention Act. This legislation requires rehabilitation for young criminals instead of prison time, which often forces considerably smaller sentences.

The Mothers & Police React

Oscar is the false name that was provided for the victim, with the mother speaking publicly to the Walking Dead Creators. She expressed that they aren’t aware of the influence this content has on younger minds, that it warps them and slowly makes them violent. She then spoke to the Derby Courts, noting that these young boys should serve life sentences.

Her son must serve a life sentence as a disabled human-being for committing no crimes; Oscar was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Derbyshire Police mentioned to reporters that this act was incredibly violent and had been orchestrated after extensive planning. The reasoning for this crime wasn’t revealed but noted to be incredibly trivial.