Premier League Terminates China Coverage

Football supporters located in China won’t have access to the Premier League any longer. It comes after the United Kingdom’s most notable football league confirmed they’d terminated their broadcasting agreement with PPTV. The Premier League made this decision after growing tensions between democratic first-world nations & the Chinese Communist Party have reached new highs.

Suning Holdings Group Inc operates & maintains PPTV, which owed €500 Million to the Premier League to continue broadcasting the Premier League. SHG Incorporated promised payment on multiple occasions but regularly withheld payment over the three-years since this agreement was made. It means that the Premier League never earned a single Pound for this broadcasting partnership. This highly illegal venture could be contested in international court if China wasn’t a communist regime.

Terminating broadcast agreements in China won’t be the exclusive punishment awarded to Suning Holdings Group. It’s like that the British Broadcast Company & SkySports won’t showcase Chinese-established sports as we advance on. When questioned about what had happened with their contract negotiations, SHG Incorporated mentioned their disappointment & regret for not reaching an agreement with the Premier League. However, they did agree in 2017 and SHG Incorporated never followed through. That’s becoming the new standard with Chinese companies.

The Premier League has refused to comment on the situation, notably angry with the events that’ve unfolded. This announcement will only increase tensions between the United Kingdom and China, which have deteriorated quickly over recent months. It started when the UK Parliament announced that Huawei Technologies would be banned for operating in Great Britain, Ireland, and Welsh Territories. The UK took a similar approach to America & Canada.

The Scheme

Ironically, the same technologies used by Huawei & other Chinese telecommunication providers is implanted by American defence agencies. This means that China isn’t permitted to record the information of North American civilians covertly, but the governments of Canada & America are allowed. It’s a double standard where sees millions of people tracked every day by multiple governments.