Willian Borges Da Silva is Leaving Chelsea

Chelsea FC & Willian Borges Da Silva are parting ways after maintaining several years of partnership. This announcement was first made by Willian Da Silva, who confirmed he’s signed with Arsenal FC for a 3-Year Contract. Aged 32, this footballer first joined Chelsea FC when he was 25. The alteration in clubs could prompt a revival in Willian Da Silva that fans have desired for years.

The reasoning behind this change in club representation was prompted after Chelsea didn’t offer da Silva a 3-Year Contract; the minimum Willian was willing to sign. When Arsenal agreed to the “Terms of Agreement” for Da Silva’s contract, the announcement was finalized. Both Chelsea and Arsenal FC would confirm Willian’s social media posts.

Willian Da Silva issued public statements regarding his decision, referencing his time with Chelsea FC, and his goals for the future with Arsenal. Willian 1st emphasized that he’s confident this is the best decision moving forward, that his time with Chelsea won’t be forgotten. There were good moments & negative times for Willian Da Silva while competing with Chelsea, while the two parties saw championship trophies acquired & regularly intense matches.

Willian’s Goodbyes

Statements from William clarified that beyond these championship trophies, his time with Chelsea FC allowed personal growth to flourish for the footballer. Willian would tell Chelsea Supporters that each training session, official match, and minute spent inside the dressing room allowed him to become a better player for them. Da Silva then remarked how he’d miss the affection shown at Stamford Bridge Stadium.

Promises were than issued towards Chelsea Supporters, with Willian Da Silva clarifying he’ll spend every minute left with Chelsea FC working towards improving his skillsets. Willian noted that he’d hold his head high & work towards the perfect finale game. Da Silva finalized his statements by mentioning that all his supporters at Chelsea will be missed, that his heartful thanks go out to everyone that every dawned his Jersey & wished him the best with Chelsea FC.

Regardless of the criticism against Willian’s switch to Arsenal FC, his time with Chelsea FC will be missed & historically immortalized in the books for decades to come.