Logistical Challenges with Reopening on July 4th

July 4th is the date Major league Baseball hopes to resume their 2020 Season. However, there are multiple logistical challenges associated with accomplishing this launch date. Rob Manfred must delegate with twenty-seven metropolis cities in North America, including New York and Toronto. Manfred must have Health Advisors acquire 200+ thousand testing kits, while also promising not to take availability away from the public. This will be one of the hardest logistical challenges for Manfred & MLB Executives to overcome.

ESPN Sports analysed the logistical challenges approaching Major League Baseball in 30+ days. It’s noted that their task is something that hasn’t been attempted in North American History, with whichever sports association accomplishing it first making a significant accomplishment. Choosing to move forward with professional sports will remove the essence of what makes it enjoyable. Instead of attendees cheering on their favourite players, stadiums will be empty with military-esc measures being placed onto players. They’ll be required to maintain social distancing at two metres, while also receiving a COVID-19 Testing Kit before and after entering the stadium. Refusal to abide by these measures will see players unable to compete.

Rob Manfred Shows His True Colours

Medical Advisors working with Rob Manfred expressed that the most important factor moving forward is human life. This is something the MLB Commissioner has struggled to accept amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Rob Manfred has often worked against the MLB Player’s Association, Minor Baseball League, and Local Politicians. Manfred has taken a similar mentality to Dana White from the Ultimate Fighting Championship. These ageing men are dedicated conservatives and believe the financial wellbeing’s of their brands are more important than human life. That’s why just like the UFC, it’s inevitable that Major League Baseball will resume.

Expect significant backlash from supporters, who maintain concerns with Major League Baseball after the Houston Astros Cheating Scandal. Sports analysts speculate that upwards of 40% of Manfred’s customer base could be lost be resuming MLB before the pandemic is concluded. MLB’s Commissioner has regularly avoided the recommendations on analysts & health experts, which will inevitably be his downfall.