Two MLB Players Opt-Out of 2020 Season

The COVID-19 Pandemic has drastically affected operations for Major League Baseball, forcing MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred into unexpected circumstances that few could overcome. Contracts of COVID-19 are increasing throughout Major League Baseball, prompting some players to exclude themselves from the 2020 Season. These individuals are more concerned with their Health & Safety than competing, with their monetary wealth guaranteed under through the Player’s Association.

It’s been confirmed that two additional players have opted themselves from the 2020 MLB Season, with the 1st being Yoenis Cespedes from the New York Mets. This announcement was made through the team’s manager, Brodie Van Wagenen. He’d confirm on August 2nd that Yoenis Cespedes had unexpectedly informed them of his exclusion from 2020’s operations. The lack of prior knowledge & ample time to replace him left Brodie Van Wagenen shocked.

Yoenis Cespedes struggled to inform the Mets Manager that he’s excluding himself from future games, with the baseballers unable to be found minutes before a match-up against the Atlanta Braves. It’s undoubtedly left unconfirmed rifts between the Mets Coaching Staff & Yoenis Cespedes. However, Brodie Van Wagenen clarified that they support the decision of all players that want to opt-out of the 2020 MLB Season.

It should be clarified that for Yoenis Cespedes to confirm his exclusion from seasonal matches, New York Mets Security were 1st required to be sent towards his hotel room. That’s when security found out that Cespedes had left the hotel, taking his belongings. When Team personnel began contacting him religiously, the phone was finally answered & confirmation was made.

Eduardo Rodriguez’s Heart Inflammation

The 2nd player to exclude himself from the 2020 MLB Season was made for proper reasons & his leaving was accomplished professionally. This included Eduardo Rodriguez, who’d previously contracted COVID-19 while training at the Boston Red Sox Camp. It’d force him to not compete in all games that’ve taken place in Florida.

That delay from regular-season games will continue as the Boston Red Sox confirmed that Eduardo Rodriguez has subsequent symptoms from COVID-19, including inflammation of his heart. Doctors clarified that his conditions are mild & a full recovery is anticipated. Hopefully, he’ll return to pitching for the Boston Red Sox towards the end of 2020s 60-game season.

High Ratings for MLB Opening Day

July 23rd marked the beginning of Major League Baseball’s 2020 season, seeing an influx of viewers that ranged above four million. 2020s Opening Day became the most-watched event in MLB since 2011. However, that positive news is being outweighed by concerns regarding the coronavirus. Details regarding their infected players are being kept private by MLB Corporate, with inside sources clarifying that the Miami Marlins have experienced an outbreak of COVID-19.

Rob Manfred and MLB Personnel actively avoided questions on infected players, claiming that all professional baseballers tested negative for coronavirus. Statements adverted towards the New York Yankees defeating the Washing Nationals at 4-1. Gerrit Cole obtained his initial victory under the banner of New York, showing that his $325 Million contracts from December 2019 were well spent.

ESPN indicated that live broadcast between the New York Yankees & Washington Capitals saw an increased 232% viewership from 2019. The Seattle Mariners played against the Boston Red Sox for 2019s MLB Opening Day, which garnered 1.2 Million views. The highest viewership count for July 23rd was 4.4 Million.

Ratings for Major League Baseball’s Opening Day was at 7.8, the highest obtained for ESPN since the 2015 season. Clarification on viewership details emphasized that the 2nd game on Opening Day for 2020, which was played between the Los Angeles Dodgers & San Francisco Giants, saw 2.7 million viewers.

Anthony Fauci Throws Season’s First Pitch

The lowest rating period for MLBs 2020 Opening Day was during the “First Pitch”, which was thrown by Doctor Anthony Fauci. Analysts suspect that falsified claims against Anthony Fauci from the Trump Administration have prompted POTUS’s constitutions to hate the doctor. A large percentage of MLB Fans support the administration of President Donald Trump, making a natural correlation towards why viewership numbers were diminishing for half an hour.

Claims from the Trump Administration are incorrect, with politicians unaware of the science & biology behind infectious diseases. Doctor Anthony Fauci is the Director of “America’s National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases”. His role in the scientific-medical community is prevalent, holding managerial positions with the Centre for Disease Control. He’s also aided multiple Presidents in how to handle a virus pandemic. Donald Trump is the 1st to ignore Doctor Anthony Fauci, with America seeing their highest-infection levels from any virus in history.

Blue Jays Denied Home Games in 2020

The Blue Jays announced that they’ve been denied from operating their seasonal training & games within Toronto. This comes after prolonged delegations with the Canadian Federal Government, making the announcement on July 18th. This gives the Toronto Blue Jays minimal time to locate a new stadium for competition in the United States of America. Supporters of the Blue Jays couldn’t help but emphasize their disappointment to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who often receives backlash for his weak demeanour.

The Toronto Blue Jays President, Mark Shapiro, released a formal statement regarding the federal denial. Shapiro iterated that discussions with the Liberal Government didn’t follow through after concerns of safety for the Toronto community grew. Mark promised that finding an updated location that’s of the same quality to Rogers Centre has become their primary goal. TBJs President also offered his respects towards the Federal Governments decision.

When questioned on how the denial will affect Blue Jays morale, President Shapiro avoided the question by stating players will compete at a new home arena for the 2020 season. He indicated that baseballers will support the same passion & pride known behind the Blue Jays brand. Mark promised to represent the nation of Canada in the best ways possible & will continue to fight for a return at the Rogers Centre before the end of 2020s MLB Season.

Border Restrictions

The Trudeau Federal Government is providing the Toronto Blue Jays with a single exemption, with that being to maintain their Summer Camp Training at the Rogers Centre. Inside sources clarified that the Federal & Provincial government were considering approval before an extension on the US/Canada Borders were increased to August 21st. Discussions regarding the Blue Jay’s return with standard season games cannot begin until that date.

The Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship confirmed that their decision regarding the Toronto Blue Jays will be revisited by August 21st. Marco Mendocino clarified that virus transmission in the United States must also be lowered before serious consideration is maintained. These are reasonable measures to ensure the Canadian Populous is protected. Toronto’s Blue Jays now have until July 24th to locate a new stadium for their first game of 2020.

Ramon Abbas Faces Prison Sentencing

Social media is often detrimental & creates false personas of people that are committing various crimes. It’s not often that law enforcement is provided opportunities to arrest individuals that flaunt themselves over Instagram or Facebook. These criminals that create millionaire-esc personas ensure that their illegal actions aren’t recorded. Investigating where these individuals obtained monetary wealth is often unfindable, suggesting that criminal enterprises are sustaining their financial growth.

An expected case of this exact scenario was revealed by law enforcement over the weekend of July 10th. Ramon Abbas has been accused by the United States Department of Justice of maintaining a “Scheme to Steal” from an unnamed Premier League football club. The valuation of funds that have been stolen is $124 million, with illegal methods for obtaining these funds not being indicated. The US Department of Justice noticed an unnamed Premier League team had lost $124 million from their reserve funds, prompting an immediate investigation. Reporting personnel from the DOP didn’t clarify what investigative methods were implored to locate Ramon Abbas.

Why is Ramon a Suspect?

Social media enthusiasts most likely have come across Ramon Abbas in some variation. Instead, that’s from his birth name or self-proclaimed nickname of “Billionaire Gucci Master”. It should be clarified that Ramon Abbas originate from Nigeria & isn’t defined by Forbes Magazine as a billionaire. The Nigerian Influencer supports 2.5 million followers over Instagram & if often photographed with notable footballers in the Premier League. Ramon Abbas has been seen with Ezri Konsa from Astron Villa England, and Tammy Abraham from Chelsea.

Ramon “Billionaire Gucci Master” Abbas obtained his 2.5 Million Instagram followers by posting countless photos of his wearing luxurious watches and designer clothes. After gaining minor notability over Instagram, his followers grew after making posts with private jets & famous athletes in Europe. What concerned the US Department of Justice was the Instagram description emphasized by Ramon Abbas. This description suggests Ramon be an entrepreneur with Real Estate, while also promoting global brands with his Instagram personality.

After the US Department of Justice investigated these claims of owning Real Estate, nothing was founded & an investigation into his substantial monetary gain was executed. Revelations show that Ramon Abbas acquired hundreds of millions in American Dollars from maintaining fraudulent business scams. He was arrested by Dubai Law Enforcement as the request of the DOP & arrived in America by July 3rd. He’s expected to have already been processed into a Maximum-Security Prison.

MLB Faces Coronavirus Outbreak

Outbreaks of the novel coronavirus are being reported worldwide, with governments lifting their COVID-19 Social Distancing Restrictions. Medical experts warned their respective politicians that reopening economies this early would enforce the 2nd wave. Recommendations from educated personnel were often avoided, with few governments willing to listen. The United States has actively disobeyed social distancing measures & instead obtained its coronavirus data through platforms like Facebook.

It’s prompted States like Florida to reopen their economies without the slightest measure for physical distancing. Entertainment Venues, Professional Sports, and Bar/Clubs were permitted to resume operations. What’s followed is an average of 1000+ cases of COVID-19 per day in Florida. Infections have extended towards Professional Sports Leagues like Major League Baseball.

Even with the significant infections seen throughout Florida, it was anticipated that Major League Baseball would maintain their 2020-21 Season at the Disneyland Resort. Rob Manfred could’ve created specific conditions that ensured the safety of players, coaches, media personnel, and the remaining workforce. Manfred is focusing his mindset similarly to Dana White from the Ultimate Fighting Competition, desiring all MLB Teams to compete in their respective home city. Manfred issued demands to the MLBPA & workforces have begun returning to their respective stadiums. The result of these actions has been 38 Positive Tests of COVID-19.

3000+ Thousand Coronavirus Test Kits were issued on July 3rd to MLB Personnel. Reporting 38 Confirmed Cases shows a 1.2% infection rating, which has been standard with the daily growth of COVID-19 in “Pandemic Zone” nations. It’s suspected that these confirmed infections were prompted by players that were forced to compete after barely recovering from the coronavirus. Manfred & MLB Corporate would’ve been informed of those infections, purposely avoiding any recognition to ensure the survival of finances.

Increased Testing

Rob Manfred, the MLB Commissioner, emphasized that their main priority is curbing the spread of COVID-19. Under this priority it’s been issued that daily tests be permitted to MLB Personnel, allowing for the three-day turnaround to be avoided. Those confirmed with the coronavirus will be subjected to specific social distancing conditions, while another player from the Minor Leagues is brought in until that infected baseballer has healed.

MLB Receives Criticism from Former Baseballers

Major League Baseball is receiving flack from one of its former players, informing sports outlets that it’ll be impossible for Rob Manfred to guarantee the safety of players. John Axford recalled the numerous individuals involved with a standard day of professional baseball, with their services essential & unavoidable to maintain operations or satisfy players. Axford clarified that multiple baseballers still active today are concerned for their safety & don’t trust the MLB Commissioner to implement social distancing measures properly.

The recollection of what occurs during a standard day of professional baseball was provided by John Axford. Multiple individuals are seen daily, with those including Hotel personnel, restaurant waiters, professional drivers, security guards, team personnel, fellow players, and coaching staff. It’s impossible to guarantee that all these individuals are respecting former social distancing measures that’ve been removed by Donald Trump.

John Axford previously played with the Toronto Blue Jays, remaking his lack of surprise towards learning that Major League Baseball will implement a 60-Game Regular Season & then championship competitions. Rob Manfred is also allowing for players to traverse from stadium-to-stadium, with the MLB Commission being known for avoiding physical distancing measures associated with COVID-19. Manfred has often disputed that the novel coronavirus could infect his players, which in recent weeks have proven untrue.

Public Health at Risk

The Toronto Blue Jays Pitcher pleaded with Rob Manfred & MLB Executives, clarifying that professional baseball is desired by all supports of the sport but that the safety of public health cannot be jeopardized. It should be mentioned that Rob Manfred mostly ignored policies surrounding COVID-19, resulting in potential battles with Presidential Candidates. Major League Baseball has worked actively to revert his position, demanding that their foremost priorities are the safety of all on-site personnel & individuals that come into contact with those civilians.

Major League Baseball Teams have been greenlit to travel across America & begin their training. The exclusive outfit not provided immediate access to regular-season games is the Toronto Blue Jays, who are the select MLB Team that doesn’t operate in the United States. It’s unlikely that the sympathies garnered by John Axford will be heard by many in the Major League Baseball community.

MLB Personnel Test Positive for COVID-19

Major League Baseball is continuing to negotiate the re-starting of its 2020 season after it was delayed by the COIVID-19 pandemic. However, according to USA Today’s Bob Nightengale, as the league continues to try to sort out a start date, another forty members of its staff and players returned positive results after undergoing testing for the virus.

This news comes after Major League Baseball shut down thirty of its training camps for disinfecting and deep cleaning after a sharp rise in infections in Florida, where many of the camps are located. In addition to the leagues own infection issues, the Philadelphia Phillies reported that five of their players returned positive test results, while the New York Yankees announced that four players returned positive results. The Toronto Blue Jays also announced this week that they have opted to close their Dunedin spring training facility after one of their players displayed symptoms of COVID-19.

The recent news saw the Major League Baseball Players Association opting to postpone its vote from the MLB. It is expected that the MLBPA will reject the proposal as players want seventy games and more than the $275 million teams are offering. The belief is, that should COVID-19 cause the 2020 season to be shortened, that the current deal they are negotiating would reduce the union’s power at the bargaining table in 2021.

Training Camps Shutdown 

The closing of the training sites, and the revelation that multiple players and staff tested positive, is causing the MLB to reconsider its plans of returning to action in 2020. This resulted in the league closing down spring training facilities in Arizona as well. However, it was reported by Ben Cohen and Jared Diamond of the Wall Street Journal this week that MLB’s previous bubble plan for the 2020 season is apparently back on the table. 

This revelation is resultant on eleven players from seven different teams testing positive for the virus in June. Of the seven teams, four have spring training camps in Florida, while two have camps in Texas and one is in Arizona. The reality is, the CIVID-19 virus has spread like wild-fire in the U.S as few seem to be taking the appropriate measures to distance themselves socially. The opening of its economy has been a big contributor in this, as has comments made by Donald Trump, who seems to take a haphazard approach to controlling the outbreak. 

Rob Manfred Loses Negotiations to MLBPA

After one month of delegations with the Major League Baseball Players Association, Rob Manfred has lost the fight & been informed that all negotiation proposals will be rejected moving forward. This follows after Rob Manfred suggested a 72-Game Season, which would payout 80% of the players salary. This suggestion was made on June 12th & the MLBPA was given until the 14th to respond. The MLBPA Executive Director didn’t hesitate to respond after delegating with Union Reps. An official rejection was released on June 13th, with Tony Clark noting that all dialogue with MLB Corporate Division is futile.

It should be mentioned that the Major League Baseball Players Association was demanding 100% of their salaries, claiming that financial losses aren’t needed to sustain the league. Billions have been lost for the MLB in 2020, with this union being the exclusive to not support lower wagers. It shows that baseballers care more about their temporary financial assets than the prolonged lifespan of Major League Baseball, which would ultimately ensure them greater finances. Greed of both ends of these negotiations have failed professional baseball supporters.

The Official MLBPA Response

Tony Clark released a formal statement to the public, allowing MLB supporters to better understand the current circumstances. It was mentioned that all baseballers want to compete, with their primary focus revolving around a full season being played. MLBPA Union Representatives agreed to billions in concessions being lost to baseballers, believing this would be enough to sustain the league. When Rob Manfred requested that athletes decrease their yearly salaries, the responses weren’t ever positive.

The MLBPA Executive Director noted that negotiations have fallen onto the deaf ears of Rob Manfred, Team Owners, and Corporate Executives. All three groups claim that maintaining a baseball team is unprofitable in 2020, believing it’s the responsibility of players to account for their losses. This isn’t how business in conducted & directly effects hundreds of baseballers needing their yearly salaries to sustain their luxurious lifestyles. Large percentages of these professionals also send money back home to nations like the Dominican Republic.

Rob Manfred must legally payout the full wages of every MLB player after the refused proposal. How many games are played is entirely dependent on the MLB Chief Executive Officer.

Rob Manfred Restarting Negotiations with MLBPA

Major League Baseball Corporate has struggled to maintain a professional relationship with their Player’s Union. This follows after Rob Manfred initiated COVID-19 restrictions on the basis that MLBs corporate division would benefit, while baseballers would suffer. The Major League Baseball Player’s Association didn’t respond positively to the offers made by Rob Manfred, ultimately leading to the MLBPA refusing to negotiate. This has placed the MLB Commission into hot water amongst his investors, with those individuals demanding that Manfred reinitiate negotiations immediately. Following this demand, it’s been announced that Rob Manfred will hold a videoconference with all team owners in MLB over next weekend.

Both parties will determine what proper compensation is deserving of MLB Players, with that valuation being 80% of their standard salaries. Refusal to make this agreement will see Rob Manfred not having a 2020 season. It should be emphasised that Rob Manfred has continually been resistant to supporting the MLBPA with a substantial salary during COVID-19, while also trying to terminate a 100+ relationship with Minor League Baseball. This MLB Commission has done everything possible to limit losses as the expense of destroying everything that makes professional baseball exciting.

The COVID-19 Postponement

After the novel coronavirus infected Italy, it didn’t take long for COVID-19 to arrive in America. All sporting associations were immediately postponed or cancelled, with Major League Baseball contesting they’d return in 2020. When the novel coronavirus first infected America, it was during Spring Training. Rob Manfred hadn’t initiated the regular season, meaning that funds earned through 2020 have been 0%. After three months of remaining in hiatus status, players remarked they’re not willing to return until July 2020. This follows after medical advice indicates that this’ll be the best period to limit social distancing measures. However, those measures must be re-engaged by Winter 2020, or face a significant 2nd wave.

Now that the postponement period is less than thirty days from ending, players are demanding a season with 114 Games under 80% of their salary. Rob Manfred has proposed 50 games for the 2020 season at 20% of the player’s annual earnings.

MLB Player’s Association Sends Counter Proposal

The Major League Baseball Players Association has issued counterproposals to MLBs corporate division. This proposal was released on May 31st, requesting that salaries not be reduced & instead several concessions be limited. The Players Association is also seeking nearly a full season at 114 games, with this being considerably higher than the 82 suggested by MLB Corporate. All matches would be required for completion by October 31st, enabling the possibility of doubleheaders & the world series. All championship venues would be needed to end by November 31st.

The MLB Players Association requested in their counterproposal that High-Risk Athletes be permitted to “Opt-Out” from engaging in professional baseball. If allowed, MLB Outfits would have to create a list of “Coronavirus Replacements”. Athletes from the Minor League or Reserves would be selected to account for that benched player. It should be mentioned that High-Risk Athletes will still receive their standard salaries under this counterproposal. Those that aren’t determined as safety concerns can even leave their positions temporarily, which will result in their wages being terminated for 2020.

This counterproposal doesn’t account for exclusively the 2020 season, with the MLB Players Association thinking ahead until 2022. Under the new format suggested by this union of athletes, the playoff series would be limited to ten teams & support an expanded timeframe. Similar measures would be enforced until November 2022. It should be noted that winning the championship will result in a lower-grade prize, with the winning team acquiring $7 million. These lowered championship winnings aren’t prompted from the novel coronavirus but instead the Houston Astros Scam of 2019.

Limiting several aspects of MLB Corporate would be accounted for by their athletes. The Players Association agreed under this counterproposal that professional baseballers would commit towards broadcasting enhancements. This will include players wearing microphones on-field, allowing dedicated supporters to listen directly into their favourite player. Additional programming would be supported outside the ballpark, such as guest appearances on various TV shows. Athletes have even agreed to “Free-of-Charge Appearances” for any of Major League Baseballs partners.

This could be drastically beneficial for Rob Manfred, allowing him to market these players in a new format after the Houston Astros 2019 Scandal. Analysts have recommended the MLB President accept this counterproposal, as it ultimately benefits the sport.