Oscar Carlos Entering Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball’s most notable legends come from international markets, mainly in Cuba. Baseball is the nations most beloved stars, with individuals acquiring incredible talents throughout their young lifetimes. The next potential legend entering MLB is Oscar Colas, who has now become part of a protracted bidding war. Standing at twenty-one years of age, this Cuban player is known for his incredible capabilities as an outfielder and pitcher. His build comprises of 6.1 Feet, with a weight of 209lbs. Subsequently, his talents and build have made Oscar the most notable prospect from Cuba since Alex Rodriguez.

This information has become prevalent amongst fans of Major League Baseball in recent days, with it being announced that Oscar Colas left Cuban Soil last week and has meetings with numerous teams in the MLB. It should be noted that Oscar previously played with the Japanese Baseball League, where he averaged a .302/.350.515 throughout sixty-six games. Colas has maintained a professional career since seventeen, first playing in the Cuban Circuit. Throughout his time with the Japanese circuit, this young baseballer didn’t pitch in any capacity. Instead, strategists maintain him as the left-hander who could throw a fastball at 95mph.

The Available Signing Periods

The international signing period has begun for Major League Baseball, with analysts speculating that these meetings won’t come into any fruition until July. This is because the global bonus pool period resets, enabling for higher sums of money to be earned for the professional player. This comes after multiple teams have begun clamouring for rights to his free agency contract. However, the real question going forward is which teams are looking into Oscar Colas. The Chicago White Sox is the only organization that’s mentioned their desire to acquire Oscar for a two-year contract. Some analysts believe that behind closed doors, the White Sox and Colas have agreed. This would verify the rumours that the upcoming meetings won’t result in any acquisitions.

Chicago White Sox’s Admiration to Cubans

Additional players from the Cuban Professional League that hopped over to the Chicago White Sox include the following: Luis Robert, Yoan Moncada and Jose Abreu. This organization has expressed numerous times that Cubans are some of the greatest baseball players worldwide. It’s often been with the assistance of Cuban players that the White Sox have acquired championship contention. It should be noted that the LA Angels are considering Oscar Colas as well.