Silver Sponsors of Old Xaverians Football Club

Silver Sponsors of Old Xaverians Football Club

Silver sponsors are the ones that support the team on rare occasions, they have little shares compared to platinum sponsors, and they cannot be relied upon by the club like the way platinum sponsors can be relied upon. Despite their little contribution, they are vital in the smooth running of the club because their contribution helps in catering for fundamental activities of the club. These sponsors are many in number, and their small contributions can make a large amount of money that make Xaverian Club to fund its activities. Below is a group of the sponsors or partners available.


This is a communication company in Melbourne that connects people through various communication measures. It is known to offer the best support to the club through its shares and contributions. It is not such a big company that is why it cannot support the team like the way other big companies do. This company has been supporting the team for so long since the days it was not that stable.


This is a number one cosmetic company that operates nationally and internationally. It is known for its quality skin care brand, NIVEA. With over 150 employees, it is not such a huge company to offer exceptional support to people. It contributes to the financial kit of Xaverian football club to make the club run smoothly.

Gorman Commercial

This is a real estate company that is dedicated in selling, leasing and renting of different kinds of property. It manages thousands of commercial properties in Melbourne and it is known the whole of Australia. As among the silver sponsors of Xaverians football club, it has helped the team to grow and perform well through the cash that it has been giving.


This is a competent project management firm that has handled over two million projects so far. It has been sponsoring old Xaverians Football club since its tender ages when it was starting. Montlaur manages projects both in Melbourne and outside Melbourne; therefore, it is a worldwide recognized company. Its support measures to the club were instrumental towards making the team a top performing one. It also has a tremendous amount of shares that make the team to keep operating.

Henry Dwyer

This is a horse racing institution where people can get trained and learn how to ride a horse. Most of the trainers here are legendary horse riders who won a lot of tournaments therefore they want to pass those skills to new riders. You can enroll any time you want because the school is always there for beginners. Once you can ride, you can take a horse and enroll in tournaments to test your skills.

To conclude, there are many sponsors available for the Old Xaverians Football club. Many of the sponsors are on the platform membership where they contribute a lot of money to fund the team’s activities. It is a nice team because it now has the resources to grow and perform well as a team.