Old Xaverians Football Club Distinguished Number 1s

Other Distinguished Number Ones

The Old Xavs red and black jumper has been worn by over 2,100 players. Some of the players had short stints, while other players and coaches delivered many years of service, on the field and sometimes off the field.

They have kept the spirit of the Old Xavs burning throughout the years. Of course, the club had a rocky start. But, in the last 30 decades, the Old Xavs have flourished immensely.

Here, you will learn about players, coaches, and officials who made noteworthy contributions to the Old Xavs. Some like the first captain-coach Alan Keane, have been made life members. You can learn more about the following Old Xavs on their THE LOCKER ROOM page;


Alan Keane

Alan Keane was a member of the first team that represented the Old Xavs in 1923. He had played in Xavier’s College XVIII team that clinched the 1917’s APS premiership. In 1924, he earned the maiden “best and fairest.”

The “best and fairest,” also called the “fairest and best” is a recognition afforded to a player with the best performance over a season or game. Sometimes the player should not have any suspension for misconduct during the entire season.

Michael Blood

Old Xaverians Football Club Distinguished Number 1s

At (6 ft. 4 in), Michael Blood traumatised opponents on the field with his aggression and became one of the most feared Old Xavs player to face.

During his many goals for the team, he would drag teammates along with him. His unconquerable will, helped the Old Xaverians to clinch A Section flags consecutively for six years. Some of his other achievements:

  • Premiership player (1995-2000)
  • Premiership Captain (1997, 98, 99, 2000)
  • The Clubs Four Best and Fairest winner
  • Won the Jock Nelson Medal Twice (1995, 97)
  • Clinched the Woodrow Medal in 1997
  • 212 Games for the Old Xavs
  • Old Xavs Life Member

Michael Blood also captained the Big V on five occasions. In 2014, he was made a Big V Club Champion. Anthony Fox took over the number one jumper from Blood. His first assignment was to shrink the Guernsey jumper Blood wore. However, most of his time was spend in injury.

Michael Rush

Michael Rush was a superb Old Xav. He came to the Old Xavs in 1975, before the club ever won any premiership flag. He played in the club’s Premier C section team who had last won a trophy in the section in 1938 –the club’s first win in the VAFA.

After 58 games, Michael suffered a knee injury that ended his career. Despite this change of fortunes, he assumed various roles off the field as a recruiter, advocate, and committee member.

He guided the senior team back to the premiership in the year 1990.  The Old Xavs second win after winning the 1981 premiership, would come five years later in 1995.

He is also remembered for being very vocal. Michael died in 2004 after a battle with brain cancer. Currently, outstanding life members have been awarded the Michael Rush Perpetual Trophy since the year 2006.

Other players to have won the number one red and black jumper include Cas Keogh (best and fairest 1955), Phil Callil (73 games), Nick Bye (72 games) and among others. Clay Johnston is the current number one.