Francisco Lindor & Cleveland Indians at Odds

The Cleveland Indians are considered to be one of the most prominent organizations in Major League Baseball. However, their restrictive when proposing large-scale contracts for players. It’s the most elite receive specialized treatment from this organization, which often leads to players departing from the Indians after reaching their peaks. This potentially could happen again with Francisco Lindor, as there’s been extensive speculation that he’d leave Cleveland following the 2021 Season.

Francisco Lindor isn’t even the highest-paid individual in Indian history, with Edwin Encarnacion taking that title at $60 million during the 2016-17 season. Sporting analysts have predicted that Francisco could earn upwards of $200 million under the free agent badge. Why would he remain loyal to the Indians for $50 million under a multi-year contract, when the funds attainable elsewhere are far higher? The answer is he wouldn’t. While speaking with reporters during the Tribal Fest, Francisco expressed that the Cleveland Indian’s haven’t offered the right number for a multi-year extension.

It should be noted that pursuing an extension won’t apply for an additional twenty-four months, which would prompt the minimal debates regarding pay increases. Recent improvements in Lindor’s capabilities will force these discussions onto the Cleveland Indian’s shortly though. Francisco Lindor mentioned that the more money, the better. His main concern relates to his family’s financial well-being. He noted that if the Cleveland Indian’s cannot offer him a minimum of $150 million, he’ll be departing from the organization. Considering that the payroll for Cleveland last year was collective $120 million, it’s highly unlikely this extension will be possible.

Potential Options

There have been multiple organizations in Major League Baseball that have expressed their desire to purchase Francisco Lindor. Those teams include the Toronto Blue Jays, Los Angeles Dodgers, and New York Mets. However, both Terry Francona and Chris Antonetti haven’t been willing to engage in any conversations with these organizations. Both these individuals confirmed that Lindor wouldn’t be traded during the offseason and that he’ll play the full course of his contract.

Subsequently, it seems that Francisco Lindor and his coaches are at odds going forward. This level of tension regarding contracts can often lead to unexpecting situations where head coaches are put under the bus. Ultimately, Lindor has more associated power than his coaches and could have them terminated after prolonged harassment. Chris Antonetti and Terry Francona should be wary of how they approach this situation going forward.