Supporters Return to London Stadium

December 6th, 2020, will be remembered by generations to come. It marked the instance that supporters were permitted back into stadiums for Premier League matches. An eventful game unfolded that left fanatics on both oppositions speechless, with Manchester United standing victorious over West Ham United. Supporters didn’t leave the stadium long after the match had concluded, showing that against bitter weather, excitement to experience some normalcy was desired by fanatics.

Manchester United scored their third goal on the 78th minute, leaving West Ham United Supporters disappointed that victory wasn’t possible. Fanatics supporting WHU applauded their team, not caring about the loss. Applause roared from the stadium after fans weren’t permitted in stadiums since March 2020. That’s nine months without experiencing live sporting events.

Ordinary circumstances would’ve seen fans of West Ham United leave after the loss, shaking their heads in anger & remarking ignorant statements towards footballers they’d cheered for minutes earlier. Players with West Ham appeared disappointed in themselves, knowing that supporters weren’t likely pleased with their efforts. The shock was seen across those footballers faces when fans began cheering & applauding them, evidently thankful for the entertainment.

Mall Vs Stadium

Two thousand supporters of West Ham United were permitted at London Stadium, marking the first attendance of fans in 271 days. All individuals entering were required to provide negative PCR Covid Tests from one day earlier. The onslaught of supporters might not be long-lived, with government personnel in Parliament suggesting that 2021 Premier League Campaign be terminated. Lawyers employed by the Premier League responded by noting the thousands of shoppers in close-quarters at London-Vast Mall.

Parliament determining that economic growth doesn’t reflect Covid-19 Protocols will likely prompt Premier League lawyers to file grievances. It’s blatant favouritism that shouldn’t be allowed. In shoppers can enter London-Vast Mall in folds, supporters should be allowed inside London Stadium.