Old Xaverians Collects Their Second Most Intensive Win

The iconic red and black striped team – the Old Xaverians came together to form a winning coalition to defeat the Collegians, a previously undefeated team this season, at the match at Toorak Park, Victoria, Australia. Like their famous football playing skills since R18 last season, where the Old Xavs defeated the same Lions, the speedy and talented Red ‘n’ Blacks managed to bring home an impressive eight-goal final to win by a whopping 27 points.

Both the Claret and Scout victories were due to an amazing performance on the field thanks to Jason Holmes, who was in the ruck and continued the play to the skilful work of Matthew Handley. The players were helped in accomplishing their impressive task thanks to the midfield and forward setup that the team meticulously created as the perfect linking for the two beasts of the field.

Old Xavs Defense

During the first quarter of the game, the Old Xavs had the upland with a tight and precise defense. However, the team did not manage to give any pressure regarding the scoreboard. The Turnovers this season and shown their fatal side and in the stanza later. Especially when a goal was basically handed to the Lions due to a miscalculated inboard pass, which promoted a long groan from the home crowd that was excitedly watching the game.

As the game continued, the highly anticipated visitors managed to easily push through two quick ones during the beginning of the second, but in turn, had to pay the heavy price of two injured players. Bruhn, the ace forward, injured a knee which was followed by Will Johnston, a fellow gun. The following eight minutes proved to be a tense and narrow game, that is until Handley gave a much-needed boost to second. In the following three minutes, player Clay Johnston, finally snapped after a chain of handballs were thrown at him. Luke Berry slid in with ease and sneaked in a great kick-in before sending a drop punt through the middle; this was before Handley made another impressive strike which gave the Xavs the lead in the game. As the half-time tune was getting close to ring, Chris Margin, managed to send a set shot deep in the scoreboard. The margin did this play with great ease, which caused the watching crowd to cheer with pure delight as they sat behind the goals.

Player Brendan Goss hit a goal early in the third term, despite his teammates missing the earlier shots. The headstrong Collegians went in to throw Sam Hibbins even more forward, and for a quick minute, the player looked as if he was going to get the game. Though, the visitors decided to take their chance before effortlessly scoring four goals without hesitation. This was before the true storm hit: three goals all scored in a duration of three quickly moving minutes. All due to Tom Anderson’s speed followed by two more coming for the star of the game, Matt Handley.

Mid-Term Uncertainty

During mid-term, some tense moments of uncertainties arise, but they were quickly diminished as the Xavs held firm as Clay Johnston passed through his second, Dan Sandford’s snapping, and Brad Olsson hitting a long shot. Then Matt Margin came in, who cradled the teams fourteenth all while the Collegians could only watch in stunned silence.

Since the Collegians defeated the Xavs back in the 2012 grand finale, the team has only beaten the strong-willed Xavs once during the duration of eleven tries. After this win, the Xavs are heading to Camberwell to face off against the solid Old Scotch. Scoring another victory with their upcoming match will do nothing but boost the Xavs impressive and precise season.

Old Xavs Women Team Takes an Upsetting Lost

Today, both of the Old Xaverians women teams travelled to Parkville, Victoria for an afternoon game to fair against the Melbourne University teams. Despite the Old Xavs week-long training regime and practices of their plays – neither team was able to take home a win for this week. One of the teams that played were Varsity – meaning that they have years’ worth of experience playing the game along with an extra dosage of polished poise due to their dedication and practice of the sport. However, despite the team being of a varsity level, speed does not seem to be one this team has a lump sum of. They make up for it by having some of the best play execution methods around.

While both teams were playing, fully decked out in their iconic and noticeable red striped uniform, they both failed to take given opportunities – which ultimately led to both team’s failures on the field. Mainly, the players seemed to have missed shots, failed to take advantages of openings, and even stalled. Plus, due to the black team’s lack of experience, the Melbourne University players easily sought out and found the blacks weaknesses and exploited them fully while on the field.

Moreover, despite the losses – the teams suffered some injuries during the game as well. For starters, the red player, Grace Purchase, managed to get an uncomfortable and painful knew to the neck during one of the plays. While Rachel Cox, also of the reds team, had to leave the game due to the suspicion of having a broken collar-bone. However, the seriousness of these injuries is still unknown and more detailed will be released soon. Meanwhile, on the blacks’ team, Emily Archer was sporting a corky, thus ending in her time on the field for the day.

Coach Rohenna Young

The coach of the team, Rohenna Young commented about the overall game today. In brief, she stated that the game was obviously not the game the teams were expecting to play. She added on about how both teams were enthusiastic, and the loss was not due to lack of trying, it more so as a result of shortcomings that couldn’t have been helped. Furthermore, she stated that today was the blacks 12, the team consisting of half the original amount of players, fifth time and the lack of experience compared to the other team leaders to the lost game.

Coach Young then went on to state her sorrows regarding the injuries that both Old Xaverians teams suffered from. However, she believes that the results of the game showed what the teams have to work on to ensure it doesn’t happen again. The coach seemed confident when explaining that with some more determination and more accurate planning and thinking from the players – the next game they will be a certified win.

On the Reds team, the best players were: M. Purdon, R. Percy, M. Slingo, C. Sgarbossa, G. Cleaver, G. Chester. On the Blacks team, the best players were: A. Harangozo, C.Pittard, I. Ellis, G. Knox, A. Keith, M. Sorrenti

Old Xaverians retain McClure Shield

The Old Xaverians have managed to retain the guardianship of the McClure Shield after a long-fought battle at the Xavier College First XVIII at Waverley’s VFL Park. The match saw windy but warm playing conditions and perfect pitch conditions with both today’s stars and the future stars joining in on the action.

The match got off early with a start time of 7:50 am when most are still waking up or enjoying a cup of tea and their morning breakfast. The gameplay was excellent from beginning to end with promise coming at the hands of both the XC 2nd XVIII and U19 Reserves. Those who graduated worse red to stand out against those still active students.

The main match was played at a fast pace with the XC Team being led by Luke Ball, Matt Ball, Ted Woodruff, Sam McClure, James McDonnell and Nick Bye, and by all indications, they are off to a great season. They came out strong and got the best of Shaw’s team to help the old boys get the win. Each of the games showed great spirit on the field and was perfect for the season that lies ahead for both teams.

Young Old Xaverians Shine

The younger Old Xaverian had their shining after seeing matches at Ferntree Gully, and Mt Martha cancelled mid-week in what saw the lads off to Bungaree to face f St Kevin’s. Both teams had missing players as usual with opening day matches, and the game was tough to gauge based on which was stronger of the two. The Red ‘n’ Blacks earned wins in both the curtain raiser and main event but this match did not come with premiership points.

The M8 proved a dangerous journey to the west due to a large electrical storm that was making its way to Melbourne and creating havoc on the roads. The storm seemed to give the team a charge that saw them faster on the field as they enjoyed the excellent playing service and superior facilities.

It seems that the conditions weren’t ripe enough as the rain continued and the match ruined after the first quarter saw Jayke Barrack scoring three goals. The break saw the Red ‘n’ Blacks working hard to catch up and were dominant in the second half.

Thankfully the rain came to an end, but the damage to the field could be seen before the main event. The teams both were, for the most part, but Xaverian put on the pressure and took the win.

Team Coach James McDonald gave accolades to several younger players for their contributions, and as the month of March always has some options on the table, the timing was ripe for those players to showcase their abilities and shine.

Old Xaverians Best Games: 2013

Old Xaverians Best Games: 2013

The Old Xaverians Football club is steeped in a rich history of championship pedigree. Founded in 1923 by the alumni of Xavier College in Melbourne, Australia, the Old Xaverians have established themselves as one of the most successful Australian Rules Football clubs in the Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA).

After an unprecedented championship run of 6 years in the premier league (1995-2000), Old Xaverians entered into the era of parity. More clubs in VAFA had established themselves as championship contenders, and throughout the new Millennium, VAFA has seen several different teams win the coveted premier championships.

One of the club’s best games came in 2013, where they broke a three-year premier championship drought in their defeat of St Bedes/Mentone Tigers during the VAFA Grand Final. But before that could happen, the Old Xaverians actually beat the St Bedes/Mentone Tigers in the second semi-final. Though the Tigers were up by 21 points after the first quarter, they couldn’t handle the oncoming onslaught. The Old Xaverians pushed 76 points through after the first quarter, giving them their shot another Grand Final.

A huge crowd filled the pitch as the Saturday Grand Final had the added benefit of its own finals weekend, meaning all VAFA enthusiasts could clamor to see two veteran clubs slug it out on the pitch. The Old Xaverians, wearing their signature red and black uniforms, were a highlight of the weekend winning premierships in the 3 top VAFA sections. This was symbolic of the dominance of The Old Xaverian Football club as an organisation. Through their depth and talent, the Old Xaverian exuded a winning culture, and all those lucky enough to attend that Saturday were witnesses to it.

Alongside co-coach, Dom Berry was Nick Bourke, a two-time premiership veteran appointed by the Old Xaverians earlier that year. Their savvy strategies rendered the Grand Final a disappointment for those who were hoping for a close contest. As they had done previously in the second semi-final, the Old Xaverians pummeled the St Bedes/Mentone Tigers all over the pitch 95-45. The scoring was widespread, getting three goals apiece from J. Williams and B. Goss, and two each from M. Handle, C. Waller, M. Allan and C. Larkins. Chris Waller was the standout for the Old Xaverians, winning the Jock Nelson Medal.

Old Xaverians Best Games: 2013

For the Old Xaverians, Goss was the premierships leading goal kicker. Handley was devastating inside the forward 50, and the midfield saw contributions from all players like Waller (who was the Club’s B&F), Shaw, Allan, Ball, Darvell, and Williams. The defensive side was paramount to the Old Xaverians victory, including the hard-working Wynne, Colbert, and Rogerson. Adopting a more attack-fueled offense than earlier years teams, the Old Xaverians were unstoppable in full flight during the Grand Final. With their fast pace, devastating skill and quick ball movement, the Old Xaverians were not to be denied and were the 2013 Premiership champions.

Old Xaverians Best Games: 2016

Old Xaverians Best Games: 2016

The Old Xaverians Football club is steeped in a rich history of championship pedigree. Founded in 1923 by the alumni of Xavier College in Melbourne, Australia, the Old Xaverians have established themselves as a most victorious Australian Rules football clubs in the Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA).

After an unprecedented championship run of 6 years in the premier league (1995-2000), Old Xaverians entered into the era of parity. More clubs in VAFA had established themselves as championship contenders, and throughout the new Millennium, VAFA has seen several different teams win the coveted premier championships.

One of the Old Xaverians best games came in 2016 when they accomplished a feat not seen since 2005: winning the Premier flag without being one of the top two teams. Lingering in seventh place half-way through the season, the Old Xaverians had to contend with the excellent form of their rivals Old Trinity, the University Blues and their defensive prowess and the stacked line-up of high-quality players on the University Blacks. No one outside of Old Xaverian supporters, including VAFA experts and fans of VAFA, gave the Old Xaverians much of a chance when they entered the field against Old Trinity on finals day. Old Trinity boasted a line-up of fast-paced, top-form seasoned players that had anybody who knew VAFA picking them to win.

Looking to hoist the L.A. Adamson cup was the experienced skipper John Shaw and coaches Pat Hawkins and Ted Woodruff, who walked onto the slippery pitch knowing the Old Xaverians were filled with players who were hard-bodied and full of previous finals experience. Mother Nature played her role and littered the pitch with consistent showers that levelled the playing field.

Old Xaverians Best Games: 2016

At the first break, Old Trinity was in charge of slim lead: four-points. The second term saw Old Xaverians storm out and control possession, leading to three goals to Old Trinity’s one. The Xavs knew Old Trinity threatened with their patented bursts of quick scoring, and indeed Old Trinity hung tough in the third term, finally managing to take the lead courtesy of a second major from Ed Weatherson in the fourth term. From there, the savvy Old Xaverians struck back quickly with two goals from Goss and Handley, extending their lead to 15. During the dying stages, Louis Denton of the Xavs, who had been so dominant all game, was able to win a crucially contested ball and feed it out to his exceptional runners. Lachlan Keith, who only had two senior games under his belt up to that point, kicked two crucial majors and was one of the games x-factors. Caydn Beetham, the Jock Nelson Medal winner, was one of the driving factors of the game. With only moments to spare in the fourth term, he sealed the game with a 55m kick that sailed through the goal. Special mention goes out to Dan Noonan and Nick Wynne who held firm in the trenches repelling a barrage of Old Trinity players inside the 50 thrusts. Brendan Goss and Matt Handley also kicked majors in fourth quarter.

Old Xaverians Embraces a New Season with “Seasoned” Matches

Old Xaverians Embraces a New Season with “Seasoned” Matches

The road to recover the title that was snatched from the Old Xaverians in 2017, starts on Saturday 7thof April in the rematch of the 2016 playoffs decider versus the Old Trinity at 2:00 p.m. in the Toorak Park. The T’s defeated the then-reigning champion 84-61 on the 16th Round.

The X’s will be visiting De La Salle on the second round of the 2018 calendar. The series was tied last year with 1-1 for each team, but La Salle managed to won the last duel  in June (73-65). The reds’n’black won the first at home 78-47 on the first week.

Xaverians will return home to challenge the reigning champions: St. Kevins OB on 21stof April at 2:00 p.m. The SKOBs imposed their yoke last year winning the series 2-0. The Xavs fell short the first time by nine points (106-95) and the second by five (87-72). To end the dominion of the SKOB will be the key to regain the power of the VAFA.

On 28thof April, the reds’n’black will be stepping on hostile land when they face the Old Brighton at the most difficult stadium they have played. The Brightons made their return to the Premier Division this year.

May 5th will be the date to face the St. Bede’s / Mentone Tigers at home, where the Xaverians have always defended their land against this team.

Other Dates to Keep in Mind;

12-May Xaverians will visit the Old Melburnians

19-May Xaverians will receive the Collegians

26-May Xaverians travel to Old Scotch

2-Jun Xaverians will defend the land versus the University Blues

9 Jun BYE (Queen’s Birthday)

16-Jun Reds’n’black will go to St Kevins OB

23-Jun X’s will stay on the road to challenge the St Bede’s/Mentone Tigers

30-Jun X’s will host the Old Scotch

7-Jul: BYE (Representative)

14-Jul Time for the Xaverians to face the Collegians

21-Jul Old Melburnians will visit the Toorak Park

28-Jul X’s will travel to the University Blues

4-Aug: BYE (Finals calendar re-alignment)

11-Aug De La Salle returns to the Toorak Park

18-Aug Last road trip to the Xaverians when they visit the Old Trinity

25-Aug the Old Brighton returns to the Xaverians home for the last match of the regular stage.

A Year to Overcome

Old Xaverians Embraces a New Season with “Seasoned” Matches

The reds’n’black, leaded by James McDonald for the second consecutive year, will start over and put aside the last season that left them on the fifth spot of the qualification table. The Xavs will make a brand new path and left behind the struggles that they fought the last season when they couldn’t find the necessary consistence to make it to the top while harvesting nine victories, eight defeats, and a draw.

Despite these results, the Xaverians can brag about having the second most important scorer of the league in all 2017: Matthew Handley. The skilled player had another great year with 44 goals in 18 matches, an average of 2.44 per duel.

Handley, however, had four games with more than five goals. The great scorer of the ‘Xavs’ had a best with seven goals against The Old Melburians, in August. The other victims were Beaumaris (6), Collegians (6) and St Bedes / Mentone Tigers (5).

2018 will represent another opportunity to the X’s to collect their 15th title of the Senior Premiership.

Silver Sponsors of Old Xaverians Football Club

Silver Sponsors of Old Xaverians Football Club

Silver sponsors are the ones that support the team on rare occasions, they have little shares compared to platinum sponsors, and they cannot be relied upon by the club like the way platinum sponsors can be relied upon. Despite their little contribution, they are vital in the smooth running of the club because their contribution helps in catering for fundamental activities of the club. These sponsors are many in number, and their small contributions can make a large amount of money that make Xaverian Club to fund its activities. Below is a group of the sponsors or partners available.


This is a communication company in Melbourne that connects people through various communication measures. It is known to offer the best support to the club through its shares and contributions. It is not such a big company that is why it cannot support the team like the way other big companies do. This company has been supporting the team for so long since the days it was not that stable.


This is a number one cosmetic company that operates nationally and internationally. It is known for its quality skin care brand, NIVEA. With over 150 employees, it is not such a huge company to offer exceptional support to people. It contributes to the financial kit of Xaverian football club to make the club run smoothly.

Gorman Commercial

This is a real estate company that is dedicated in selling, leasing and renting of different kinds of property. It manages thousands of commercial properties in Melbourne and it is known the whole of Australia. As among the silver sponsors of Xaverians football club, it has helped the team to grow and perform well through the cash that it has been giving.


This is a competent project management firm that has handled over two million projects so far. It has been sponsoring old Xaverians Football club since its tender ages when it was starting. Montlaur manages projects both in Melbourne and outside Melbourne; therefore, it is a worldwide recognized company. Its support measures to the club were instrumental towards making the team a top performing one. It also has a tremendous amount of shares that make the team to keep operating.

Henry Dwyer

This is a horse racing institution where people can get trained and learn how to ride a horse. Most of the trainers here are legendary horse riders who won a lot of tournaments therefore they want to pass those skills to new riders. You can enroll any time you want because the school is always there for beginners. Once you can ride, you can take a horse and enroll in tournaments to test your skills.

To conclude, there are many sponsors available for the Old Xaverians Football club. Many of the sponsors are on the platform membership where they contribute a lot of money to fund the team’s activities. It is a nice team because it now has the resources to grow and perform well as a team.

Old Xaverians Football Club Sponsors

Old Xaverians Football Club Sponsors

Old Xaverians Football Club is a successful football club in Victorian Amateur Football Association that was established in 1923. Its top performance in major leagues is what made it to get so many sponsors to an extent that it improved its performance further. When it comes to sponsors, there are player sponsors and Club partners who all contribute to the financial kit that makes the club to run well. Below is a list of the club partners who sponsors the team to cater for its various operational needs.

Old Xaverians Football Club Sponsors

Victoria University of Melbourne Australia

This is a long time sponsor who has been there since the early days of the team. It has been contributing towards the broadcasting of matches, buying uniforms for players, sponsoring flights for players among many other activities. Being a university, it raises money from donations and external revenue sources.

Hello World Travel Professional

This is a travel company that is based in Melbourne. It is known to support Xaverians Football club on many of its activities. This sponsor contributes money for players to be ferried for away matches, it also contributes for the recruitment and training of players and it also ensure that every player receives payment as required. Most of its sponsorship also goes to jersey buying and field maintenance. It is an international operating business, so it is also marketed on the team’s adverts.

Berwick Volkswagen

This is a noble automobile company that sells cars and spare parts. The company saw the need to sponsor this team because it was performing well. Berwick assisted in payment of coaches, payment of players and maintenance of club’s assets. The brand was included in Jerseys of the club and it was visualised worldwide. As a sponsor, Berwick played a fundamental role in promoting performance of players as it was helped to build a strong awareness.

Colonial Brewing Company

It’s a micro brewing company in Melbourne Australia. It is known to have supported the team since its tender days of start up to its latest days of stability as a club. Money from Colonial brewing has been vital in the catering of club’s activities. Most of victories the team obtained were due to the smooth management that was facilitated by donations from companies like colonial brewing company.

Honan Insurance Group Pty Ltd

This is one of the most successful insurance companies located in Melbourne that has been in the frontline in supporting Old Xaverians Football club. The company has also benefited from sponsoring the club because it has been exposed to many clients that have turned out to be their long-term clients. Old Xaverians has benefited from a wide range of benefits offered by this insurance company.

To conclude, there Old Xaverians has had more than 100 sponsors so far, and as it keeps on doing well, many more keep coming to them. Many companies are willing to offer sponsorship to the club because they get universal awareness which make them to harvest a lot of clients.

Old Xaverians Football Club

Not to be confused with the similar sounding Australian Rules Football team, the Old Xaverians are one of the oldest amateur football clubs in the United Kingdom. Based out of Liverpool, and currently playing in the Premier Division of the Liverpool Premier League, the Old Xaverians are actually little-known outside of the classical football scholar community. It is time we got to know these greats a little better.

The Old Xaverians

Founded in 1892, the Old Xaverians were a pioneering club in the early 20th Century, based out of Lancashire. Established as an offshoot of the Xaverians Cricket Club, matches were played at Newsham Park, with the first match played on September 8, 1893. That day, the Old Xaverians were comprehensively whipped by Stoneyhurst by 5 goals to nil. What happened immediately after is sketchy at best, as records were seldom kept at the time. What we do know is that over the first couple of seasons in Lancashire Amateur League, Cup Tournament, and English Amateur Cup Competition, the Old Xaverians ensured an up and down few years.

In May 1902, the club embarked on what is one of the first continental tours for any amateur club, touring Holland, with the event described as “the finest exhibition of football seen in Holland”. Belgium was next in 1908, but the Xaverians could not follow on from their success of winning the Lancashire Amateur League and Liverpool Amateur Cup that year, being knocked out in the semi-finals of the King of the Belgians Cup, but second and third team debuts were cause for celebration.

The lack of a proper ground, the death of its founder, and two World Wars took their toll on the club, and by the 1950s, they were cemented firmly in the amateur leagues, with no room to maneuver. Annual flirtations with the relegation zoom were part and parcel of the club’s time in the I. Zingari League.

It wasn’t until the 1990s that the Old Xaverians finally sorted out their facilities. Now, armed with one of the best facilities for any amateur club, they could attract better players, and in club’s centenary year was celebrated by Seventh Eleven side joining Division 6 of the Old Boy’s League, and the Sixth Eleven side being promoted to Division 5. By 1993/1994, the First Eleven were relegated from I. Zingari League.

Brighter times would come, though, with six trophies being won across several divisions in 1996-1997, a first since the 1950s, and in 2001, the Xaverians finally got their hands on the I. Zingari Cup, after 109 years of trying.

The Modern Day Xaverians

Last season (2016/2017) had its ups and downs, too. The Xavs have managed to patch together several cup final appearances, with the reserve team winning the JGM Cup, and the Liverpool County Premier League Division One championship two years on the spin. The third team finished runners-up in the Liverpool County Football Association Intermediate Cup, whilst the fourth team, and over 35s had far less success. Most amateur clubs would call the 2016/2017 season a moderately successful way to celebrate 125 years as one of the oldest (if unknown) English amateur football clubs.

Old Xaverians Football Club Coaches

Old Xaverians Football Club Coaches

Coaching at Old Xaverians began with Dr Alan Keane the founding captain-coach. He led the team in 1923 and 1924. The club’s early years were tough, but he ensured that the Old Boys could wear red and black colours after their school years. Old Xavs honoured Keane by awarding him the first life membership. After Alan Keane came others like Father Frank O’Keefe in 1927.

Over the years, Old Xavs rose up the ranks to the Premiership or A Grade section. Their first win in the premierships was in 1981. Just before the start of the club’s golden age in the premiership, Barry Richardson was appointed head coach on the Presentation Night of 1994.

Richardson took over from Matthew Hannebery, who was the coach in 1993 and 1994.  Hannebery served as the premiership captain in 1995 and 1996.  Both men are responsible for laying the foundation for the club’s enduring success. Hannebery was later elected to life membership in 2016.

Richardson won the premierships in 1995. Afterward, Simon Meehan took over as coach in 1996. Under his coaching, the Old Xavs were 2-7 after nine rounds, leading to his dismissal. When Nick Bourke replaced Simon that season, the Old Xavs lost one game and won the flag. Nick also led the club to victory in 1997.

Their premiership rein continued in 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000. The Old Xaverians failed to reach the finals in 2001, 2002, and 2004, but the winning streak continued in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2013, and 2016.

Modern Coaches

Simon Leathelean

Old Xaverians Football Club CoachesSimon Leathelean who was forced to resign in 2017 as AFL’s Football Operations director, after an allegation of a sex scandal, was both a coach and player at Old Xaverians. He was educated at Camberwell Grammar and played 40 games for Hawthorn reserves side in the 1990s.

He went to become a five-time Old Xavs premiership player. Afterward, he left to captain the VAFA representative team. In 2009 and 2010, he led the Old Xavs back to victory in the Premierships. Currently, the former AFL boss works for St Kilda.

Dom Berry

Old Xaverians Football Club CoachesDom Berry and Nick Bourke took over as Co-Coaches for the 2013 season. Incidentally, both of them made their debut on the same day in 1996. Dom Berry was the All Australian U16 in 1986 and All Australian at the Teal Cup in 1988. Before becoming a premiership player in 1996, he played for Hawthorn FC and Port Melbourne FC. In 2014, Old Xavs parted ways with Dom Berry.

Ted Woodruff and Pat Hawkins

Pat and Ted took over the Old Xavs for the 2014-15 season replacing the Nick and Dom. They brought the team together that had no win since 2013. Under their guidance, they Old Xavs claimed the premiership in 2016.

James McDonald

For 2017, James McDonald took over as Senior Coach. He started out as a member of Old Xavs under 19s and played in the 1996 premiership team. James has played 264 AFL games, with Greater Western Sydney (GWS) and Melbourne Football Clubs. He claimed the Best and Fairest in 2006 and 2007.

Old Xavs aim to conquer football, and President, Bill Denton, feels that James McDonald is their man.