MLB Holiday Signings

The holidays weren’t just eventful for millions of families across North America, but it was also momentous for those in Major League Baseball. Two new signings were made throughout the last two weeks in December, with the New York Mets being the first sporting organization to announce their latest acquisition. They agreed to terms with Dellin Betances, a free agent player that leaves the 7th line of the New York Yankees. Throughout his career, he has pitched a 2.36 ERA but has only started only in his eight-year career.

The last season proved to be his worst, pitching only once on September 15th. Throughout the 2019 Season, he suffered significant shoulder injuries. This followed with an injury to his Achilles, which prompted his removal for the remaining season. This prompted the New York Yankees to terminate Dellin Betances, who spent his entire career with the Yankees. It’s not known to which capacity this professional athlete will be used with the New York Bets, with sporting analysts believing that pitching duties will be split between Dellin Betances and Edwin Diaz.

Toronto Blue Jays

Another team that saw a significant acquisition was the Toronto Blue Jays. They announced that they’d acquired Hyun-Jin Ryu under a four-year contract, which will cost them $20 million per year. This acquisition enables the Blue Jays to enter the 2020 season as significant competitors, with Ryu being the best left-hander in Major League Baseball. He was awarded the league’s most valuable player for 2019 while playing with the Dodgers, where he finished with a 2.32 ERA. Fans in the Toronto Region have expressed their gratitude and happiness towards this acquisition, knowing that it puts their team into contention for the championship.

This isn’t the first significant move that Toronto has made throughout their offseason acquisition period. Three other players have been added to their lineup, including Chase Anderson. The right-hander was traded from the Brewers as a free agent. The next acquisition was Tanner Roark, another right-hander. Toronto Blue Jay’s final purchase before Hyun-Jin Ryu was Shun Yamaguchi, another Japanese player under the left-hander classification. Subsequently, this improved lineup can create opportunities for championship contention that haven’t been seen in years.

Rumours are indicating that the Toronto Blue Jays are looking into David Price, a player that played with their organization previously. Price players with the Boston Red Sox currently, which began in the 2016 season. Returning to Toronto would mark another leap forward in their lineup. However, it seems that David Price has rejected the offer.