Increased Australian Involvement in Soccer

Soccer is, without a doubt, the most popular sport in the entire globe. With this success, there are still places where it is continually reaching new heights of popularity, involvement and interest. Australia is considered to be one of these unique places.

Soccer in a Rugby Supporting World

Over the ages, Australia has made a prominent name for itself both in the worlds of rugby and cricket. A sport which is well under-publicized though is Australian soccer. Many Australian soccer players have made a great success in their careers, although with teams representing other nationalities. These include names like Sydney born Callum Elder playing for Ipswich F.C in England and Mile Jedinak, born in Camperdown, who is involved at Aston Villa F.C. This trend of Aussies making a success on an international level is a great inspiration for the sport-loving nation of Australia to turn their focus to soccer with more attention and interest. Another contributing factor to the new growing interest in their national women’s team’s efforts and involvement in the FIFA Women’s Soccer World Cup. The Matildas left the run for the Cup on a very heart-breaking note, but their pre-Cup successes and their relentless efforts to achieve success once again are all that is required to let the passionate Aussie fans warm up to the sport.

Marketing the Game through Sports Betting

The changes in the world of Australian sports, the game is also thoroughly sold on various platforms. Especially when it comes to sports betting or mobile betting, the growth of interest in soccer has taken a tremendous upturn. This is further fuelled by easy access to sportsbooks and regular promotions and irresistible sports betting offers.

Towards a Bright Future

With all the increased interest in the sport, it might become a reality soon for Australia to host a World Cup tournament in the future. Regarding this, it is already a plan which has been placed into action as they are working with Indonesia on the possibility of being joint hosts for the 2034 World Cup Series. Even if this bid is not accepted, it is a clear indication of the amount of support which soccer has in Australia. The Australians also have their eye on hosting the 2023 Women’s World Cup Tournament, and they have already prepared their bid for this.

Strong Support

When you have the strong support of a sport-loving nation backing you and you have local athletes who excel on both domestic as well as international level in a particular sport, then is it without a doubt the perfect environment to expand the horizons and give the fans the opportunity for more serious involvement in the competition. Thus making Australia perhaps the ideal place of choice to host such a significant international event in the future. This will be a great leap forward not only for soccer in Australia but indeed for the game of soccer globally loved and played.