Logistical Challenges with Reopening on July 4th

July 4th is the date Major league Baseball hopes to resume their 2020 Season. However, there are multiple logistical challenges associated with accomplishing this launch date. Rob Manfred must delegate with twenty-seven metropolis cities in North America, including New York and Toronto. Manfred must have Health Advisors acquire 200+ thousand testing kits, while also promising not to take availability away from the public. This will be one of the hardest logistical challenges for Manfred & MLB Executives to overcome.

ESPN Sports analysed the logistical challenges approaching Major League Baseball in 30+ days. It’s noted that their task is something that hasn’t been attempted in North American History, with whichever sports association accomplishing it first making a significant accomplishment. Choosing to move forward with professional sports will remove the essence of what makes it enjoyable. Instead of attendees cheering on their favourite players, stadiums will be empty with military-esc measures being placed onto players. They’ll be required to maintain social distancing at two metres, while also receiving a COVID-19 Testing Kit before and after entering the stadium. Refusal to abide by these measures will see players unable to compete.

Rob Manfred Shows His True Colours

Medical Advisors working with Rob Manfred expressed that the most important factor moving forward is human life. This is something the MLB Commissioner has struggled to accept amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Rob Manfred has often worked against the MLB Player’s Association, Minor Baseball League, and Local Politicians. Manfred has taken a similar mentality to Dana White from the Ultimate Fighting Championship. These ageing men are dedicated conservatives and believe the financial wellbeing’s of their brands are more important than human life. That’s why just like the UFC, it’s inevitable that Major League Baseball will resume.

Expect significant backlash from supporters, who maintain concerns with Major League Baseball after the Houston Astros Cheating Scandal. Sports analysts speculate that upwards of 40% of Manfred’s customer base could be lost be resuming MLB before the pandemic is concluded. MLB’s Commissioner has regularly avoided the recommendations on analysts & health experts, which will inevitably be his downfall.

Season Restart Initiative Unveiled by MLB

Multiple options have been considered with beginning the 2020 Season for Major League Baseball, which was postponed from starting amidst the coronavirus. Cancellation of seasonal games wasn’t administered by Rob Manfred himself, with the decision being forced by government officials. The MLB Commissioner didn’t have any choice to abide once all entertainment venues were cancelled until the lockdown is concluded. Now that the Trump Government has begun lifting social distancing measures, Manfred & MLB Executives are considering multiple avenues for a restart of operations.

The 2020 Operations MLB Manual was released publicly earlier this week. It concludes 67 Pages that outline how seasonal matches could be engaged without an outbreak of COVID-19. There are logistical measures that have become standard across numerous industries. Those include all restaurants associated with MLB Stadiums being closed for the foreseeable future, with this measure extending towards players being banned from eating food from on-the-road hospitality locations. Additional requirement state that players would be forced to wear face masks while travelling on planes or busses, which would be brutal for these baseballers.

Sanitation is a significant priority behind the 2020 Operations MLB Manual, which demands that players won’t be permitted to spit while on the field. Showers won’t be allowed at these ballparks, with players having to wait until reaching their designated hotel. There’s also legislation that slightly alters how professional baseball is consumed. When taking the bases, players have been informed to keep a two-metre distance. This will make it incredibly challenging to tag opponents.

MLB Player’s Association

These measures cannot be enacted until the Major League Baseball Player’s Association reviews & pass the manual, which could take a prolonged period from Union to Corporate delegations. There will be some that state playing professional baseball under these conditions deters all elements that make this game exciting. There’s also the concern of the recent backlash from the Houston Astros Cheating Scam. Those considering not watching the sport anymore won’t be enticed to continue under these new measures. Seismic shifts in Major League Baseball could cause this sport’s end after COVID-19. Rob Manfred was always this sports doom.

MLB Workforce Doesn’t Test Positive for Antibodies

Rob Manfred positioned his workforce to assist with medical research for the coronavirus. Few teams in Major League Baseball refused to participate in the experiment, which reviewed thousands of MLB Participants for COVID-19 antibodies. Test results were revealed earlier this week by researchers, which indicated that 0.7% of MLB Employees have antibodies. More than six thousand were tested from 26 teams.

Researchers administered these tests throughout April, with the overwhelming majority being determined at Asymptomatic. This led researchers to believe they’d locate a high percentage of antibodies in this group margin. It’d be learned that Asymptomatic Patients don’t immediately have antibodies, that the associated 0.7% of antibodies found were lower than the 2.7% of MLB Employees confirmed with the novel coronavirus. In all variations of this testing process, all percentages were higher than that of the available antibodies.

Antibody Explanation

Those lucky enough to maintain antibodies in their immune system are saviours in the fight towards obtaining a vaccine. That’s because Antibodies can exclusively be created after already being infected with COVID-19. After surviving the virus, some immune systems produce these antibodies to protect their host if the infection is obtained a secondary time. It ensures immunity from the coronavirus.

This study was maintained by Stanford University, which noted that the level of antibodies seen throughout Major League Baseball is considerably smaller than the general public. This means few in MLB are contracting this virus. Analysts behind this study remarked that the higher-living conditions associated with the MLB workforce had enabled these individuals to avoid public interaction.

Similar percentages aren’t seen when looking towards rural areas or poverty jurisdictions, which have found increased rates of infection with COVID-19. It’s because individuals from these locations are forced to commit to original work, hoping to obtain money to feed their respective families.

Survey Details

It should be noted that this Stanford University Study was meant to represent the entire US Population. After not receiving satisfactory results, they’ll be implementing a secondary research survey to receive better statistics. A wider rare of subjects will be collected, including the young and elderly.

The History of Louisville Slugger Before COVID-19

COVID-19 has inflicted numerous industries and their respective companies, forcing them to either reformat their business operations or lose millions in profits. One manufacturer that altered their production lines was the Louisville Slugger Company, which was forced to furlough 90% of their workforce at a 25% pay cut. This is the 1st time since World War Two that the American-established corporation has furloughed its employees. The Louisville Slugger Company produces upwards up 1.8 million bats yearly. They’ve stopped manufacturing baseball bats and moved towards medical masks.

The Louisville Slugger Company was 1st created in 1884 by Bud Hillerich, who was only seventeen at the time. He was prompted to start operations from his father’s woodshop after witnessing a baseball game with the now retired, “Louisville Eclipses”. Operations began less than two hours after having the idea in the Louisville Baseball Stadium. He requested Pete Browning if he could design and manufacturer a new bat to his specifications. Seeing the drive in this young teenage boy, Browning allowed Hillerich to create him a baseball bat. It’d end up exceeding all expectations from Pete and create a lifelong business relationship. That’s why today consumers will still see Louisville Browning Slugger baseball bats.

Since it was iteration in 1884, the Louisville Slugger Company has acquired hundreds of professional baseball players under their customized bat program. This included Derek Jeter, Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, Ty Cobb, and Ken Griffey Junior. MLB Baseballers still to this date inquire with Louisville Slugger for new equipment, including the recent dominating players of Marucci and Victus.

Not Official

An unfortunate aspect with Louisville Slugger isn’t the official manufacturer for Major League Baseball. That’s Rawlings Co, which was created three years after Louisville Slugger. Rawlings Co is now owned by Major League Baseball but has found themselves continuously struggling to acquire professionals, which hasn’t been challenging for LSC. Both companies will struggle entering into the new baseball landscape after COVID-19. Cheating scandals in MLB and then the coronavirus will prompt significant declines in customer acquisition valuations, meaning lower profits and possible bankruptcy.

Boston Red Sox Receives Penalties

Major League Baseball continues to experience fallout after fallout, with their cheating scandal last year prompting numerous fans to avoid the sport. The following result extended towards the novel coronavirus, which forced the 1st season after the cheating scandal to be postponed. Throughout this postponement period, the Boston Red Sox have continued to be investigated by MLB Corporate.

April 26th marked the date that Commissioner Rob Manfred announced that Alex Cora from the Boston Red Sox had been suspended for twelve months. The penalties towards Boston could’ve been extensively worse, with the Red Sox narrowly avoiding millions in fines. Alex Cora was dismissed after investigators revealed that he was the mastermind behind the cheating scandal, which saw the Houston Astros steal the pitcher’s signs from opposing teams.

Alex Cora was questioned by ESPN Reporters regarding his suspension, where the Red Sox Coach expressed his relief towards the investigators being over. It should be mentioned that investigations revealed that Alex Cora hadn’t continued stealing signs when joining the Boston Red Sox, indicating that the Houston Astros Head Coach perpetrated these events.

Cora took full responsibility for his actions with the 2017 World Series, which saw the Houston Astros win illegally by cheating. Folding like a horrible online poker player, Alex Cora stated his actions were unacceptable and respected the punishments handed out by Rob Manfred. This is entirely different from the Alex Cora seen two months ago, who was willing to defend his actions at any costs.

Alex Removed Means New Red Box Manager

When Alex Cora was confirmed for a twelve-month suspension, the Boston Red Sox immediately promoted Ron Roenicke to Team Manager. This follows after Ron worked under Alex Cora as the Interim Manager, with that title now being removed from this MLB Outfit. It should be noted that other individuals with the Houston Astros were hired by the Red Sox after 2017, with those employed coaches also receiving minor penalties. J.T. Watkins took the full brunt of these penalties, receiving a twelve-month suspension without pay. It follows after he agreed to disobey MLB Rules and prohibited the actions of sign stealing.

MLB Umpire Duties During COVID-19 Explained

Resuming the 2020 Major League Baseball Season has become a significant priority for their commissioner, Rob Manfred. It’s prompted for MLB Organizers to tackle various issues associated with the novel coronavirus pandemic. This includes altering how players, coaching staff and umpires engage with one another on the baseball diamond. Umpires associated with MLB Corporate have provided insight regarding how they’ll engage under these unprecedented conditions. Umpires will begin explaining MLB Replays to supporters watching their weekly broadcasts.

This is similar to the National Football League, with MLB Corporates crucial decision allowing for matches to become more versatile. Rob Manfred claims that these alterations to Umpire Responsibilities were prompted because of COVID-19, with sporting analysts mentioning that changes followed after the Houston Astros Scandal. This is more logical than Rob Manfred’s excuse, with coronavirus not playing any factor into the excitement of weekly matches when resumed.

The alterations for MLB Umpires was announced by Dale Scott, who is employed with the Toronto Blue Jays. Sentiments from Scott indicated that replays would be managed similarly to the NFL, with the corporate division and players association excited for the changes. It’ll enable home-based supporters to better educate themselves on the numerous strategies associated with baseball.

MLB Crew Chief

The Major League Baseball Crew Chief has begun informing his Umpires on how to engage with microphone sets. This training extends towards speaking over a televised broadcast, ensuring that these Umpires can keep supporters excited. Training is being accomplished virtually via Skype and expected to take upwards of two months. This task has provided Umpires locked inside for social distancing a fun and exciting task, which will enable them to speak to millions across the United States of America or Canada. It should be noted that Major League Baseball isn’t slated to resume until May 15th, with attendees not being permitted and limited staff allowed onsite.

Sporting analysts anticipate that viewership numbers for Major League Baseball will drop drastically throughout 2020. This isn’t because of the COVID-19 pandemic, with sporting enthusiasts clamouring for their respective seasons to resume. The decline will be prompted because of the Houston Astros Scandal, which saw the 2017 MLB Championship falsified through video-assisted technologies.

Taiwanese Baseball Using Mannequins Over Fans

The Taiwanese Baseball Association was forced to delay the initial start of their 2020 Season. This follows after the COVID-19 pandemic broke out throughout the region, with Taiwan being considered a leader in self-isolation. Multiple countries have implemented similar protocols to Taiwan, hoping that identical results will be provided. Most sporting associations are still under an official postponement, with the TBA being one of the 1st to resume official play. This is because they’ve terminated the permittance of spectators for all matches until the COVID-19 pandemic is eradicated throughout Taiwan. Instead of spectators chanting for the players, mannequins have been placed into the stands. The Taiwanese Baseball Association believes that this’ll provide players with the required morale to move forward with match-ups.

Experts with the World Health Organization have publicly refuted the decisions of the TBA. This is because teammates could find themselves experiencing an outbreak within their locker rooms. That’s because players have close contact with each other, while also spreading germs from perspiring from the match-up. The Taiwanese Baseball Association has already implemented the mannequins into match-ups, which was proven with photographs from the Taoyuan International Baseball City. Employed staffers placed hundreds of cardboard cut-outs or mannequins across the stands. It was an eerie sight to behold, with the standard chants and screams heard as these matches going silent. It didn’t benefit players like the TBA had hoped but instead came off as disturbing.

The Cardboard Cut-Outs & Mannequins

Mannequins and Cardboard Cut-Outs were supporting the merchandise colours for the home team at a 90% percentage. The remaining 10% accounted for the opposing team, with these Cut-Outs and Mannequins also supporting surgical masks. The Taiwanese Baseball Association believes that by showcasing these fake spectators, viewers will be more inclined to continue wearing their surgical masks.

Individuals that were permitted at this match-up were the coaching staff, players and notable cheerleaders. All three groups were forced to take photographs with the mannequins and cardboard cut-outs, showing the people that this is beneficial. It should be noted that the 2020 Taiwanese Baseball Association Season began with a match-up between the Rakuten Monkeys and China Trust Brothers. It was ultimately postponed because of unfavourable weather.  

Japanese Baseball Postponed for 2nd time

The Nippon Baseball Commissioner in Japan announced that the 2020 Season would be delayed further during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This follows after Japan has experienced 2900+ confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus. The NPBL Commissioner wanted the regular season to resume by April 24th; the indefinite delay indicates that the Nippon Professional Baseball League won’t continue until late summer. It should be noted that multiple sporting associations across Japan have extended their postponements with the cancellation of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

The Japanese Joint Coronavirus Task Force compiled together through a video conference, engaging in a meeting to determine the future of the Nippon Professional Baseball League. Atsushi Saito, the NBPL Commissioner, expressed that there wasn’t any other option than to delay the opening day extensively. When questioned on his decision, Saito expressed to reporters that things will become considerably worse and that everyone has to get prepared for these unprecedented circumstances.

It’s the 1st time that the twelve teams have engaged with each other since February 2020. The Japanese Joint Coronavirus Task Force worked with the Nippon Professional Baseball League to ensure this meeting was a collective agreement. The 1st and 2nd Divisions of NPB are suspended indefinitely until announcements on the remittance of the 2020 season are confirmed.

The NPB Chairman noted that it’d be challenging for organizers to restart the 2020 Season. He believes it’s unrealistic to think a 2020 Season will be conducted, with postponements most likely enforcing the ultimate termination of all professional matches. It’d be the 1st time in Nippon Professional Baseball history that a season had to be cancelled, with this league being created after World War Two.

Infected Players

Players with the Nippon Professional Baseball League have become infected with COVID-19. This includes three members with the Hanshin Tigers, who have been forced into self-isolation measures at disclosed medical facilities across Japan. Their condition is being determined by Moderate to Extreme symptoms, with the overwhelming majority listed as Moderate Level One. Recovery for these individuals won’t be an issue with anti-malarial drugs and antibiotic treatments. It should be noted that sixty-three individuals throughout the Japanese Republic have passed away from COVID-19. This number is a considerably low percentage in comparison to other nations worldwide.

MLB Corporate & Players Donate to Covid-19 Relief

The Major League Baseball Players Association, with assistance from MLB Corporate, announced that they’d donated $1 million towards Covid-19 Relief Aid. The selected charities are Feeding America and Meals on Wheels, who assist hundreds of thousands of Americans with prepared meals. Considering that grocery chains are experiencing low supplies, this donation will drastically assist American families. It should be noted this donation is being split evenly, meaning both outfits receive $500k.

An official statement regarding this decision was provided by Rob Manfred, the Commissioner of Major League Baseball. He expressed that these unprecedented times is making it hard for millions to traverse this pandemic. It’s vital that society comes together and assists the most vulnerable. It’ll be the only way our communities stay alive, which we as an institution believe is our responsibility to ensure. That’s why MLB is committing to assist childhood hunger and food availability throughout this pandemic. Rob Manfred also thanked the partnered associations with Major League Baseball and the countless players that donate towards this relief aid. It’ll make all the difference for families and children across America.

The Charities

MLB selected some of the most noteworthy charities in the United States of America. Meals of Wheels for Americans will provide emergency premade meals. Those meals are typically delivered directly to the doorstep, with customers signing off on the groceries. Delivery drivers will leave those groceries at the door and stand a distance of ten feet before customers are allowed to provide their clearance.

When it applies to Feeding America, their dedication toward helping the families and children in need across the United States is immense. They’ve ensured that children in financially burdened neighbourhoods across America are receiving daily meals. That’s been possible with many donations from sporting associations, celebrities and large-scale corporations. It should be noted that both these charities also provide premade meals to senior citizens across America.

Major League Baseball’s presence in the sporting community isn’t dwindling, even with the 2020 Season being delayed until Mid-May. By supporting local communities throughout America, it ensures that fans will remain loyal after the prolonged break.

MLB Treating Minor League Poorly

Major League Baseball’s regular season has been postponed until May 5th, which follows after the Centre of Disease Control & Prevention announced that all entertainment facilities or sporting venues shouldn’t exceed mass gatherings of 50+ people. The actions and decisions that have followed with MLB Executives are disgusting. Minor League Players are being treated like lesser individuals, with their financial security not being provided. This is far from how Major League Players are being treated.

Rob Manfred, the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, confirmed on March 19th that minors would receive their funds until the exhibition season scheduled date arrives. Individuals detest this decision, which includes a newly formed advocacy group named “Advocates for Minor Leaguers”. This association has inquired the services of Garret Broshuis, who’s a lawyer infamous in the baseball community. He’ll demand that the $15,000.00 salaries for minor league players be increased by 50% it’s valuation during the Covid-19 Pandemic. This enables the funds necessary for players to remain safe during social distancing.

It should be mentioned that Rob Manfred has continuously received backlash for his treatment towards minor league players. The seasonal payment of $15,000.00 is nearly below the federal poverty guideline limit. Considering these individuals are the baseball stars of tomorrow, their accommodations should be enhanced tenfold.

AML Details

Advocates for Minor Leagues is non-for-profit, meaning that it isn’t unionized. All requests demanded from this association don’t have to be met. Though this association does hope to become unionized with Minor League Baseball, allowing them to make demands legally towards Rob Manfred. There’s a considerable chance that these requests will be ignored by the Major League Baseball Commissioner, who’s infamous for ignoring the suggestions of other individuals in the community.

This isn’t the 1st time that somebody has tried to force Rob Manfred’s hand, with a lawsuit being filed in 2014 against the low wagers for minor league players. That case still hasn’t been heard, and Congress approved the declaration that these players are seasonal workers. Chances of pay increases during Covid-19 are minimal. This could lean towards increased fines for Rob Manfred, with multiple business analysts believing that corporations treating their employees poorly during this pandemic will be charged.