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Season Restart Initiative Unveiled by MLB

Multiple options have been considered with beginning the 2020 Season for Major League Baseball, which was postponed from starting amidst the coronavirus. Cancellation of seasonal games wasn’t administered by Rob Manfred himself, with the decision being forced by government officials. The MLB Commissioner didn’t have any choice to abide once all entertainment venues were cancelled […]

MLB Workforce Doesn’t Test Positive for Antibodies

Rob Manfred positioned his workforce to assist with medical research for the coronavirus. Few teams in Major League Baseball refused to participate in the experiment, which reviewed thousands of MLB Participants for COVID-19 antibodies. Test results were revealed earlier this week by researchers, which indicated that 0.7% of MLB Employees have antibodies. More than six […]

The History of Louisville Slugger Before COVID-19

COVID-19 has inflicted numerous industries and their respective companies, forcing them to either reformat their business operations or lose millions in profits. One manufacturer that altered their production lines was the Louisville Slugger Company, which was forced to furlough 90% of their workforce at a 25% pay cut. This is the 1st time since World […]

Boston Red Sox Receives Penalties

Major League Baseball continues to experience fallout after fallout, with their cheating scandal last year prompting numerous fans to avoid the sport. The following result extended towards the novel coronavirus, which forced the 1st season after the cheating scandal to be postponed. Throughout this postponement period, the Boston Red Sox have continued to be investigated […]

MLB Umpire Duties During COVID-19 Explained

Resuming the 2020 Major League Baseball Season has become a significant priority for their commissioner, Rob Manfred. It’s prompted for MLB Organizers to tackle various issues associated with the novel coronavirus pandemic. This includes altering how players, coaching staff and umpires engage with one another on the baseball diamond. Umpires associated with MLB Corporate have […]

Taiwanese Baseball Using Mannequins Over Fans

The Taiwanese Baseball Association was forced to delay the initial start of their 2020 Season. This follows after the COVID-19 pandemic broke out throughout the region, with Taiwan being considered a leader in self-isolation. Multiple countries have implemented similar protocols to Taiwan, hoping that identical results will be provided. Most sporting associations are still under […]

Japanese Baseball Postponed for 2nd time

The Nippon Baseball Commissioner in Japan announced that the 2020 Season would be delayed further during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This follows after Japan has experienced 2900+ confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus. The NPBL Commissioner wanted the regular season to resume by April 24th; the indefinite delay indicates that the Nippon Professional Baseball League won’t […]

MLB Corporate & Players Donate to Covid-19 Relief

The Major League Baseball Players Association, with assistance from MLB Corporate, announced that they’d donated $1 million towards Covid-19 Relief Aid. The selected charities are Feeding America and Meals on Wheels, who assist hundreds of thousands of Americans with prepared meals. Considering that grocery chains are experiencing low supplies, this donation will drastically assist American […]

MLB Treating Minor League Poorly

Major League Baseball’s regular season has been postponed until May 5th, which follows after the Centre of Disease Control & Prevention announced that all entertainment facilities or sporting venues shouldn’t exceed mass gatherings of 50+ people. The actions and decisions that have followed with MLB Executives are disgusting. Minor League Players are being treated like […]

MLB Exile for Barry Bonds

Major League Baseball is infamous for creating enemies out of players that allegedly used steroids. This applies to even the most prominent legends of the sport, with Barry Bonds being the most recent. Information regarding the personal relationship between Major League Baseball and Barry Bonds was revealed last week, with the former athlete expressing they’ve […]