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Two MLB Players Opt-Out of 2020 Season

The COVID-19 Pandemic has drastically affected operations for Major League Baseball, forcing MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred into unexpected circumstances that few could overcome. Contracts of COVID-19 are increasing throughout Major League Baseball, prompting some players to exclude themselves from the 2020 Season. These individuals are more concerned with their Health & Safety than competing, with […]

High Ratings for MLB Opening Day

July 23rd marked the beginning of Major League Baseball’s 2020 season, seeing an influx of viewers that ranged above four million. 2020s Opening Day became the most-watched event in MLB since 2011. However, that positive news is being outweighed by concerns regarding the coronavirus. Details regarding their infected players are being kept private by MLB […]

Blue Jays Denied Home Games in 2020

The Blue Jays announced that they’ve been denied from operating their seasonal training & games within Toronto. This comes after prolonged delegations with the Canadian Federal Government, making the announcement on July 18th. This gives the Toronto Blue Jays minimal time to locate a new stadium for competition in the United States of America. Supporters […]

MLB Faces Coronavirus Outbreak

Outbreaks of the novel coronavirus are being reported worldwide, with governments lifting their COVID-19 Social Distancing Restrictions. Medical experts warned their respective politicians that reopening economies this early would enforce the 2nd wave. Recommendations from educated personnel were often avoided, with few governments willing to listen. The United States has actively disobeyed social distancing measures […]

MLB Receives Criticism from Former Baseballers

Major League Baseball is receiving flack from one of its former players, informing sports outlets that it’ll be impossible for Rob Manfred to guarantee the safety of players. John Axford recalled the numerous individuals involved with a standard day of professional baseball, with their services essential & unavoidable to maintain operations or satisfy players. Axford […]

MLB Personnel Test Positive for COVID-19

Major League Baseball is continuing to negotiate the re-starting of its 2020 season after it was delayed by the COIVID-19 pandemic. However, according to USA Today’s Bob Nightengale, as the league continues to try to sort out a start date, another forty members of its staff and players returned positive results after undergoing testing for […]

Rob Manfred Loses Negotiations to MLBPA

After one month of delegations with the Major League Baseball Players Association, Rob Manfred has lost the fight & been informed that all negotiation proposals will be rejected moving forward. This follows after Rob Manfred suggested a 72-Game Season, which would payout 80% of the players salary. This suggestion was made on June 12th & […]

Rob Manfred Restarting Negotiations with MLBPA

Major League Baseball Corporate has struggled to maintain a professional relationship with their Player’s Union. This follows after Rob Manfred initiated COVID-19 restrictions on the basis that MLBs corporate division would benefit, while baseballers would suffer. The Major League Baseball Player’s Association didn’t respond positively to the offers made by Rob Manfred, ultimately leading to […]

MLB Player’s Association Sends Counter Proposal

The Major League Baseball Players Association has issued counterproposals to MLBs corporate division. This proposal was released on May 31st, requesting that salaries not be reduced & instead several concessions be limited. The Players Association is also seeking nearly a full season at 114 games, with this being considerably higher than the 82 suggested by […]

Logistical Challenges with Reopening on July 4th

July 4th is the date Major league Baseball hopes to resume their 2020 Season. However, there are multiple logistical challenges associated with accomplishing this launch date. Rob Manfred must delegate with twenty-seven metropolis cities in North America, including New York and Toronto. Manfred must have Health Advisors acquire 200+ thousand testing kits, while also promising […]