Old Xaverians Plays Amateur Football Combinations on Saturday

On a Saturday the Clapham Old Xaverians plays Amateur Football, which is one of Europe’s biggest adult football leagues. Currently, the club has five teams that are active with its first XI placed in the 2nd division of the Seniors. The teams play in and around the area of London, while the higher leagues travel further afield. After matches, everyone returns to the clubhouse for a bite to eat and drinks.

Great Excitement after the Battlefield Trip

Everyone who could not make the Pilgrims the Somme June 2018 trip waiting with great excitement to hear all about the trip from those who were there. Frank Barretta, updated the news bullet as soon as he received any feedback and here are just some of the comment highlights. One of the club members felt that it was the best trip, he thought the battlefields were perhaps even more enjoyed than Normandy. He is confident that no one will ever forget the Somme terrain and the cemeteries on those misty days and for him, it was something incredible to see. Still, the mist of the bare Somme fields impressed most.

Everyone who did go on the trip to the Old Xaverians Club agreed that it was another triumph from start to finish. Everything was excellent from the hotel to the visited places. With near 40 Xaverians in attendance, the sites researched were more poignant. 95% hope another trip will take place in 2019 and that even more Old Xaverians Club members would be able to go.

Old Xaverians Social and Sports Club

The Old Xaverians club has only one objective, and that is to promote amateur sports in Surrey and South London. The management of the club left in the capable hands of a committee consisting a chairman, vice chairman, treasurer and secretary, while its four other members consist of the football club captain and football club treasurer or secretary as well as the cricket club captain and cricket club secretary or treasurer. The final members of the management committee include the clubhouse manager, membership secretary and the bar manager.

Old Xaverians Club Membership

Everyone interested in Association Cricket or Football is welcome to join the club regardless of religion, sexual orientation or age. New members receive a copy of the subscription and entrance fees, bye-laws, constitution, and rules. Any member can bring visitors to the club and is welcome to attend general annual meetings. All members can opt-in to receive the monthly newsletter, which also includes updates of all sports and social events such as the recent weekend Pilgrims Somme trip, visits to the Magnificent Garden of Jack and last calls for sports events such as the upcoming Golf Day on the 22nd of June.