Two New Baseball MVP’s Announced

Major League Baseball has announced their two newest Most Valuable Players for the 2018 – 2019 Season. The first, named for the American League, is Mike Trout while Cody Bellinger got the nod for the National League is Cody Bellinger. Both of these announcements came as a shock for the respective winners, especially for Trout as he had to overcome tragedy and injury to succeed as this years American MVP. After a voting period with the Baseball Writer’s Association of America, Mike Trout earned seventeen out of thirty votes while runner Houston Astros Alex Bregman, who received the remaining thirteen votes.

Mike Trout’s foot injury came towards the end of the season in September. However, he remained on the field overcoming pain to finish a new career-high with 134 Games, with 45 home runs. Trout maintained an on-base percentage of .438 and batted a .291 percentage. Throughout 2019 he drove over 100+ runs, making him the highest in MLB today. Mike Trout also faced the loss of his closest friend and fellow teammate on July 1st. After Tyler Skaggs passed the award, Trout had a 454-Foot Homerun. Most believe he made this hit in honour of his former best friend.

Mike Trout now joins a record that is held by ten individuals through Major League Baseball History. He is the 10th most valuable player to win the title three times. Others include legends like Barry Bonds, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle and Alex Rodriguez. Considering Trout is less than thirty, he has the chance to reach several MVPs. This would tie the record held by Barry Bonds.

The National League MVP

Cody Bellinger from the Los Angeles Dodgers received the second Most Valuable Player award under the national league. The Baseball Writer’s Association had a voting session between Cody Bellinger and Christian Yelich. After the poling on November 14th, it was announced that Bellinger won with the majority vote. He received nineteen of the thirty votes.

At the age of 24, Cody Bellinger took home his award after his unique left-handed swing resulted in 47 Homeruns. His average was .305, with an OPS of 1.035 and RBI of 115. Bellinger is considering the top player for the Los Angeles Dodgers, propelling their status in the league and allowing for 106 wins since his arrival. He is the 10th player from the Dodgers to receive this award. After learning that he had won this award, the young superstar began to tear up and get emotional before hugging his father.