Remembering the Past

It’s no joke that when you’re having fun – time can easily fly past you. It’s not shocking that it’s been a decade already since one of the Old Xavs most iconic victories during the semi-finals. Those who have been fans of the club for years now probably remember this match clearly. As the 2018 Round 8 is approaching steadfast with Old Scotch – it’s undoubtedly that it’s going to come up against this season in a few conversations.

In the aftermath of the game, two separate reposts of the game were featured. Both equally important yet still impartial – the two filling out details that the other one missed. Here is a recap of that faith game to help newer fans understand the significance of it.

The Final Third Quarter Thirteen Minutes

In the final thirteen minutes into the final quarter of the game, the Old Xavs are at a five goal standing. The match was a long one, filled with dedication, sweat, and perseverance – but at this moment, it’s a done deal for the team. After a season, a 49-year long jinx, and even some playing careers to be honest, have finally met their ends: The Scotch. The idealistic, strong, and skillful winners who earned the title.

All eyes are focused on The Cardinals’ main skipper, Lewis, as he has possession of the ball. He’s in the clear as he’s running as a distant but loud voice is promoting him to kick a captain’s goal. As he stops and gets into position to kick that perfect goal he is suddenly and unexpected tackled by one of the most intense runners to every player on the field; James Scanlan. This gave the Old Xavs some hope that the game isn’t completely in the grey for them, maybe the team will have a hope to come out on top.

It’s not until a minute following that Damian Lynch kicked the closely watched fourth that was almost as if a time-bomb denoted in front of the Scotch’s’ faces. Howards quickly took change and snapped as the timer reached the fifteen-minute mark. This gave the watching crowd, even more, hope for a sensible comeback. At first, Josh Douglas shot a goal at the eighteen-minute mark before Dustin Lloyd levelled the score out before putting the Xavs ahead. Then Mercuri took the lead and shot a perfect and skilled stunner. With only eight minutes, they scored six goals, and finally, the Stout and Claret were now twelve points to reaching their goal.

The Cardinals did not take this lightly and replied – though, it took them five minutes and the time was already flying past over their heads. The old Xavs defence bucked up and threatened the Scotch one again. Soon enough it was over. Despite being in broad daylight, it was still undetected.

Hard Fought Battle

It’s an understatement that clashes such as these are always a hard-fought and intense affair between both teams. While none of the love was lost, respect was gained. The rivalry between the Old Xavs and the Old Scotch is an undeniable one. Mainly due to how previously the Xavs destroyed the well-regarded Red Men by a solid seventy-five points with ease. Though as a return gift – the Cards came back with an even stronger defence.

However, the victory truly came from a group effort – just not by one ‘star player’. Although the beginning was hard, players Nick Bye along with Tim Clarke were known for their dazzling terms. Though it was truly the combined efforts from Andy Ryan, Josh Agius, Adam Chatfield, and James Scanlan that was constant throughout the entirety of the match.

After the match – the Xavs locked room was filled with lively chatter and a satisfied silence. It was short lived though, seeing as the team would have to out in even more legwork and training to defeat their next rivals and the ones after. While some onlookers of the game watched the game with great interest many could only wonder – how did the Scotch feel and when will they get their chance to rebut the events.