MLS Supporter’s Shield Cancelled for 2020

Major League Soccer made a shocking revelation for the 2020 campaign, announcing that the “Supporters Shield” won’t be awarded to any club this year. The reasoning for this decision is because, by definition, football supporters haven’t been permitted into stadiums to witness their favourite clubs in 2020. Respecting the lack of fanfare for 2020, MLS Corporate has determined that removing the acolyte from their seasonal awards is needed.

The COVID-19 Pandemic forced worldwide changes onto international & domestic sports. Governments worldwide implemented restrictions that limited sporting institutions from competing in their respective leagues. Between March to June 2020, most professional sports were unable.
Recently that’s changed with each league finding ample social distancing measures & health protocols to resume seasonal matches. The MLS is Back Tournament saw North American football return, with Major League Soccer now competing in their 2020 season. Removing the Supporters Shield shows respect to dedicated fans that’ve passed from the coronavirus.

MLSSSF (Major League Soccer – Supporters Shield Foundation) released a formal statement on their decision. The foundation discussed & considered their options for 2020, debating on a possible online election for the supporter’s favourite club. It was determined that the inability of attending supporters should be respected, that their passion hasn’t been lost & that the bias of MLSSSF shouldn’t account for the millions of Major League Soccer fans.

Statements continue by stating MLSSSF stands with their players & supporters, that foundation leaders understand the numerous challenges associated with COVID-19. Commending thanks was given to Major League Soccer Corporate for creating some iteration of seasonal events. Promises were then made that the Supporter’s Shield will be revamped & rewarded to another team by 2021.

TFC for 3rd Victory

The Toronto Football Club is MLS’s highest-winning organization in-reference to the Supporter’s Shield. TFC have acquired this notable rewarded twice in recent years. 2020s Campaign was looking like Toronto would sustain their 3rd Supporter’s Shield. However, with this announcement that won’t be possible any longer. That doesn’t mean TFC won’t have ample opportunity to reclaim the Supporter’s Shield crown by 2021. It’ll require the talents of Alejandro Pozuelo, Jozy Altidore, and Michael Bradley for that crown to become regained.