MLB Receives Criticism from Former Baseballers

Major League Baseball is receiving flack from one of its former players, informing sports outlets that it’ll be impossible for Rob Manfred to guarantee the safety of players. John Axford recalled the numerous individuals involved with a standard day of professional baseball, with their services essential & unavoidable to maintain operations or satisfy players. Axford clarified that multiple baseballers still active today are concerned for their safety & don’t trust the MLB Commissioner to implement social distancing measures properly.

The recollection of what occurs during a standard day of professional baseball was provided by John Axford. Multiple individuals are seen daily, with those including Hotel personnel, restaurant waiters, professional drivers, security guards, team personnel, fellow players, and coaching staff. It’s impossible to guarantee that all these individuals are respecting former social distancing measures that’ve been removed by Donald Trump.

John Axford previously played with the Toronto Blue Jays, remaking his lack of surprise towards learning that Major League Baseball will implement a 60-Game Regular Season & then championship competitions. Rob Manfred is also allowing for players to traverse from stadium-to-stadium, with the MLB Commission being known for avoiding physical distancing measures associated with COVID-19. Manfred has often disputed that the novel coronavirus could infect his players, which in recent weeks have proven untrue.

Public Health at Risk

The Toronto Blue Jays Pitcher pleaded with Rob Manfred & MLB Executives, clarifying that professional baseball is desired by all supports of the sport but that the safety of public health cannot be jeopardized. It should be mentioned that Rob Manfred mostly ignored policies surrounding COVID-19, resulting in potential battles with Presidential Candidates. Major League Baseball has worked actively to revert his position, demanding that their foremost priorities are the safety of all on-site personnel & individuals that come into contact with those civilians.

Major League Baseball Teams have been greenlit to travel across America & begin their training. The exclusive outfit not provided immediate access to regular-season games is the Toronto Blue Jays, who are the select MLB Team that doesn’t operate in the United States. It’s unlikely that the sympathies garnered by John Axford will be heard by many in the Major League Baseball community.