Everton Lose First Match of 2020-21 Premier League Season

As the Premier League continues its shorten season, first place Everton suffered their first loss of the season to Southampton. The 2-0 loss also saw Everton’s Lucas Digne getting red carded during the second half at the St. Mary’s Stadium on Sunday.

Danny Ings, who is the top scored for Southampton was instrumental is setting up the tams first game. That saw James Ward-Prowse scoring the opening goal at the 27th minute mark after he picked up the pass from Ings.

This was the worse performance from Everton all season and, while the remained scoreless, it got worse in the 71st minute after Lucas Digne, who plays left-back, was sent packing for racking his studs over the leg of Southampton’s Kyle Walker-Peters.  

Carlo Ancelotti, Everton’s manager, was not at all pleased with the officials decision to send off Digne and referred to it as a joke. Ancelotti suggested that officials bowed to pressure over the publicity surrounding the tackle made by Jordan Pickford against Liverpool Richarlison in their match from the previous week.

While addressing the controversy to the media, Ancelotti stated: “Maybe all this talk all week against Pickford, against Richarlison, affected the decision, and if so it’s not right, it’s not fair. We will appeal, for sure.”

Everton were successful in their first four Premier League games of the season, and its fifth win over Liverpool last week kept the club at the top of the standings. However, while Everton sits atop Liverpool, the difference between the two is only one goal after the loss to Southampton on Sunday.

Southampton Responds to previous weeks loss

Ralph Hasenhuttl, who is Southampton’s manager was quizzed on there previous 9-0 loss. While addressing the issue to the media, Hasenhuttl stated that as a club, they didn’t talk about it this week. All that was important to the team was what they did going forward.

Addressing the media, Hasenhuttl stated: “Now we don’t even think about it any more, I don’t care. My team did a fantastic job today,” he added, “from the first moment you could feel that the plan was working and the guys were sticking to it. It was one of the best first halves so far for us.”

MLS Supporter’s Shield Cancelled for 2020

Major League Soccer made a shocking revelation for the 2020 campaign, announcing that the “Supporters Shield” won’t be awarded to any club this year. The reasoning for this decision is because, by definition, football supporters haven’t been permitted into stadiums to witness their favourite clubs in 2020. Respecting the lack of fanfare for 2020, MLS Corporate has determined that removing the acolyte from their seasonal awards is needed.

The COVID-19 Pandemic forced worldwide changes onto international & domestic sports. Governments worldwide implemented restrictions that limited sporting institutions from competing in their respective leagues. Between March to June 2020, most professional sports were unable.
Recently that’s changed with each league finding ample social distancing measures & health protocols to resume seasonal matches. The MLS is Back Tournament saw North American football return, with Major League Soccer now competing in their 2020 season. Removing the Supporters Shield shows respect to dedicated fans that’ve passed from the coronavirus.

MLSSSF (Major League Soccer – Supporters Shield Foundation) released a formal statement on their decision. The foundation discussed & considered their options for 2020, debating on a possible online election for the supporter’s favourite club. It was determined that the inability of attending supporters should be respected, that their passion hasn’t been lost & that the bias of MLSSSF shouldn’t account for the millions of Major League Soccer fans.

Statements continue by stating MLSSSF stands with their players & supporters, that foundation leaders understand the numerous challenges associated with COVID-19. Commending thanks was given to Major League Soccer Corporate for creating some iteration of seasonal events. Promises were then made that the Supporter’s Shield will be revamped & rewarded to another team by 2021.

TFC for 3rd Victory

The Toronto Football Club is MLS’s highest-winning organization in-reference to the Supporter’s Shield. TFC have acquired this notable rewarded twice in recent years. 2020s Campaign was looking like Toronto would sustain their 3rd Supporter’s Shield. However, with this announcement that won’t be possible any longer. That doesn’t mean TFC won’t have ample opportunity to reclaim the Supporter’s Shield crown by 2021. It’ll require the talents of Alejandro Pozuelo, Jozy Altidore, and Michael Bradley for that crown to become regained.

Project Big Picture Announced by the Premier League

The Premier League’s Chairman has caused drastic outrage from supporters & football clubs over a 24-hour-period. This follows after Rick Parry, Manchester United, and Liverpool FC announced, “Project Big Picture”. Their strategized concept would permit eighteen teams for contention in the Premier League, meaning two outfits would lose the right to compete in England’s top division.

Anger grew when learning that “Project Big Picture” had been proposed by Manchester United & Liverpool FC, two teams that are owned by American-established companies. It shows a lack of care for England’s historic football league and would impose new challenges onto the EFL. EFL Organizers would have to reschedule two additional clubs, create updated marketing campaigns, and locate supporting stadiums.

Rick Parry founded & fathered the Premier League in 1992, enabling the highest-rated teams in England to compete in an exclusive tournament separate from EFL matches. This created riveting games of football & prompted an immediate boost of popularity in British football. The Premier League is now watched by millions worldwide. However, changes in Premier League operation is required after the COVID-19 pandemic. Financial losses have been extensive.

Focusing on a revised version of the Premier League, Rick Parry clarified that eighteen clubs, as opposed to twenty, will lower operational costs. This in-return would enable the Premier League to adhere to government orders, which request that Founder Rick Parry & his executives assist with financially supporting the English Football League. Rick Parry revealed that 8.5% of the 2022-23 Premier League Campaign revenue from broadcasts would be donated to EFL clubs. Considering that the Premier League earns billions per year in broadcasting revenue, 8.5% will generate hundreds of millions for 72 EFL clubs.

For All the Good, There’s Some Bad.

There are negative implications to approving “Project Big Picture”. It’d mean that changes required in the Premier League would require the approval of six football clubs, with the current number being fourteen. It’d enable various monopolies to become established by top clubs like Manchester United & Liverpool FC. There’s the possibility that “Project Big Picture” could become cancelled by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who sees this concept as an unneeded powerplay.

Manchester United Humiliated by Tottenham Hotspurs

The Head Coach of Tottenham Hotspurs witnessed the destruction of his former club, Manchester United. Jose Mourinho met against Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for the 1st time since losing his position as Head Coach in 2018. Millions watched as Tottenham Hotspur & Manchester United competed against each other, with the skillsets of Jose Mourinho’s coaching capabilities coming to light within two minutes.

Victory over Manchester United at 6-1 is unbelievable for Jose Mourinho. The former Head Coach hadn’t experienced a positive stint when training Manchester United, with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer finding more success at the club. Similar results were seen for Jose Mourinho when he took over the Tottenham Hotspurs, who he’s retrofitted in two seasons. This became evident when Manchester United experienced this crushing defeat of 6 to 1, which hasn’t happened since the 1930s. It’s almost been a century since a loss of such stature was experienced for the Premier Leagues most famous team.

Jose Mourinho expressed sympathy for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, telling that his replacement at Manchester United isn’t likely sleeping after that loss. Solskjaer was upset by the loss, noting to Sky Sports after the match that what had happened was embarrassing & hurt all footballers on his squad. Ole Gunnar expressed that October 4th marked his careers worst day yet and won’t permit it to happen a second time. Solskjaer took full responsibility for the 6-1 loss.

The Tables Have Turned

Manchester United was outpaced against Tottenham Hotspur, a football club that’s maintained eight games throughout twenty-two days. This means that their access to training, practice, and competition was limited in-comparison to Manchester United. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should’ve had prepared his club better with enhanced strategies. Instead, the Manchester United Head Coach kept to standard protocols that could easily be predicted by Jose Mourinho. It’s this core element that prompted the Tottenham Hotspurs to overcome MUFC and gain their first goal within thirty-seconds of the match starting.

It’ll be hard for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to overcome this loss. Team morale will likely be low & players will be hard to reach for motivation. Similar problems were seen with Jose Mourinho, which indicates that footballers contracted by Manchester United stop listening to coaching advice at some point.

Colorado Rapids Game Postponed Amid COVID Outbreak

Major League Soccer confirmed that a match-up between the Colorado Rapids & Sporting Kansas City had been postponed. The postponement comes after three members with the Colorado Rapids were confirmed positive with COVID-19.

Colorado Rapids took their confirmed infections seriously by suspending all training sessions before the Sporting Kansas City match-up, with coaching staff knowing the game would likely be postponed. All staff members that tested positive for COVID-19 have committed to self-isolation & quarantine for two weeks. Employed personnel with the Colorado Rapids complied to immediate PCR COVID Tests & provided detailed information of their weekly events through contact tracing methods. The Colorado Rapids hope that no additional infections will be revealed from their prompt reaction.

September 27th would’ve marked the date when Sporting Kansas City & the Colorado Rapids competed against each other. The game would’ve been held at the Commerce City Football Stadium and will likely still host this match when rescheduled. It should be noted that this is Major League Soccer’s first postponed match because of COVID-19 during the 2020-21 MLS Regular Season. Multiple games were postponed or terminated during the “MLS is Back Tournament”, which concluded weeks ago.

FC Cincinnati Sees COVID Infection

One footballer also became infected with the coronavirus, with Nick Hagglund (Defenceman for FC Cincinnati & formally TFC) confirming he’s in self-isolation & quarantine for fourteen days. Nick Hagglund provided details over his positive infection & subsequent symptoms. He’d reveal that after maintaining his routine PCR COVID Test on September 24th, he began feeling minor symptoms associated with the coronavirus. On the 25th, FC Cincinnati Medical Examiners informed Nick Hagglund that his test came back positive. Nick Hagglund told his wife & daughter of the positive infection and began self-isolating at a designated hotel.

Nick Hagglund signing with FC Cincinnati has proven unfavourable for the defender. Nick had spent five seasons with the Toronto Football Club, where he’d be traded in January 2019 to Cincinnati, Hagglund’s hometown. Nick is the 1st player with FC Cincinnati to contract the coronavirus & will now spend fourteen days isolating from society.

Ismaila Sarri in talks with Liverpool

After a slow start and a shortened season, Liverpool is focusing its energies on shoring up its squad in hopes it will strengthen its attracter. That has seen the club working out personal details with agent representing Ismaila Sarri after they signed the attacker to a multi-year deal with a reported £32m.

During the shutdown, and over the course of the summer, Liverpool’s manager, Jurgen Klopp, had been searching for attacking reinforcements. The goal was to provide support for Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah, for what Liverpool is expecting will be a long and challenging season.

Sarr has received substantial attention in the media as a potential acquisition for Liverpool and Premier League champions. However, after the club signed Diogo Jota last week, it was rumoured that a deal for Sarr was no longer in the cards. Clearly, that wasn’t the case and did not put an end to their interest and their pursuit to work out a deal with Watford.

Liverpool in talks with Sarr’s agent

While Liverpool has signed an agreement in principle, it is being reported by the media in France that the 22 year old wingers agent is now in talks with the organization about personal terms for Sarr. The publication stated that Sarr and his agent are requesting a £6m annual salary.

The problem is, even if the two sides agree, Liverpool may face challenges completing the deal due to his hesitation on joining the team based o the amount of football he will be required to play following the arrival of Diogo Jota.

The report is quoted as stating the Aston Villa is attempting to hijack the deal and sign Sarr and willing to go as far as to offer him a key position in their starting line up if he agrees to make the move to Aston instead of Liverpool.

After joining Watford last season, Sarr had a solid debut scoring six goals and racking up an equal number of assists in thirty appearances. How this will play out is anyone’s guess, but it seems clear Sarr has concerns and that in itself will set the stage for upcoming negotiations and whether Liverpool succeeds.

Atletico Madrid Head Coach Contracts Coronavirus

The Head Coach for Atletico Madrid has tested positive for COVID-19, with the football club making a formal announcement on September 12th. They’d announce that their 50-year-old leader from Argentina wasn’t displaying any symptoms of the virus and has been deemed asymptomatic. Named Diego Simeone, he’ll maintain a fourteen-day self-isolation period before returning to his coaching duties.

The confirmation of his positive coronavirus infection is disappointing for Diego, who began training Atletico Madrid on September 7th for the upcoming La Liga Season. Training strategies will be implored virtually via Diego Simeone for fourteen days, informing assistant coaching staff of what their footballers must accomplish over the coming two weeks.

Atletico Madrid will compete against Cadiz FC on September 15th in a friendlies-matchup. The formal test-run is used to determine which improvements are needed amongst the football club. Atletico Madrid’s official home opener doesn’t start until September 27th against Granada FC & without Diego Simeone being able to attend the friendlies-matchup, there’s concern the head coach won’t be on strategic par to Granada FCs coaching staff.

Team representatives provided an official statement regarding the status of Atletico Madrid’s coaching staff. It was informed that footballers, coaching personnel, and subsequent club staff were tested on September 11th. All club members were advised to return to their respective homes after training as San Rafael. Analysis of their PCR COVID Samples has been issued to the same laboratory that found Diego Simeone’s contraction. Fortunately, there hasn’t been any subsequent confirmations amongst team personnel. This means that future scheduling for Atletico Madrid won’t be disturbed this September.

Not the First

It should be mentioned that Diego Simeone isn’t the exclusive member of Atletico Madrid that’s contracted COVID-19 since the virus broke out. Santiago Arias and Diego Costa were both confirmed with the coronavirus during the beginning of September. It’s suspected that the Right-Back and Striker are unknowingly responsible for transmitting COVID-19 to Diego Simeone. All three men were deemed asymptomatic & are expected to make full recoveries. Health experts working for La Liga will continue to monitor Atletico Madrid for other infections and increase their PCR Tests for weekly to daily.

Premier League Terminates China Coverage

Football supporters located in China won’t have access to the Premier League any longer. It comes after the United Kingdom’s most notable football league confirmed they’d terminated their broadcasting agreement with PPTV. The Premier League made this decision after growing tensions between democratic first-world nations & the Chinese Communist Party have reached new highs.

Suning Holdings Group Inc operates & maintains PPTV, which owed €500 Million to the Premier League to continue broadcasting the Premier League. SHG Incorporated promised payment on multiple occasions but regularly withheld payment over the three-years since this agreement was made. It means that the Premier League never earned a single Pound for this broadcasting partnership. This highly illegal venture could be contested in international court if China wasn’t a communist regime.

Terminating broadcast agreements in China won’t be the exclusive punishment awarded to Suning Holdings Group. It’s like that the British Broadcast Company & SkySports won’t showcase Chinese-established sports as we advance on. When questioned about what had happened with their contract negotiations, SHG Incorporated mentioned their disappointment & regret for not reaching an agreement with the Premier League. However, they did agree in 2017 and SHG Incorporated never followed through. That’s becoming the new standard with Chinese companies.

The Premier League has refused to comment on the situation, notably angry with the events that’ve unfolded. This announcement will only increase tensions between the United Kingdom and China, which have deteriorated quickly over recent months. It started when the UK Parliament announced that Huawei Technologies would be banned for operating in Great Britain, Ireland, and Welsh Territories. The UK took a similar approach to America & Canada.

The Scheme

Ironically, the same technologies used by Huawei & other Chinese telecommunication providers is implanted by American defence agencies. This means that China isn’t permitted to record the information of North American civilians covertly, but the governments of Canada & America are allowed. It’s a double standard where sees millions of people tracked every day by multiple governments.

Premier League Supporters Allowed in Stands

The United Kingdom Government & Premier League have worked together to allowed supporters into the stands of Brighton Stadium. It marks the 1st instance that fans have been permitted inside a professional football event since March 2020, with the slated match against Brighton FC & Chelsea FC. Their match resulted in a 1-1 draw & doesn’t count towards the 2020-21 Premier League Campaign, with this game being a pre-season friendly.

2,500 supporters were permitted entrance into the Brighton Stadium. Social distancing protocols were in effect, with fans seen spread out throughout the stadium. This decision wasn’t made for the purpose of entertainment but statistics. The UK Government is assessing the health of spectators by reviewing COVID-19 confirmed cases with those that purchased tickets for the Brighton & Chelsea match-up. An outbreak or high volumes of confirmed infections will result in the UK Government not permitting spectators for the 2020-21 Campaign. However, low infection rates to zero contractions will be considered a success for this government test.

The Brighton FC & Chelsea FC match was action-packed for spectators. Timo Werner from Chelsea acquired a goal in the 4th minute of the first half. Pascal Gross from Brighton FC tied the lead during a penalty at the 90th minute. These two teams won’t meet again until September 14th when the 2020-21 Premier League Campaign has begun.

The Risks

COVID Activists in the United Kingdom backlashed against the announcement that spectators would be permitted at the August 28th match. Criticism evoked that an outbreak could result in increased infections throughout the whole of Great Britain. Considering that Prime Minister Boris Johnson had reimplemented COVID-19 Protocols amid growing infections, it’s surprising to see that a plan opposite to the Governments stance was implemented.

Risks were applied towards the footballers, coaching staff, team personnel, and stadium workforce in this spectator-approved match. Chelsea FC wasn’t thrilled to learn that Brighton would head the government’s request. The majority of football clubs in the Premier League denied, citing concerns for their footballers & coaches’ safety. Multiple games in the 2019-20 Campaign were cancelled amid confirmed infections. Financial problems mean that Premier League Execs cannot risk the same circumstances for 2020-21.

Bayern Munich Wins 2020 UEFA Champions League

The 2020 UEFA Champions League title has been acquired by Bayern Munich, ending a seven-year streak of losses in this tournament. This follows after an unbelieve final against Paris Saint-Germain in Lisbon, where Bayern Munich would acquire their single goal fifteen-minutes into the second half. It’s a notable victory because these two teams have been prolonged rivals, with Bayern Munich often losing to Paris Saint-Germain in the 2010s. This victory could mark a change that sees PSG bow down to the Munich’s.

Kingsley Coman is the direct reason Bayern Munich became victorious at the 2020 UEFA Champions League Final, with this Midfielder targeting a “Header” towards PSGs net on the 59th minute. His header came after dominating the left-side all evening, racing each end of the field at a formidable pace. An opportunity to make a goal was given to Kingsley Coman after Joshua Kimmich kicked the ball into the air, passing multiple Paris-Saint German players towards their net. Kingsley ran towards the net & at the perfect moment, headed it towards the right-hand side of PSGs net.

It’s been several years since Bayern Munich lifted the UEFA Champions League Trophy, with this victory marking the club’s 6th. What’s more notable than their victory over the finals is that every Champions League game played by Bayern Munich was won on their side. Bayern Munich stands as the 1st club in UEFA history to win all Champions League matches, with this unlikely to happen again for decades.

Paris Saint-Germain has hardly spoken about their loss publicly, with Bayern Munich’s domination over PSG being notably embarrassing for these French footballers. Paris Saint-Germain claimed they’d dominate over Bayern Munich, getting a minimum of two goals.

European Football Returning by Mid September

Footballer supporters in Europe won’t have to wait a prolonged period for their 2020/21 Season’s to begin. Everything from La Liga to the Premier League is starting again before the end of September. This quick return to contention for these footballers follows after the 2019/20 Season was postponed amid COVID-19. It meant that these men lost their vacation periods from July to September, a notable loss for many European footballers.