MLB Could Possibly Be Delayed Until May

Major League Baseball hasn’t entirely ascertained the shifting landscape surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. Rob Manfred has continuously protested that minimal postponements are required to ensure public safety, with medical experts advising that this thought process is incorrect. The MLB Commissioner has implemented a two-week delay of the season opener, which was slated to begin on March 26th. It’ll now start on April 9th. There are multiple sporting analysts and medical experts that believe postponements will extend towards May 15th or later. Predictions follow with scientific evidence seen throughout China, with their pandemic lasting for longer than three months.

MLB Teams have the power to demand more significant action from Rob Manfred, with the commissioner requesting too much from these outfits. This follows after Spring Training was cancelled, with players and coaches informed to return home for self-isolation. Individual teams have begun demanding that Spring Training be re-evaluated to “Summer Training” before the season opener. Refusal from Rob Manfred could see each respective team at a substantial disadvantage. Players themselves have expressed that it’ll be impossible to compete by April 9th with the lack of strategic plays or training.

The Backlash

The Chief Baseball Officer for the Boston Red Sox, Chaim Bloom, provided his insight to ESPN Reporters. He noted that every day since the announcement had included multiple conference calls regarding the position of players and coaching staff. It appears that Rob Manfred isn’t concerned about the well-being of players, staff or the general public. Making MLB Players remain active and ready during an international pandemic shows the lack of intelligence Rob Manfred has towards the COVID-19 epidemic. He’s acting similarly to Dana White from the UFC.

Sources connected to Major League Baseball say that assessments given from Rob Manfred aren’t accurate, with the season opener more likely to occur throughout May. These sources indicate a Memorial Day Weekend, with additional insiders claiming that June could be the longest enforcement for delays. Considering that these rumours have been similarly supported with all sporting associations globally, it’s more than likely accurate. These professional MLB Players could find themselves unable to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics if the pandemic isn’t solved by summer.

MLB Exile for Barry Bonds

Major League Baseball is infamous for creating enemies out of players that allegedly used steroids. This applies to even the most prominent legends of the sport, with Barry Bonds being the most recent. Information regarding the personal relationship between Major League Baseball and Barry Bonds was revealed last week, with the former athlete expressing they’ve provided him with a death sentence of exile since retiring in 2007. These statements followed after Barry Bonds was interviewed by “The Athletic”, which is a program meant to focus on the most recent trends in MLB. Considering all these trends relate to the Sigh-Stealing Scandal, it isn’t surprising that the Athletic would change their format.

Barry Bonds was known as one of the most influential players in professional baseball, with his countless accomplishments tarnished with the allegations he used steroids. This hasn’t stopped Major League Baseball supporters from continuously expressing that Bonds was the greatest athlete to play this sport. He played for the San Francisco Giants and became the most famous baseball athlete in existence. The exile from Major League Baseball has left Barry Bonds feeling heartbroken, with him unaware why they’d terminate any relationship with him. These allegations were never proven to be false or true.

The MLB Hall of Fame is one of the perfect examples indicating the exile towards Barry Bonds. Supporters of this sport have the right to vote in players into the Hall of Fame. Barry received 60.7% of the overall vote this year, with the required rules demanding that 75% of ballots pertain to their name. When questioned on his potential of joining the MLB Hall of Fame, Barry Bonds expressed that if they don’t want him, make it public information. Considering that Barry Bonds has two more years to win the Hall of Fame ballot, sporting analysts are beginning to speculate that baseballs greatest legend won’t be inducted. It should be noted that Rob Manfred, the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, has often dwindled the quality of his sport for personal vendettas.

Barry Bonds finished his career of two decades with 760+ home runs, which stands as the most prominent in Major League Baseball history. He’s never admitted to using steroids in a public manner, with some rumours indicating he confirmed these allegations to prosecutors during court. This information was never made public.

MLB Names First Black Crew Chief

The 2020 Major League Baseball season is due to get underway on only four weeks, and it is expected that when it does, that it will include multiple new umpires being brought into to officiate.

The MLB made an announcement this past Thursday stated that longtime umpires Alfonso Marquez, and Kerwin Danley have received promotions as crew chiefs. Kerwin Danley will make history as the first black crew chief in the history of baseball and Marquez will be the first Latino crew chief. In addition, it was announced that Ramon De Jesus will become the full-time umpire who was born and raised in the Dominican.

Danley, who is 58, is a veteran with 23 years’ experience. He has two World Series under his belt, one in 2008 and the other 2018 and held ten other postseason rounds. His first time to the plate as an umpire in the MLB came in 1992 and in 1998, his position was made full-time. He as teammates at San Diego State with Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn and was working first base when Gwyen recorded his 3,000th hit.

In total, there have been 10 black umpires in the history of Major League Baseball, the first was Emmett Ashford in 1966. Marquez, who is 47, also is a veteran in the MLB with twenty years of service and has worked in three World Series, one in 2006, one in 2011 and most recently, the 2015 World Series. He is the second Hispanic crew chief in MLB history and was born and raised in Florida. Ramon De Jesus has been a staple since 2016 in the minor leagues as a fill-in umpire and has umpired close to 400 big-league game.

On Thursday, the MLB also announced it has promoted Jim Reynolds and Dan Iassogna to crew chief positions to cover the positions vacated due to retirement by Jeff Kellogg, Mike Everitt, Dana DeMuth and Gary Cederstro. In addition to Reynolds and Iassogna Jansen Visconti, Chris Segal, Nic Lentz and Ryan Blakney have been awarded full-time positions.

First Female Coach Hired in the MLB

In other MLB news, the league has announced the first female coach in its history has been hired by the San Francisco Giants. The hiring of Alyssa Nakken came last month, and it was stated that she is looking forward to the challenge and embracing the responsibility is carries. Nakken will join the coaching staff under Gabe Kapler, the head coach for the Giants.

Baseball Bat Turned Into Weapon in England

The Walking Dead has turned into an influential television series that defined a generation in positive and negative ways. This was proven again with the announcement that an 18-year-old had been sentenced for physically harming a younger boy with baseball nails, which was penetrated with screw-like nails. Sentencing for John Callis-Woolsey followed after this legally-aged adult admitted to attacking the younger boy, who was sixteen years of age and lived in Derbyshire. The event occurred on November 13th, 2018. It resulted in the younger boy, who isn’t identified for security purposes, to require lifelong care and medical assistance.

John Woolsey wasn’t the only individual involved with this attack, as he received assistance from Kyle Cullen. He received sentencing from the Derby Crown Court as well, with both being sentenced to eight eights at a Young Offenders Institute. Cullen is receiving an additional twelve months of sentencing for conspiring to commit robbery, with this charge being followed through at a Detention Centre. When the investigation was underway by Derbyshire law enforcement, it was noted that the baseball bat had been turned into a terrible weapon.

This weapon shared similarities to the weapon used by Negan on The Walking Dead, which a show based in North America during the Zombie Apocalypse. The ignorance of these young men was extensive, with them performing “The Floss Dance” from Fortnite after being caught by law enforcement. Most believe that these two men deserved longer sentences, with lawyers and judges forced to back down with the Young Detention Act. This legislation requires rehabilitation for young criminals instead of prison time, which often forces considerably smaller sentences.

The Mothers & Police React

Oscar is the false name that was provided for the victim, with the mother speaking publicly to the Walking Dead Creators. She expressed that they aren’t aware of the influence this content has on younger minds, that it warps them and slowly makes them violent. She then spoke to the Derby Courts, noting that these young boys should serve life sentences.

Her son must serve a life sentence as a disabled human-being for committing no crimes; Oscar was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Derbyshire Police mentioned to reporters that this act was incredibly violent and had been orchestrated after extensive planning. The reasoning for this crime wasn’t revealed but noted to be incredibly trivial.

Minor League Baseball Players Receive Raises

After considerable deliberation between the Minor League Baseball Association and executives with Major League Baseball, it was confirmed that players under the minor banner would receive a salary increase throughout the 2021 season. This announcement followed after it was confirmed that the commissioner’s office sent a memo to the Associated Press, which noted all thirty outfits under the Minor League Baseball Association. This salary increase is listed at 3% to 72%, which will be determined based on the skillsets of each respective player.

The National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues held these negotiations between both outfits, with the governing body demanding that the former agreement be replaced. Rob Manfred, the Commission for Major League Baseball, wanted to sever all ties with Minor League Baseball. After the considerable backlash to this public decision, Rob Manfred returned with an offer that would see forty-two teams terminated. It’d break the whole minor league outfits down to 138. Bernie Sanders was one of the most vocal individuals against this decision, expressing to Rob Manfred that Washington would get involved under his election into office.

Representatives with the Minor League Baseball Association expressed their unwavering support to the pay increases but believed that reductions in available teams and players wouldn’t benefit the sport. Considering that MLB earns billions per year, they can more than afford to maintain a salary increase without affecting their overall bottom line. Minor League Baseball associates have provided Rob Manfred with a counter-proposal, which demands that older facilities be updated and that efforts be made to expand this sport. The Houston Astros and Minor League Baseball scandals have forced Rob Manfred to re-negotiate. He could find himself destroying the image of professional baseball, which would see his job immediately terminated.

The Good News

It should be noted that Major League Baseball outfits are forced to pay the salaries of minor league players. Rob Manfred demanded that this mindset be altered and that Minor League outfits begin paying a percentage of the associated costs. This saw increased vocal frustration towards the commissioner, with Minor League Baseball being a cemented icon in the United States. It’s benefits millions of children and young adults towards a better, more athletic lifestyle. Since the announcement that salary increases will be provided with teams being terminated, a large percentage of the backlash against Rob Manfred has depleted. Additional details regarding the new agreement haven’t been publicly offered, with those details still being determined.

All-Star Pitcher Regrets Houston Astros Situation

Charlie Morton from the Houston Astros regrets the decisions made for sign stealing back in the 2017 World Series Championship. The Two-Time All-Star Pitcher expressed that he hadn’t done anything to stop the illegal relaying information, with him having direct involvement in the illicit actions. Morton now pitches for the Tampa Bay Rays, where coaching staff questioned his decisions three years ago. Charlie noted to reporters that when his contract had ended, he immediately left the organization for their decisions to perform illegal hand stealing movements.

Though Charlie Morton believes he wasn’t directly involved with the illegal actions, he had heard about them through the dugout and fellow teammates. Pitchers everywhere have lost considerable respect for Charlie Morton, with him regularly being benched by the Tampa Bay Rays. This shouldn’t be surprising as everyone associated with the 2017 Houston Astros have received their respective punishments. Charlie believes he should’ve done something to stop the illegal behaviour but worried that his contract would immediately be terminated. He hypothesized that if coaching staff with the Houston Astros were willing to cheat, they’d be ready to break contract law.

The Overall Impact

Morton firmly agreed that this cheating scandal has drastically impacted the perception of baseball and seen countless supporters switch to other sporting leagues. The Houston Astros themselves have become shunned in Major League Baseball, with sporting analysts believing that declining revenues will force this organization to shutdown before 2025. Charlie mentioned that good people make mistakes and can recover after being educated.

However, this excuse isn’t enough to justify his respective actions of the decisions made by the Houston Astros. Morton tried to garner sympathy for his previous teammates, expressing that they’ve got a different perspective on professional baseball and couldn’t easily oppose this decision. It should be noted that an entire team fighting cheating, forces the hand of coaches, regardless of the potential backlash.

Coaching staff and executives connected with the Houston Astros have received suspensions for their actions, with the General Manager being terminated for twelve months. This extended to AJ Hinch and subsidiary assistant coaches who moved to other organizations before this scandal was revealed. Going forward, the MLB Commission is refusing for electronics to be implemented with teams’ strategies.

Francisco Lindor & Cleveland Indians at Odds

The Cleveland Indians are considered to be one of the most prominent organizations in Major League Baseball. However, their restrictive when proposing large-scale contracts for players. It’s the most elite receive specialized treatment from this organization, which often leads to players departing from the Indians after reaching their peaks. This potentially could happen again with Francisco Lindor, as there’s been extensive speculation that he’d leave Cleveland following the 2021 Season.

Francisco Lindor isn’t even the highest-paid individual in Indian history, with Edwin Encarnacion taking that title at $60 million during the 2016-17 season. Sporting analysts have predicted that Francisco could earn upwards of $200 million under the free agent badge. Why would he remain loyal to the Indians for $50 million under a multi-year contract, when the funds attainable elsewhere are far higher? The answer is he wouldn’t. While speaking with reporters during the Tribal Fest, Francisco expressed that the Cleveland Indian’s haven’t offered the right number for a multi-year extension.

It should be noted that pursuing an extension won’t apply for an additional twenty-four months, which would prompt the minimal debates regarding pay increases. Recent improvements in Lindor’s capabilities will force these discussions onto the Cleveland Indian’s shortly though. Francisco Lindor mentioned that the more money, the better. His main concern relates to his family’s financial well-being. He noted that if the Cleveland Indian’s cannot offer him a minimum of $150 million, he’ll be departing from the organization. Considering that the payroll for Cleveland last year was collective $120 million, it’s highly unlikely this extension will be possible.

Potential Options

There have been multiple organizations in Major League Baseball that have expressed their desire to purchase Francisco Lindor. Those teams include the Toronto Blue Jays, Los Angeles Dodgers, and New York Mets. However, both Terry Francona and Chris Antonetti haven’t been willing to engage in any conversations with these organizations. Both these individuals confirmed that Lindor wouldn’t be traded during the offseason and that he’ll play the full course of his contract.

Subsequently, it seems that Francisco Lindor and his coaches are at odds going forward. This level of tension regarding contracts can often lead to unexpecting situations where head coaches are put under the bus. Ultimately, Lindor has more associated power than his coaches and could have them terminated after prolonged harassment. Chris Antonetti and Terry Francona should be wary of how they approach this situation going forward.

MLB Sponsoring Olympic Softball

Major League Baseball has chosen to use its muscle financially to support the Women’s U.S softball team after it was guaranteed a spot in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. While good news for the women’s team, the men’s team continue to struggle in their efforts to qualify.

The MLB further announced that it has agreed to be the sponsor for the “Stand Beside Her” women’s tour, a series of exhibition games that will take place in the lead up to the Olympics. Commenting on the agreement, the senior vice-president for baseball operations in the MLB, Kim Ng, stated “We’re both bat and ball sports. Even though we’re not the same sport, there are so many similarities that you just can’t ignore. It was important for us to make sure that they have this acknowledgment and recognition of their ability and their talent.”

Softball was introduced into the Olympics’ in 1996 during the Atlanta Games. The opening year saw players such as Jessica Mendoza, Jennie Finch and Dot Richardson from the U.S women’s team winning gold, a feat they repeated in 2000 and again in 2004 however in the gold medal game during the 2008 games, Japan prevailed. After the 2008 games, both softball and baseball was dropped from the games but was restored for the upcoming 2020 games. The U.S team will be joined by Mexico, Canada, Australia and Italy in Yokohama and Fukushima. It is expected both will once again be dropped for the 2024 games but return in 2028.

While the women’s team have earned a positon, the U.S men’s team is not seeing the same level of success after they failed against Mexico in Novembers Premier12 tournament final. The U.S however have two remaining opportunities to qualify, one in late March and another in April. If they succeed they will join South Korea, Mexico, Japan and Israel.

One reason could be the MLB’s decision not to allow professional players from joining the rosters and that saw no pitching prospects on the team during the November tournament. Speaking on the decision Haylie McCleney, an American outfielder stated, “The platform for us is 10 times bigger. For us, it’s a great opportunity for people that have never watched softball before, people that have only followed it at the collegiate level, to really see how fun our game is to watch, how pure it is. If people are baseball fans, I guarantee they’re going to love softball because it’s pretty much just a faster game — it’s shorter, it’s quicker, it’s more entertaining to watch, in my opinion.”

In 2008, the gold medal game too less than two hours, less than half of that it took to complete the World Series final. As part of the MLB’s deal, the U.S team will train at the Vero Beach, Florida Jackie Robinson Training Complex.

MLB Acquisitions in January 2020

The acquisition period for Major League Baseball has officially begun. Organizations in MLB will focus on acquiring formidable players, with the San Diego Padres and Houston Astros receiving some of the first picks. Subsequently, it was announced by San Diego Padre representatives that they’d finalized their contract with Craig Stammen. This contract will see the middle-aged professional remain with the Padres until 2021 for $9 million. Detailed in this announcement was that a third season upgrade could be held for an additional $12 million.

Craig Stammen became a free agent on December 31st, 2019. Subsequently, he could negotiate his contract. This resulted in the athlete earning $4.5 million for the next two seasons, with the annual performance bonus of $500,000.00. The San Diego Padres are also required to pay Stammen $100,000.00 for every forty to sixty games pitched. This follows after the reliever appeared in seventy-six games in 2019. He maintained a 3.29 ERA, even after a substantial loss against the Washington Capitals. During this matchup he allowed the Capitals to make four consecutive runs by making mistakes. It should be noted he spent several seasons with Washington, making some sports analysts wonder if this had been done purposely by Stammen. It was one of the most talked-about controversies in major league baseball until the Houston Astros were found cheating.

George Spring to the Houston Astros

The second acquisition that was confirmed this week pertained to the Houston Astros, who maintained their 1st round draft pick after being found guilty of cheating. Representatives with the Astros confirmed that George Springer would remain at Houston for a one-year contract. This is costing the organization $21 million, which follows after Springer won the 2017 World Series MVP.

George Springer demanded $22.5 million for salary upgrades from the Houston Astros, with coaching staff offering $17.5 million instead. This prompted Springer to begin negotiations with other unnamed organizations. Houston coaching staff folded their cards and returned with a $21.5 million offer. Subsequently, the Astros retained $1 million in their negotiations, which could be returned to Springer after bonuses. Any team could’ve acquired George after being an All-Star play for three consecutive seasons, with thirty-nine home runs and an RBI of 96.

The 2017 most valuable player led the Houston Astros to the 2017 World Series. During their final game, he struck five home runs against the Los Angeles Dodgers. However, it was revealed that he knew the opponents pitching strategy. MLB confirmed that week that the Astros had used camera equipment to determine the pitching strategies of opposing teams, using the technology is more than 100+ games.

Mookie Betts Re-Signed to Red Sox

Supporters for the Boston Red Sox were thrilled when it was announced that Mookie Betts would remain with the team going forward. This comes after the MLB organization, and Mookie Betts agreed to a new contract, which is costing Boston Red Sox $27 million. This deal was finalized on January 10th, 2020, and came right before the arbitration-deadline. This breaks all previous payment records for this acquisition period, with the historical rate standing at $26 million for Nolan Arenado when he signed with the Colorado Rockies. It’s also $7 million higher than what Mookie Betts earned throughout the 2019 season.

The associated cost with keeping Mookie Betts didn’t phase the Boston Red Sox. He maintained an incredible record of 27-hits at a .295/.391/.524 on a 135 Ops+. This extends to twenty-nine home runs at the 6.8 WAR. Mookie managed his capabilities to earn 135 runs with an 80 RBI. Subsequently, this enabled him to become Major League Baseball’s most valuable player. It should be noted that Mookie Betts can deny this offer come the official acquisition period for 2020. Depending on the qualities and capabilities displayed by Mookie Betts throughout the upcoming season, he could acquire a long-term extension on his contract from the Red Sox. This will follow an identical path to Nolan Arenado, who had an incredible performance after receiving his $26 million contract deal.

The History of Mookie

Mookie Betts is one of the most credited players in Major League Baseball. Throughout his career, he’s become an All-Star Champion four times, which extends to four Golden Globes as well. This offseason saw him become one of the most mentioned players, with analysts speculating that he’d be traded from the Red Sox. This changed when Chaim Bloom became the new Chief Baseball Officer for Boston. He clarified that these rumours were false and that all offers had been denied by rival teams. Chaim Bloom expressed that their goal is to have notable players from last season return for 2020. This includes David Chris and Chris Sale, who work efficiently with Mookie Bets. This trio will make more than $80 million collectively, which will be one of the highest payouts made by the Red Sox.

Baseball analysts determined that if Mookie Bets, Chris Sale or David Chris were to leave the Red Sox, it will prompt an immediate decline in wins. An average of 4.3 games would be lost weekly, with standard percentages dropping from 71% to 49%. The Red Sox determined figures similar to these analysts, which prompted the increased payout. It’s been a prolonged period since the Red Sox won the MLB Championship, which could change this year with these players returning.