MLB Faces Coronavirus Outbreak

Outbreaks of the novel coronavirus are being reported worldwide, with governments lifting their COVID-19 Social Distancing Restrictions. Medical experts warned their respective politicians that reopening economies this early would enforce the 2nd wave. Recommendations from educated personnel were often avoided, with few governments willing to listen. The United States has actively disobeyed social distancing measures & instead obtained its coronavirus data through platforms like Facebook.

It’s prompted States like Florida to reopen their economies without the slightest measure for physical distancing. Entertainment Venues, Professional Sports, and Bar/Clubs were permitted to resume operations. What’s followed is an average of 1000+ cases of COVID-19 per day in Florida. Infections have extended towards Professional Sports Leagues like Major League Baseball.

Even with the significant infections seen throughout Florida, it was anticipated that Major League Baseball would maintain their 2020-21 Season at the Disneyland Resort. Rob Manfred could’ve created specific conditions that ensured the safety of players, coaches, media personnel, and the remaining workforce. Manfred is focusing his mindset similarly to Dana White from the Ultimate Fighting Competition, desiring all MLB Teams to compete in their respective home city. Manfred issued demands to the MLBPA & workforces have begun returning to their respective stadiums. The result of these actions has been 38 Positive Tests of COVID-19.

3000+ Thousand Coronavirus Test Kits were issued on July 3rd to MLB Personnel. Reporting 38 Confirmed Cases shows a 1.2% infection rating, which has been standard with the daily growth of COVID-19 in “Pandemic Zone” nations. It’s suspected that these confirmed infections were prompted by players that were forced to compete after barely recovering from the coronavirus. Manfred & MLB Corporate would’ve been informed of those infections, purposely avoiding any recognition to ensure the survival of finances.

Increased Testing

Rob Manfred, the MLB Commissioner, emphasized that their main priority is curbing the spread of COVID-19. Under this priority it’s been issued that daily tests be permitted to MLB Personnel, allowing for the three-day turnaround to be avoided. Those confirmed with the coronavirus will be subjected to specific social distancing conditions, while another player from the Minor Leagues is brought in until that infected baseballer has healed.