MLB Exile for Barry Bonds

Major League Baseball is infamous for creating enemies out of players that allegedly used steroids. This applies to even the most prominent legends of the sport, with Barry Bonds being the most recent. Information regarding the personal relationship between Major League Baseball and Barry Bonds was revealed last week, with the former athlete expressing they’ve provided him with a death sentence of exile since retiring in 2007. These statements followed after Barry Bonds was interviewed by “The Athletic”, which is a program meant to focus on the most recent trends in MLB. Considering all these trends relate to the Sigh-Stealing Scandal, it isn’t surprising that the Athletic would change their format.

Barry Bonds was known as one of the most influential players in professional baseball, with his countless accomplishments tarnished with the allegations he used steroids. This hasn’t stopped Major League Baseball supporters from continuously expressing that Bonds was the greatest athlete to play this sport. He played for the San Francisco Giants and became the most famous baseball athlete in existence. The exile from Major League Baseball has left Barry Bonds feeling heartbroken, with him unaware why they’d terminate any relationship with him. These allegations were never proven to be false or true.

The MLB Hall of Fame is one of the perfect examples indicating the exile towards Barry Bonds. Supporters of this sport have the right to vote in players into the Hall of Fame. Barry received 60.7% of the overall vote this year, with the required rules demanding that 75% of ballots pertain to their name. When questioned on his potential of joining the MLB Hall of Fame, Barry Bonds expressed that if they don’t want him, make it public information. Considering that Barry Bonds has two more years to win the Hall of Fame ballot, sporting analysts are beginning to speculate that baseballs greatest legend won’t be inducted. It should be noted that Rob Manfred, the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, has often dwindled the quality of his sport for personal vendettas.

Barry Bonds finished his career of two decades with 760+ home runs, which stands as the most prominent in Major League Baseball history. He’s never admitted to using steroids in a public manner, with some rumours indicating he confirmed these allegations to prosecutors during court. This information was never made public.