Premier League PPVs Cancelled

Pay-Per-Views announced by the Premier League saw nationwide backlash in Great Britain. Civilians were disgusted that executives were willing to charge €20.00 for half of all live matches. The backlash was extreme, even prompting Prime Minister Boris Johnson to clarify that he’d not permit PPVs with the English Football League & Premier League. Executives recognized their mistake in announcing PPVs, showing again that whichever scam their concocting against followers won’t work over a prolonged period. It was revealed by PL Executive Richard Masters that PPVs won’t be included into scheduling for 2021.

The Premier League has worked diligently towards locating new profits during the Covid-19 pandemic. Yields have dropped by large percentages without fan attendance, with an initial strategy including the removal of multiple clubs & ten core institutions with more substantial power over league operations. The UK Parliament denied that strategy. Weeks later the Pay-Per-View method was announced by Premier League Executives. It’s been less than fourteen days, but criticism hasn’t lowered. The continued backlash couldn’t be avoided, with thousands of supporters informing the Premier League via Twitter & Facebook that they’d never payout €20.00 to watch football.

Executives with the EFL & Premier League wanted consumers to payout broadcast packages with SkySports to watch their regular matches. There’s an additional cost to acquiring prominent sports by the Premier League. Asking that supporters pay an additional €20.00 on their monthly broadcast bills wouldn’t have been forgivable. Premier League Executives have forgotten that a large percentage of civilian personnel are struggling financially.

Financial Solutions for Monetary Losses

It’s known that Premier League Executives will now commercial developer solutions that don’t involve consumers, football clubs, or the reduction of salaries. Considering that these three methods prompted nationwide backlash, it’s not surprising that Executives are learning from their mistakes. Executives hope to have located another commercial revenue stream before January 1st, 2021.