Chris Wondolowski Resigns for Final MLS Season

Major League Soccer is known for respecting legendary footballers that’ve competed in their ranks. That was proven against by San Jose’s Earthquakes, a prominent team in MLS. Announcements were made that Chris Wondolowski has been resigned for an additional one-year contract. Expectations had the prominent forward retiring after 2020, with San Jose Earthquakes rumoured to be locating new blood. This follows after the Earthquakes & Wondolowski sustained a relation of eight seasons, which’ll extend towards nine now.

Supporters for the San Jose Earthquakes have rallied behind this announcement, knowing that Chris Wondolowski deserved a greater send-off than what was witnessed during the coronavirus pandemic. This announcement also reaffirms that Wondolowski is loyal to the Earthquakes, with Chris becoming a free agent for the first time in years. Multiple teams would’ve been contacting the footballer for acquisition, with Wondolowski sustaining the highest record of scored goals in MLS. Chris has acquired 166 goals in his career, with a notable drop-off in recent seasons. 2020s campaign witnessed Wondolowski acquire several goals, his lowest since joining the San Jose Earthquakes in 2012.

Age Factoring into Contention

Chris Wondolowski himself will retire following this upcoming season, with age becoming a defining factor for the footballer. Chris is aged thirty-eight & considered one of MLSs oldest players. His namesake is listed with Major League Soccer’s 25 Greatest Players. When considering these accolades are typically awarded to retired footballers, the time is coming for Wondolowski to retire.

The San Jose Earthquakes wanted Wondolowski to have a better final season in MLS than what was seen during Covid-19. It should be mentioned that Chris Wondolowski is known worldwide, having competed for the United States Men’s National Football Team multiple times. Throughout 35 appearances, eleven goals were acquired by Wondolowski. The accolades & skillsets displayed by Chris won’t be forgotten in Major League Soccer’s history for decades to come.