MLB Corporate & Players Donate to Covid-19 Relief

The Major League Baseball Players Association, with assistance from MLB Corporate, announced that they’d donated $1 million towards Covid-19 Relief Aid. The selected charities are Feeding America and Meals on Wheels, who assist hundreds of thousands of Americans with prepared meals. Considering that grocery chains are experiencing low supplies, this donation will drastically assist American families. It should be noted this donation is being split evenly, meaning both outfits receive $500k.

An official statement regarding this decision was provided by Rob Manfred, the Commissioner of Major League Baseball. He expressed that these unprecedented times is making it hard for millions to traverse this pandemic. It’s vital that society comes together and assists the most vulnerable. It’ll be the only way our communities stay alive, which we as an institution believe is our responsibility to ensure. That’s why MLB is committing to assist childhood hunger and food availability throughout this pandemic. Rob Manfred also thanked the partnered associations with Major League Baseball and the countless players that donate towards this relief aid. It’ll make all the difference for families and children across America.

The Charities

MLB selected some of the most noteworthy charities in the United States of America. Meals of Wheels for Americans will provide emergency premade meals. Those meals are typically delivered directly to the doorstep, with customers signing off on the groceries. Delivery drivers will leave those groceries at the door and stand a distance of ten feet before customers are allowed to provide their clearance.

When it applies to Feeding America, their dedication toward helping the families and children in need across the United States is immense. They’ve ensured that children in financially burdened neighbourhoods across America are receiving daily meals. That’s been possible with many donations from sporting associations, celebrities and large-scale corporations. It should be noted that both these charities also provide premade meals to senior citizens across America.

Major League Baseball’s presence in the sporting community isn’t dwindling, even with the 2020 Season being delayed until Mid-May. By supporting local communities throughout America, it ensures that fans will remain loyal after the prolonged break.