Bernie Sanders Fights for Baseball

One of the leading senators for the 2020 Presidency, Bernie Sanders, has been fighting for one of America’s most nationalized sports. Sanders has claimed he is outraged over the decision of Rob Manfred, the Commissioner for Major League Baseball. He has threated to end MLB’s association with Minor League Baseball, which would prove to be a detrimental issue for the sport. This democratic presidential candidate has expressed his disbeliefs numerous times to the market, going as far as to write a letter to the commissioner. This letter noted that refusal to negotiate is under bad faith and that not creating a new Professional Baseball Agreement could ruin the sport in a decade.

Bernie Sanders emphasized that the United States Congress wouldn’t allow him to follow through with this decision, claiming that a national sporting organization shouldn’t be excluded to Americans in any context. Sanders held a meeting to discuss this issue with fellow senators in Iowa. This meeting is said to be positive, with Sanders convincing his co-workers that commissioners don’t have this volume of power.

The Commissioners Views

The MLB Commission had been in a public feud with the Minor American Baseball League since his arrival four years ago. This commissioner believes that the MLB Corporate Organization wasn’t earning substantial enough percentages from the MABL. Rob Manfred wants to make the new version of Minor League Baseball privatized, which would create independent teams associated away from local cities. However, this would drastically increase the cost that comes with MABL. Parents would subsequently avoid the professional youngster leagues and take away future stars from the sport.

Sanders has continuously assured baseball fans and parents that the American Government will force Rob Manfred to make a new agreement that follows currently-implemented structures. The commissioner has publicly disgraced the potential US President, claiming that his business isn’t associated with Major League Baseball. The fight for baseball in America has begun. The overwhelming concern is that if Rob Manfred wins, this commissioner from other sporting leagues will follow his new structured format.