Rob Manfred Loses Negotiations to MLBPA

After one month of delegations with the Major League Baseball Players Association, Rob Manfred has lost the fight & been informed that all negotiation proposals will be rejected moving forward. This follows after Rob Manfred suggested a 72-Game Season, which would payout 80% of the players salary. This suggestion was made on June 12th & the MLBPA was given until the 14th to respond. The MLBPA Executive Director didn’t hesitate to respond after delegating with Union Reps. An official rejection was released on June 13th, with Tony Clark noting that all dialogue with MLB Corporate Division is futile.

It should be mentioned that the Major League Baseball Players Association was demanding 100% of their salaries, claiming that financial losses aren’t needed to sustain the league. Billions have been lost for the MLB in 2020, with this union being the exclusive to not support lower wagers. It shows that baseballers care more about their temporary financial assets than the prolonged lifespan of Major League Baseball, which would ultimately ensure them greater finances. Greed of both ends of these negotiations have failed professional baseball supporters.

The Official MLBPA Response

Tony Clark released a formal statement to the public, allowing MLB supporters to better understand the current circumstances. It was mentioned that all baseballers want to compete, with their primary focus revolving around a full season being played. MLBPA Union Representatives agreed to billions in concessions being lost to baseballers, believing this would be enough to sustain the league. When Rob Manfred requested that athletes decrease their yearly salaries, the responses weren’t ever positive.

The MLBPA Executive Director noted that negotiations have fallen onto the deaf ears of Rob Manfred, Team Owners, and Corporate Executives. All three groups claim that maintaining a baseball team is unprofitable in 2020, believing it’s the responsibility of players to account for their losses. This isn’t how business in conducted & directly effects hundreds of baseballers needing their yearly salaries to sustain their luxurious lifestyles. Large percentages of these professionals also send money back home to nations like the Dominican Republic.

Rob Manfred must legally payout the full wages of every MLB player after the refused proposal. How many games are played is entirely dependent on the MLB Chief Executive Officer.