Senior Coach, James McDonald Leaves Old Xaverians

Established in 1923, the Old Xaverians Football Club remains the most successful in the VAFA and have won no less than 14 Victorian Amateur Football Association competitions. From 1923 to 1924, it was Dr Alan Keane that led the team through the difficult early years. Keane was the first ever to receive life membership, followed by the second awarded to Father Frank O’Keefe three years later.

In 1994, Barry Richardson, appointed as the head coach took over from the 1993/1944 coach Matthew Hannebery. Both these coaches were responsible for the enduring success the club still enjoys, by laying a solid foundation. The Premiership in 1995, won under the leadership of Richardson and in 1996, Simon Meehan took over as the head coach.

Other coaches at the Old Xaverians Football Club includes Simon Leatherlean, who left in 2017 after he was forced to resign due to sex scandal allegations. Co-coaches in 1996 included Nick Bourke and Dom Berry, while James McDonald became the newly appointed senior coach in 2017.

McDonald was already involved with the Old Xaverians Football Club since he played in the under 19s. His dedication and commitment led the team to great victories over two seasons. His resignation as head coach leaves the club in a challenging position to find a replacement.

Old Xaverians Football Club to Commence Process of Appointing A Long-Term Head Coach

Before the process of finding the most suitable person for the role of head coach at the Old Xaverians Club can start, the immediate focus is on the match of the senior players at Old Brighton. The senior members strive to bring home their first win for this season and need the support of all club members.

Finding someone to step into head coach James McDonald’s shoes is no easy task, and the club will need to start a thorough process to find the perfect replacement. Until the club finds the perfect, Old Xaverians have many volunteers to rely on, who have been involved for many years.

Lending some extra time to players getting involved in coaching help individuals gain valuable experience while they also get to support their community. But as the Old Xaverians President, Matt Cosgrave said, finding a replacement for James McDonald will be no easy task. As a senior coach, he was completely committed and took this important role very serious, while all players benefited from his sports passion the club enjoyed huge success during the past two seasons due to the exceptional support and commitment of McDonald.