The Best Soccer Academies Situated in Sydney

There’s no doubt that Sydney has a marvellous selection for potential football stars to attend world-class soccer academies at both junior and youth levels. Most of the current professionals in Australia that are playing in the A-League have spent a considerable amount of time at one of Sydney’s soccer academies, and therefore we decided to list them below to help you fine-tune your skills to become a soccer legend.

Milan Soccer School – Olympic Park

The Milan Academy is owned by Andrea Icardi. He began with Milan at the mere age of 10 and spent a total of 13 years playing for the phenomenal club. He currently utilises his strong knowledge of the sport to develop the prospects of players of Australia further. The soccer academy offers a fantastic combination of professional training along with didactic, disciplined drills to hone the skillset of each athlete. From February to December, the advanced academy is available, allowing players to deepen their understanding of the tactics and techniques used in European football. There are loads of other programs available at the academy as well, including goalkeeping, Milan Pro, Pre Milan Pro, Junior Academy, Basic Skills, Mini Milan, and more.

F.A.S.T Football Academy

The Fast Academy is headed by Ivan and Milan Bosnar, two brothers who played professional soccer for Sydney United. Several valuable programs are offered at FAST Football Academy, including the development academy and one-on-one training. The unique one-on-one training is only available on request and will set you back $50, whereas the Development Academy takes place every Monday and will last for about 75 minutes. The primary focuses at FAST include basic skills and game situations and position specific training.

Red Devil’s Football Academy

Ben Burrows manages the Red Devils Football Academy, who previously played for both the Wollongong Wolves and West Ham United. Ben has also managed to produce some spectacular players at the club, including Danny Murphy, David Platt, Robbie Savage, and Neil Lennon to mention but a few. Small group training consisting of two-four athletes along with one-on-one training is featured at the academy. Each Friday, you can also enjoy an incredible skills training session from 18:00 – 19:30.

Football Star Academy

This renowned football academy provides a wide range of vital programs for senior, junior, and youth athletes. Goalkeeper, holiday camps, elite squad, one-on-one, and weekly clinics are also available at the academy. The Centre of Excellence is one of the best programs available at the academy, specifically designed for athletes who are dedicated to the sport. The program stretches over 12 months and only accepts a total of 36 players every year.

Sydney Boys Football Academy

Max Andreotti manages the Sydney Boys Football Academy, who previously played as a pro in Italy and has managed to coach teams in multiple age groups. He is currently scouting Oceania/Australia for potential youth players to play in the Serie A League in Italy. The football academy consists of 5 different levels, and they are offered all year round.