Two MLB Players Opt-Out of 2020 Season

The COVID-19 Pandemic has drastically affected operations for Major League Baseball, forcing MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred into unexpected circumstances that few could overcome. Contracts of COVID-19 are increasing throughout Major League Baseball, prompting some players to exclude themselves from the 2020 Season. These individuals are more concerned with their Health & Safety than competing, with their monetary wealth guaranteed under through the Player’s Association.

It’s been confirmed that two additional players have opted themselves from the 2020 MLB Season, with the 1st being Yoenis Cespedes from the New York Mets. This announcement was made through the team’s manager, Brodie Van Wagenen. He’d confirm on August 2nd that Yoenis Cespedes had unexpectedly informed them of his exclusion from 2020’s operations. The lack of prior knowledge & ample time to replace him left Brodie Van Wagenen shocked.

Yoenis Cespedes struggled to inform the Mets Manager that he’s excluding himself from future games, with the baseballers unable to be found minutes before a match-up against the Atlanta Braves. It’s undoubtedly left unconfirmed rifts between the Mets Coaching Staff & Yoenis Cespedes. However, Brodie Van Wagenen clarified that they support the decision of all players that want to opt-out of the 2020 MLB Season.

It should be clarified that for Yoenis Cespedes to confirm his exclusion from seasonal matches, New York Mets Security were 1st required to be sent towards his hotel room. That’s when security found out that Cespedes had left the hotel, taking his belongings. When Team personnel began contacting him religiously, the phone was finally answered & confirmation was made.

Eduardo Rodriguez’s Heart Inflammation

The 2nd player to exclude himself from the 2020 MLB Season was made for proper reasons & his leaving was accomplished professionally. This included Eduardo Rodriguez, who’d previously contracted COVID-19 while training at the Boston Red Sox Camp. It’d force him to not compete in all games that’ve taken place in Florida.

That delay from regular-season games will continue as the Boston Red Sox confirmed that Eduardo Rodriguez has subsequent symptoms from COVID-19, including inflammation of his heart. Doctors clarified that his conditions are mild & a full recovery is anticipated. Hopefully, he’ll return to pitching for the Boston Red Sox towards the end of 2020s 60-game season.