July 1st Recap for the Old Xavs

It seems as if the beginning of July is proving to be a time where the Old Xavs are going through a variety of wins, losses, and new developments. While the teams are giving it their all though each game, no matter if they win or lose, at least they can say that they learned something new and found ways to improve their footwork on the field so the next time they play, they will be stronger than the last. Around the last week of June and the first week of July, the football club has had more successful matches than loses, which is a needed improvement as the teams were not having the best matches last month.

WOX Takes Home Another Loss

Out of the three teams that played during this period, the women’s team did not take home a winning title while playing against the experienced, and taller, players of Marcellin. The reds were playing a hard match according to coach Moodie. No player held back as the girls gave it their all to secure the win that they desired. Although a combination of factors such as the other team having more experience, being stronger and surprisingly having a handful of taller players who used that to their advantage – the WOX team did not seem to be able to defeat the competition. Despite the loss, Moodie was proud to boast about the girls having some impressive tackles and making Marcellin stand on their toes throughout the match. Moodie ended the sentiment by stating while they may have received a loss, next week the girls are going to start their winning streak and hopefully beat Marcellin the next time they face them on the field.
Men’s Team Takes Home a Win

The Old Xavs and the Old Scotch has a well-known traditional rivalry that has created intense games between the two teams. Although, the Old Xavs can ride home smiling as they won the latest match against the Old Scotch team during the recent match at Toorak Park. The men’s Red’s have won four games before this one, which just shows the practice and dedication the team is outing into each game.

During the beginning of the match, the Old Xavs had a strong lead which easily gave them a comfortable space between the Old Scotch. Although, due to the work of some misplaced footwork and lack of having perfect accuracy, a few openings were created that could have changed the outcome of the game. While Lucas Socchio scored the first few goals, the Old Scotch took on the offensive role and managed to score two goals in between.

The Xavs managed to match and exceed the two goals scored by the Old Scotch due to the combination of having precise footwork and teamwork for the players. Which was shown in a display of harmony during the game. While the match was moving to an exciting finale, the Xavs remained strong and refused to create another opening for the Scotch which ensured the victory.