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Ismaila Sarri in talks with Liverpool

After a slow start and a shortened season, Liverpool is focusing its energies on shoring up its squad in hopes it will strengthen its attracter. That has seen the club working out personal details with agent representing Ismaila Sarri after they signed the attacker to a multi-year deal with a reported £32m. During the shutdown, […]

Atletico Madrid Head Coach Contracts Coronavirus

The Head Coach for Atletico Madrid has tested positive for COVID-19, with the football club making a formal announcement on September 12th. They’d announce that their 50-year-old leader from Argentina wasn’t displaying any symptoms of the virus and has been deemed asymptomatic. Named Diego Simeone, he’ll maintain a fourteen-day self-isolation period before returning to his […]

Premier League Terminates China Coverage

Football supporters located in China won’t have access to the Premier League any longer. It comes after the United Kingdom’s most notable football league confirmed they’d terminated their broadcasting agreement with PPTV. The Premier League made this decision after growing tensions between democratic first-world nations & the Chinese Communist Party have reached new highs. Suning […]

Premier League Supporters Allowed in Stands

The United Kingdom Government & Premier League have worked together to allowed supporters into the stands of Brighton Stadium. It marks the 1st instance that fans have been permitted inside a professional football event since March 2020, with the slated match against Brighton FC & Chelsea FC. Their match resulted in a 1-1 draw & […]

Bayern Munich Wins 2020 UEFA Champions League

The 2020 UEFA Champions League title has been acquired by Bayern Munich, ending a seven-year streak of losses in this tournament. This follows after an unbelieve final against Paris Saint-Germain in Lisbon, where Bayern Munich would acquire their single goal fifteen-minutes into the second half. It’s a notable victory because these two teams have been […]

Manchester City Stunned as Lyon makes Champions League Semis

FC Lyon shocked Manchester City on Saturday after the defeated the favourites 3-1. The win puts Lyon into the Champions League semifinals, a first in over a decade. Moussa Dembélé scored twice for the French team to seal the win, and that will see them facing off against Bayern Munich in the semis. The win […]

Willian Borges Da Silva is Leaving Chelsea

Chelsea FC & Willian Borges Da Silva are parting ways after maintaining several years of partnership. This announcement was first made by Willian Da Silva, who confirmed he’s signed with Arsenal FC for a 3-Year Contract. Aged 32, this footballer first joined Chelsea FC when he was 25. The alteration in clubs could prompt a […]

Two MLB Players Opt-Out of 2020 Season

The COVID-19 Pandemic has drastically affected operations for Major League Baseball, forcing MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred into unexpected circumstances that few could overcome. Contracts of COVID-19 are increasing throughout Major League Baseball, prompting some players to exclude themselves from the 2020 Season. These individuals are more concerned with their Health & Safety than competing, with […]

High Ratings for MLB Opening Day

July 23rd marked the beginning of Major League Baseball’s 2020 season, seeing an influx of viewers that ranged above four million. 2020s Opening Day became the most-watched event in MLB since 2011. However, that positive news is being outweighed by concerns regarding the coronavirus. Details regarding their infected players are being kept private by MLB […]

Blue Jays Denied Home Games in 2020

The Blue Jays announced that they’ve been denied from operating their seasonal training & games within Toronto. This comes after prolonged delegations with the Canadian Federal Government, making the announcement on July 18th. This gives the Toronto Blue Jays minimal time to locate a new stadium for competition in the United States of America. Supporters […]