How Bad Was the Trashing if Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Feel the Need to Apologize to the Fans!

After the Everton thrashing, Manchester United fans got an apology from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Six of their past games lost by United out of eight and now the team is sixth in the Premier League. When interviewed by Sky News, Solskjaer said that everything just went wrong from the very first whistle. He feels he should apologise to the club fans. He also said that the fans are the only ones that can hold their heads high as the team simply can’t.

Manchester United Beaten in All Aspects of the Game

When asked about the match of the day, the boss of Manchester United said they were basically beaten in every aspect of the game. The only place in which the team did excel according to Solskjaer is supported. Yet, he feels they were not near good enough.

He has no excuses line-up and simply agrees that the team performance was simply not good enough for Manchester United. He includes himself and the players when he apologises to the fans. He feels they let the club down as well as the fans and when it comes to describing the performance, he says it is difficult. As it was that bad.

Manchester United Will Make Amends on Wednesday

The team is as much to blame for their lack of running as poor decision making according to the club boss. When asked if the players even care, he answered that the question should be asked directly to the team. He wants his team to be the hardest working of the league. Regardless of the talent, a winning team runs more than the opponent.

When asked about team changes, he answered that you could never change an entire squad. It takes one step at a time and he feels positive that they can be successful, although there are players who won’t be a part of that.

David de Gea Captain of Manchester United

In an interview with the captain, he replied that it is extremely difficult to put into the world the feel after the massive defeat. On Twitter, Gea said that as the captain he feels the performance of the team, as well as the result, is not near what is expected of Manchester United. This is not the standard once you pull on the Man United shirt.

Was it That Bad?

Not sure where to start, it was the biggest win Everton ever enjoyed over Manchester United. That includes in any match since the victory in 1984 of 5-0. Manchester United have not enjoyed a clean sheet in eleven consecutive competitions. Everton outruns United by 8.03 km.

When it comes to fan comments, quite a few suggested the reserves should play as they have more fight in them. While several blamed Solskjaer, as many feel he is a great appointment and feels embarrassed that he is doubted.