Boston Red Sox Receives Penalties

Major League Baseball continues to experience fallout after fallout, with their cheating scandal last year prompting numerous fans to avoid the sport. The following result extended towards the novel coronavirus, which forced the 1st season after the cheating scandal to be postponed. Throughout this postponement period, the Boston Red Sox have continued to be investigated by MLB Corporate.

April 26th marked the date that Commissioner Rob Manfred announced that Alex Cora from the Boston Red Sox had been suspended for twelve months. The penalties towards Boston could’ve been extensively worse, with the Red Sox narrowly avoiding millions in fines. Alex Cora was dismissed after investigators revealed that he was the mastermind behind the cheating scandal, which saw the Houston Astros steal the pitcher’s signs from opposing teams.

Alex Cora was questioned by ESPN Reporters regarding his suspension, where the Red Sox Coach expressed his relief towards the investigators being over. It should be mentioned that investigations revealed that Alex Cora hadn’t continued stealing signs when joining the Boston Red Sox, indicating that the Houston Astros Head Coach perpetrated these events.

Cora took full responsibility for his actions with the 2017 World Series, which saw the Houston Astros win illegally by cheating. Folding like a horrible online poker player, Alex Cora stated his actions were unacceptable and respected the punishments handed out by Rob Manfred. This is entirely different from the Alex Cora seen two months ago, who was willing to defend his actions at any costs.

Alex Removed Means New Red Box Manager

When Alex Cora was confirmed for a twelve-month suspension, the Boston Red Sox immediately promoted Ron Roenicke to Team Manager. This follows after Ron worked under Alex Cora as the Interim Manager, with that title now being removed from this MLB Outfit. It should be noted that other individuals with the Houston Astros were hired by the Red Sox after 2017, with those employed coaches also receiving minor penalties. J.T. Watkins took the full brunt of these penalties, receiving a twelve-month suspension without pay. It follows after he agreed to disobey MLB Rules and prohibited the actions of sign stealing.