Rob Manfred Restarting Negotiations with MLBPA

Major League Baseball Corporate has struggled to maintain a professional relationship with their Player’s Union. This follows after Rob Manfred initiated COVID-19 restrictions on the basis that MLBs corporate division would benefit, while baseballers would suffer. The Major League Baseball Player’s Association didn’t respond positively to the offers made by Rob Manfred, ultimately leading to the MLBPA refusing to negotiate. This has placed the MLB Commission into hot water amongst his investors, with those individuals demanding that Manfred reinitiate negotiations immediately. Following this demand, it’s been announced that Rob Manfred will hold a videoconference with all team owners in MLB over next weekend.

Both parties will determine what proper compensation is deserving of MLB Players, with that valuation being 80% of their standard salaries. Refusal to make this agreement will see Rob Manfred not having a 2020 season. It should be emphasised that Rob Manfred has continually been resistant to supporting the MLBPA with a substantial salary during COVID-19, while also trying to terminate a 100+ relationship with Minor League Baseball. This MLB Commission has done everything possible to limit losses as the expense of destroying everything that makes professional baseball exciting.

The COVID-19 Postponement

After the novel coronavirus infected Italy, it didn’t take long for COVID-19 to arrive in America. All sporting associations were immediately postponed or cancelled, with Major League Baseball contesting they’d return in 2020. When the novel coronavirus first infected America, it was during Spring Training. Rob Manfred hadn’t initiated the regular season, meaning that funds earned through 2020 have been 0%. After three months of remaining in hiatus status, players remarked they’re not willing to return until July 2020. This follows after medical advice indicates that this’ll be the best period to limit social distancing measures. However, those measures must be re-engaged by Winter 2020, or face a significant 2nd wave.

Now that the postponement period is less than thirty days from ending, players are demanding a season with 114 Games under 80% of their salary. Rob Manfred has proposed 50 games for the 2020 season at 20% of the player’s annual earnings.