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MLB Names First Black Crew Chief

The 2020 Major League Baseball season is due to get underway on only four weeks, and it is expected that when it does, that it will include multiple new umpires being brought into to officiate. The MLB made an announcement this past Thursday stated that longtime umpires Alfonso Marquez, and Kerwin Danley have received promotions […]

Baseball Bat Turned Into Weapon in England

The Walking Dead has turned into an influential television series that defined a generation in positive and negative ways. This was proven again with the announcement that an 18-year-old had been sentenced for physically harming a younger boy with baseball nails, which was penetrated with screw-like nails. Sentencing for John Callis-Woolsey followed after this legally-aged […]

Minor League Baseball Players Receive Raises

After considerable deliberation between the Minor League Baseball Association and executives with Major League Baseball, it was confirmed that players under the minor banner would receive a salary increase throughout the 2021 season. This announcement followed after it was confirmed that the commissioner’s office sent a memo to the Associated Press, which noted all thirty […]

All-Star Pitcher Regrets Houston Astros Situation

Charlie Morton from the Houston Astros regrets the decisions made for sign stealing back in the 2017 World Series Championship. The Two-Time All-Star Pitcher expressed that he hadn’t done anything to stop the illegal relaying information, with him having direct involvement in the illicit actions. Morton now pitches for the Tampa Bay Rays, where coaching […]

Francisco Lindor & Cleveland Indians at Odds

The Cleveland Indians are considered to be one of the most prominent organizations in Major League Baseball. However, their restrictive when proposing large-scale contracts for players. It’s the most elite receive specialized treatment from this organization, which often leads to players departing from the Indians after reaching their peaks. This potentially could happen again with […]

MLB Sponsoring Olympic Softball

Major League Baseball has chosen to use its muscle financially to support the Women’s U.S softball team after it was guaranteed a spot in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. While good news for the women’s team, the men’s team continue to struggle in their efforts to qualify. The MLB further announced that it has agreed to […]

MLB Acquisitions in January 2020

The acquisition period for Major League Baseball has officially begun. Organizations in MLB will focus on acquiring formidable players, with the San Diego Padres and Houston Astros receiving some of the first picks. Subsequently, it was announced by San Diego Padre representatives that they’d finalized their contract with Craig Stammen. This contract will see the […]

Mookie Betts Re-Signed to Red Sox

Supporters for the Boston Red Sox were thrilled when it was announced that Mookie Betts would remain with the team going forward. This comes after the MLB organization, and Mookie Betts agreed to a new contract, which is costing Boston Red Sox $27 million. This deal was finalized on January 10th, 2020, and came right […]