Highest Paying AFL Players

During the 2018 season in AFL, a decline in players earning more than $1 million presented itself, but that was only during 2018 since 2019 is presenting itself as a completely different scene. During 2019 at least six players were making it to the seven-figure bracket. This was still below the nine players earning this kind of money during 2017, yet it is indicative of an increase in the value of contracts signed. What is also evident is the fact that some players might be listed below the seven-figure mark, but once the front and back ends are added, they are well over it. Even though names have been excluded from the coveted list of sporting millionaires, judging on previous salaries paid, we can always make an excellent guess at who these well-paid footy stars are.

  • Dustin Martin – During 2017 Martin, a Brownlow medallist, said no to a seven-year contract with North Melbourne valued at $10.5 million. He then did go ahead and signed a deal with Tigerland valued at an estimated $1.2 to $1.3 million.
  • Lance Franklin – Also believed to be in the selected group of top-earners. This superstar from Sydney signed a nine-year deal with the Swans just after the 2013 season, valued at $10 million.
  • Nat Fyfe – Fyfe hung on to his status as a top earner in the world of Australian football when he signed his contract keeping him secure for six years, valued at $6.5 million during the 2017 season.
  • Tom Lynch – Lynch just dropped out of this coveted group. The former skipper to the Gold Coast Suns was in the category during the 2018 season but dropped out during 2019 due to the structure of his contract. Even though Lynch is signed on to a $6.5 million payment for seven years, he will only be paid $500 000 per season for the initial three.
  • Jeremy Cameron – The forward to GWS is also suspected to be in the high ranking group. After his contract came to an end in 2015, another contract valued at $4 million over five years was signed. Thus depending on the amount linked to loading, Cameron is sometimes in and sometimes out of the high-earner group.
  • Tom Boyd – Probably the biggest surprise in the group is the big man from the Western Bulldogs. Judged on player reputation, Boyd is the odd one out, but he did sign a 7 million dollar contract stretching over seven years with GWS during 2014, securing his position on this group. Boyd started at the Dogs being paid a draftee-level wage, but since then his performance significantly increased his payment to push him into the top ranks. Especially his contribution towards the clubs premiership win during 2016 gave him a massive push in terms of payment increase.