Old Xaverians Women’ Team Falls Short

This season the WOX team has bee falling short on their wins compared to losses. Despite the team trying their hardest to play a strong game – something seems to be out of place which takes away from a win. Ranging from lack of coordination between players, key players gaining new injuries, or lack of experience compared to the competitors. Although the losses may not seem to be positive, it will serve as a well-needed learning experience for the girls playing on how to develop their skills even more and play harder to ensure a win during the next game and next year’s season.

Who are the Reds and Blacks?

The WOX team is divided into two groups, the reds, and blacks. The Black team is filled with the girls who have a lesser experience compared to the Reds who have been playing for a longer time. For this current season, the blacks have not been as successful as they originally planned for the previously mentioned reasons – although this does mean that the team is considerably worse, if anything, there are just some hiccups that they are facing along the way. The reds, on the other hand, have seen their fair share of losses and win this season. Although they do have more experience than the younger blacks, the team is constantly showing improvement and determination to ensure getting close to success for the nest game.

Another Lost is Received Despite Strong Efforts

During the recent WOX game, another loss was received by the Xavs during the recent match against Old Trinity. The opposing team has a well-recorded history this season as they have improved their footwork on the field. Despite the Xavs trying their hardest and bring all they could to the table, they fell short. Coach Young had a few comments regarding the loss. Young stated that despite not winning, the team can at least say that they pushed themselves and fought throughout all four quarters of the match without ever hesitating or letting go. Though, the coach continued as the main downfall for the game is not due to the members not trying – if anything it is due to the lack of having unity of knowing where the ball is along with not being ad disciplined as the opposing team.

Coach Young even admitted that’s how Old Trinity received most of their goals during the game – they looked for openings and weaknesses and exploited it for their favour. Though Young added on that once the team begins to place themselves on the field in more suitable scoring position the chance of them scoring more goals over their opponents will skyrocket. The sentient ended with the Coach showing determination about the future. Young believes that after some more training sessions coupled with additional help could help the WOX team with their next game and create a small change that could lead to a new victory.