Manchester United Targeted by Cybercriminals

Sophisticated hacking has been sustained against the Manchester United Football Club in Great Britain. It’s an unexpected attack that proved a failure for cybercriminals. However, experts working with Manchester United Tech Support suggested that these attacks were knowledgeable of critical infrastructures & bypass codes that couldn’t be sustained without advanced AI Programs. This means that influential cybercriminals or government hackers implemented these attacks, with speculation suggestions that Russia could’ve attacked Manchester United’s servers to acquire consumer data from British civilians.

An official statement was issued by Manchester United on November 20th, which suggested that cybernetic defences have been increased exponentially since the attack occurred. Governing forces in the United Kingdom have been provided detailed information regarding the attack, with temporary results suggesting that cybercriminals are implementing a sophisticated operation against Premier League clubs. Damages are being contained, with consumer data having been protected by backup protocols. Manchester United guarantees that credit card information wasn’t stolen.

Containing the Attack

Details in the statement noted that club personnel have taken immediate action to contain the attack & guarantee it doesn’t repeat, with lost information regarding our advisers being relocated. Data that cybercriminals received hadn’t provided critical information that would leave Manchester United, or the Premier League at risk on any level. It should be clarified that critical systems used by Manchester United at the Old Trafford Stadium have been updated with new cybernetic measures, meaning 125k-SSL Encryption. This guarantees that personal data cannot get breached on any level.

Manchester United is recommending that consumers change their passwords & potentially emails, under the impression that backdoors were created by the cybercriminals. Backdoors would likely enable these individuals to re-enter the Manchester United servers after hours of coding. When media personnel with Manchester United were questioned on the attack, it was confirmed that Premier League organizations are becoming more aware of continued aggression from cybercriminal forces & are beginning to locate new avenues of protection.