Project Big Picture Announced by the Premier League

The Premier League’s Chairman has caused drastic outrage from supporters & football clubs over a 24-hour-period. This follows after Rick Parry, Manchester United, and Liverpool FC announced, “Project Big Picture”. Their strategized concept would permit eighteen teams for contention in the Premier League, meaning two outfits would lose the right to compete in England’s top division.

Anger grew when learning that “Project Big Picture” had been proposed by Manchester United & Liverpool FC, two teams that are owned by American-established companies. It shows a lack of care for England’s historic football league and would impose new challenges onto the EFL. EFL Organizers would have to reschedule two additional clubs, create updated marketing campaigns, and locate supporting stadiums.

Rick Parry founded & fathered the Premier League in 1992, enabling the highest-rated teams in England to compete in an exclusive tournament separate from EFL matches. This created riveting games of football & prompted an immediate boost of popularity in British football. The Premier League is now watched by millions worldwide. However, changes in Premier League operation is required after the COVID-19 pandemic. Financial losses have been extensive.

Focusing on a revised version of the Premier League, Rick Parry clarified that eighteen clubs, as opposed to twenty, will lower operational costs. This in-return would enable the Premier League to adhere to government orders, which request that Founder Rick Parry & his executives assist with financially supporting the English Football League. Rick Parry revealed that 8.5% of the 2022-23 Premier League Campaign revenue from broadcasts would be donated to EFL clubs. Considering that the Premier League earns billions per year in broadcasting revenue, 8.5% will generate hundreds of millions for 72 EFL clubs.

For All the Good, There’s Some Bad.

There are negative implications to approving “Project Big Picture”. It’d mean that changes required in the Premier League would require the approval of six football clubs, with the current number being fourteen. It’d enable various monopolies to become established by top clubs like Manchester United & Liverpool FC. There’s the possibility that “Project Big Picture” could become cancelled by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who sees this concept as an unneeded powerplay.