Burnley FC Acquired by American Investors

Announcements were issued by the Premier League regarding new investors into Burnley’s Football Club. It’s been learned that an investment firm from American has taken ownership of another team in the Premier League. It marks the 6th franchise that’s sold to US-based investors & lost their British heritage, prompting anger from supporters that rally behind the Premier League’s history.

Velocity Sports Partners has purchased an 84% majority stake into Burnley FC, acquiring ownership from prominent businessman in Britain. John Banaszkeiwics & Mike Garlick sold their majority stake after facing financial disruptions from the pandemic. Losing ownership isn’t detrimental for either businessman, with Burnley FC having not acquired a championship since 1960. Decades pass between the periods where this franchise wins the Premier League & loses.

Three divisions reside over the Premier League, and multiple others over the English Football League. After acquiring championship status in 1960, notable downfalls were sustained by Burnley FC. It prompted their inevitable departure from the Premier League’s first division by 1980, downgrading this club to the third division. Burnley wouldn’t regain entrance into the Premier League’s highest level until 2014, encapsulating a period of 34 years. Burnley has sustained six seasons since rejoining the top division & hasn’t come close to acquiring championship status. Even under the ownership of Velocity Sports Capital, it’s unexpected this franchise will regain prominence.

Increased Allocation Funds

There’s one element of this announcement which benefits Burnley FC. Investment firms sustain reserve funds dedicated towards the expansion of owned properties. Allocation funds for Burnley FC will increase tenfold under Velocity Sports Capital’s ownership, meaning better players & more experienced coaching personnel leading this club. It’s that attribute which could redefine the upcoming campaigns for Burnley FC. Supporters shouldn’t forget that the Premier League’s 2020 season saw Burnley in 16th position, with twenty teams competing under the first division. Improvements are needed immediately for Burnley FC to contend for championship position & sustain their placement under the first division.

Chris Wondolowski Resigns for Final MLS Season

Major League Soccer is known for respecting legendary footballers that’ve competed in their ranks. That was proven against by San Jose’s Earthquakes, a prominent team in MLS. Announcements were made that Chris Wondolowski has been resigned for an additional one-year contract. Expectations had the prominent forward retiring after 2020, with San Jose Earthquakes rumoured to be locating new blood. This follows after the Earthquakes & Wondolowski sustained a relation of eight seasons, which’ll extend towards nine now.

Supporters for the San Jose Earthquakes have rallied behind this announcement, knowing that Chris Wondolowski deserved a greater send-off than what was witnessed during the coronavirus pandemic. This announcement also reaffirms that Wondolowski is loyal to the Earthquakes, with Chris becoming a free agent for the first time in years. Multiple teams would’ve been contacting the footballer for acquisition, with Wondolowski sustaining the highest record of scored goals in MLS. Chris has acquired 166 goals in his career, with a notable drop-off in recent seasons. 2020s campaign witnessed Wondolowski acquire several goals, his lowest since joining the San Jose Earthquakes in 2012.

Age Factoring into Contention

Chris Wondolowski himself will retire following this upcoming season, with age becoming a defining factor for the footballer. Chris is aged thirty-eight & considered one of MLSs oldest players. His namesake is listed with Major League Soccer’s 25 Greatest Players. When considering these accolades are typically awarded to retired footballers, the time is coming for Wondolowski to retire.

The San Jose Earthquakes wanted Wondolowski to have a better final season in MLS than what was seen during Covid-19. It should be mentioned that Chris Wondolowski is known worldwide, having competed for the United States Men’s National Football Team multiple times. Throughout 35 appearances, eleven goals were acquired by Wondolowski. The accolades & skillsets displayed by Chris won’t be forgotten in Major League Soccer’s history for decades to come.

Liverpool & Everton Leading the Premier League

Premier League supporters have been thrown back to the late 80s, with teams that haven’t dominated for decades becoming frontrunners for championship contention. Football in 1985 was considerably different than 2020, with Liverpool & Everton holding prominence against all other teams. Supporters of these football clubs have rallied behind the continued growth, with the hope that Liverpool & Everton will compete in the 2021 Premier League championship increasing. It’d be significant for Everton FC to hold championship victory, which hasn’t been acquired since 1987.

Everton FC is the fan favourite to win the upcoming season, with Liverpool acquiring the 2020 championship under the leadership of Head Coach Jurgen Klopp. It’d be through Klopp that Liverpool ended their thirty-year championship drought. However, Everton FC has sustained 33-years without a Premier League title. Considering the growth that’s been displayed in recent seasons, Everton FC is more than deserving of championship acquisition. Winning will depend on the formidability of coaching personnel & players throughout the upcoming campaign.

Three successive matches have been sustained for Everton FC throughout the last eight days. The most prominent win came with their third victory, with Arsenal losing to Everton by one point. Their continued success isn’t anticipated for long with December 23rd seeing Everton FC compete against Manchester United. League placement of first could be overruled on December 20th by either Tottenham FC or Leicester, with both teams rivalling for championship contention.

Financial Plagues

Concerns have grown that continued success seen with Everton FC will diminish over the coming months. It’s because financial revenue streams earned by this club were eliminated by $185 Million during the pandemic. It’d be hard for any team to account for those losses. One benefit given to Everton FC in the latest campaign is permitted supported. Everton’s stadium is allowed two thousand supporters, which generates some finances for the club. Considering that Covid-19 isn’t slated to end until 2022 for Great Britain, Everton FC could sustain continued losses for an additional twelve months.

20% of MLS Players Contracted Covid-19

After facing continued restrains related to the pandemic, it was announced by the executive director of the Major League Soccer Players Association, Bob Foose, that close to twenty percent of its members had, over the course of the 2020 season, contracted COVID-19.

Foose stated that as a result of the season being put on hold, many players were forced to forgo almost $150 million in possible earnings. This was due to the renegotiating of its collective bargaining agreement in June.

During a telephone conference call on Thursday, Foose stated that the 2020 season was without a doubt, the most difficult in the leagues’ history. Initially, the Major League Soccer Players Association had thought they had agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement in February. However, neither side was able to ratify the agreement.

After the league was forced to suspend its season in March, the league used that, and the threat of a lockout, to their advantage to negotiate increased financial concessions. Those concessions included reducing salary reductions of 7.5% for the remainder of 2020 and a reduction of 70% paid to players as bonuses. In addition, the league delayed the sharing of media rights by a year.

Speaking on behalf of its MLSPA members, Foose stated that it members did everything possible to ensure the season would continue and that games would be played.

Additional hardships faced by MLS players

MLS players, in addition to reported financial concessions, also had to face playing the remainder of their season during a global pandemic. This resulted in several outbreaks amongst teams include Nashville and Dallas, both of whom had to back out of scheduled tournaments and return to their home base.

Additional outbreaks resulted on the Colorado Rapids’ organization having to cancel five successive games, and the league having to determine standings based on points earned per game in order to decide which teams would qualify for the 2020 playoffs.

On the plus side, with the 2020 season behind them, player salaries and bonuses will return to pre-pandemic agreements. This is assuming that fan attendance will resume and that teams will improve their financial footing.  

Supporters Return to London Stadium

December 6th, 2020, will be remembered by generations to come. It marked the instance that supporters were permitted back into stadiums for Premier League matches. An eventful game unfolded that left fanatics on both oppositions speechless, with Manchester United standing victorious over West Ham United. Supporters didn’t leave the stadium long after the match had concluded, showing that against bitter weather, excitement to experience some normalcy was desired by fanatics.

Manchester United scored their third goal on the 78th minute, leaving West Ham United Supporters disappointed that victory wasn’t possible. Fanatics supporting WHU applauded their team, not caring about the loss. Applause roared from the stadium after fans weren’t permitted in stadiums since March 2020. That’s nine months without experiencing live sporting events.

Ordinary circumstances would’ve seen fans of West Ham United leave after the loss, shaking their heads in anger & remarking ignorant statements towards footballers they’d cheered for minutes earlier. Players with West Ham appeared disappointed in themselves, knowing that supporters weren’t likely pleased with their efforts. The shock was seen across those footballers faces when fans began cheering & applauding them, evidently thankful for the entertainment.

Mall Vs Stadium

Two thousand supporters of West Ham United were permitted at London Stadium, marking the first attendance of fans in 271 days. All individuals entering were required to provide negative PCR Covid Tests from one day earlier. The onslaught of supporters might not be long-lived, with government personnel in Parliament suggesting that 2021 Premier League Campaign be terminated. Lawyers employed by the Premier League responded by noting the thousands of shoppers in close-quarters at London-Vast Mall.

Parliament determining that economic growth doesn’t reflect Covid-19 Protocols will likely prompt Premier League lawyers to file grievances. It’s blatant favouritism that shouldn’t be allowed. In shoppers can enter London-Vast Mall in folds, supporters should be allowed inside London Stadium.

Doctor Investigated in Manslaughter Case

Shock has evoked an entire nation days after learning Diego Maradona had died. Confirmations were made by Argentinian law enforcement that the primary caretaker of Diego Maradona is now under investigation. The personal physician has denied taking part in the legendary footballer’s death, which didn’t stop law enforcement raiding his home & seizing medical records. All surgeries booked with Doctor Leopoldo Luque have now been cancelled, with mobile devices & laptops also being taken.

Reports were issued by media outlets in Argentina, stating that law enforcement was delegating if negligence was involved with Diego Maradona’s death. Autopsy’s done after Diego’s death indicated that negligence had been sustained, prompting the immediate search of Doctor Leopoldo Luque. The neurosurgeon is now under investigation for manslaughter, which isn’t surprising when considering that local neighbours in Buenos Aires reported that Diego Maradona & Leopoldo Luque had verbally fought days before his deadly heart attack.

When Diego Maradona died on November 25th at 60, the international sporting community expressed their sadness in his passing. Nobody anticipated that days later, this death would become a murder investigation. Law enforcement is privy to questioning personal physician’s whenever a patient had died with complications. Often, it’s cases of manslaughter resulting from previous fights or financial gain. Diego Maradona checks both those boxes.

Daughters Avenge Their Father

Days after Diego Maradona had died, his daughters gathered at local media outlets & expressed that family believe Doctor Leopoldo Luque is responsible for Maradona’s death. Family members had voiced concern multiple times over medical treatments being administered to Diego Maradona, with Doctor Leopoldo Luque avoiding those concerns. The daughters unknowingly prompted the interest of Buenos Aire’s law enforcement & prompted the investigation into Doctor Leopoldo Luque. It should be clarified that after being search by police, Leopoldo couldn’t stand & was seen fidgeting with himself. These are evident signs of stress & guilt.

Manchester United Targeted by Cybercriminals

Sophisticated hacking has been sustained against the Manchester United Football Club in Great Britain. It’s an unexpected attack that proved a failure for cybercriminals. However, experts working with Manchester United Tech Support suggested that these attacks were knowledgeable of critical infrastructures & bypass codes that couldn’t be sustained without advanced AI Programs. This means that influential cybercriminals or government hackers implemented these attacks, with speculation suggestions that Russia could’ve attacked Manchester United’s servers to acquire consumer data from British civilians.

An official statement was issued by Manchester United on November 20th, which suggested that cybernetic defences have been increased exponentially since the attack occurred. Governing forces in the United Kingdom have been provided detailed information regarding the attack, with temporary results suggesting that cybercriminals are implementing a sophisticated operation against Premier League clubs. Damages are being contained, with consumer data having been protected by backup protocols. Manchester United guarantees that credit card information wasn’t stolen.

Containing the Attack

Details in the statement noted that club personnel have taken immediate action to contain the attack & guarantee it doesn’t repeat, with lost information regarding our advisers being relocated. Data that cybercriminals received hadn’t provided critical information that would leave Manchester United, or the Premier League at risk on any level. It should be clarified that critical systems used by Manchester United at the Old Trafford Stadium have been updated with new cybernetic measures, meaning 125k-SSL Encryption. This guarantees that personal data cannot get breached on any level.

Manchester United is recommending that consumers change their passwords & potentially emails, under the impression that backdoors were created by the cybercriminals. Backdoors would likely enable these individuals to re-enter the Manchester United servers after hours of coding. When media personnel with Manchester United were questioned on the attack, it was confirmed that Premier League organizations are becoming more aware of continued aggression from cybercriminal forces & are beginning to locate new avenues of protection.

Premier League PPVs Cancelled

Pay-Per-Views announced by the Premier League saw nationwide backlash in Great Britain. Civilians were disgusted that executives were willing to charge €20.00 for half of all live matches. The backlash was extreme, even prompting Prime Minister Boris Johnson to clarify that he’d not permit PPVs with the English Football League & Premier League. Executives recognized their mistake in announcing PPVs, showing again that whichever scam their concocting against followers won’t work over a prolonged period. It was revealed by PL Executive Richard Masters that PPVs won’t be included into scheduling for 2021.

The Premier League has worked diligently towards locating new profits during the Covid-19 pandemic. Yields have dropped by large percentages without fan attendance, with an initial strategy including the removal of multiple clubs & ten core institutions with more substantial power over league operations. The UK Parliament denied that strategy. Weeks later the Pay-Per-View method was announced by Premier League Executives. It’s been less than fourteen days, but criticism hasn’t lowered. The continued backlash couldn’t be avoided, with thousands of supporters informing the Premier League via Twitter & Facebook that they’d never payout €20.00 to watch football.

Executives with the EFL & Premier League wanted consumers to payout broadcast packages with SkySports to watch their regular matches. There’s an additional cost to acquiring prominent sports by the Premier League. Asking that supporters pay an additional €20.00 on their monthly broadcast bills wouldn’t have been forgivable. Premier League Executives have forgotten that a large percentage of civilian personnel are struggling financially.

Financial Solutions for Monetary Losses

It’s known that Premier League Executives will now commercial developer solutions that don’t involve consumers, football clubs, or the reduction of salaries. Considering that these three methods prompted nationwide backlash, it’s not surprising that Executives are learning from their mistakes. Executives hope to have located another commercial revenue stream before January 1st, 2021.

Barcelona Legend Stable After Car Accident

An unexpected incident occurred for a legendary footballer named Samuel Eto’o. The Ex-Striker for Inter Milan & Barcelona FC was confirmed in stable condition. Medical personnel were called on-scene after a car accident on the morning of November 8th at Douala Road in Cameroon. Details regarding how this incident occurred & who’s at fault haven’t been revealed. However, photographic evidence shows that Samuel Eto’o avoided a fatal accident.

The car is damaged beyond repair, which is significant when assessing that Samuel avoided any serious injuries. Reporting agencies in Europe have suggested that Eto’o could’ve been intoxicated. Samuel was returning from a Wedding Celebration early into the morning of November 8th, meaning that celebrations on the 7th didn’t end till late that evening. Speculation grew after Cameroon Medical Personnel clarified that additional examinations on Samuel Eto’o are being sustained until November 9th.

Details regarding his condition were released by the France Football Association, where Samuel Eto’o was previously contracted before retiring in 2019. The FFA explained that their former footballer experienced a minor head injury & that nobody in this car accident was severely damaged. This is beneficial news for everyone involved with the matter, knowing that Samuel Eto’o will sustain normal conditions shortly & not have to engage with a criminal investigation. It should be noted that this marks the first headline regarding Samuel Eto’o since his retirement in September 2019. His career sustained twenty-two years in the Premier Leagues of Great Britain & Africa. Notable accomplishments from Samuel Eto’o include:

  • 4x La Liga Crowns. (Europe)
  • 3x UEFA Championship League Titles. (Europe)
  • 2x Coppa Italia Championships. (Europe)
  • 1x FIFA World Cup. (Europe)
  • 2x African Cup of Nations (International)
  • Olympic Gold Medal for Football (Central Africa, International)

It should be mentioned that Samuel Eto’o is one of the highest-scoring footballers on the international stage. Aged 39 before retiring, this football made more than 500+ appearances with various teams like Inter Milan & Barcelona FC. It’s expected that after a vacation in his retirement, Samuel Eto’o will return to professional football in a coaching position. Supporters & the international community alike have wished Samuel a fast recovery.

Charlotte FC Stadium Costs Revealed

Major League Soccer expanded into Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2020. It was a surprising announcement that MLS analysts hadn’t expected & after the revelation, most believed it’d be a smooth transition for Charlotte FC to begin competing by 2020. It’s been learned that transitioning into a new stadium won’t be easily accomplished, with taxpayers having to sustain a large percentage of the cost. The City of Charlotte has guaranteed reimbursement incentives valued at $110 Million.

It’s the most considerable cost that taxpayers have sustained since developing the Bank of America Stadium. However, the $110 Million being spent is also accounting for dire renovations needed at Bank of America Stadium. It’ll be a small percentage, with the overwhelming majority of finances being used towards a new stadium at the “Eastland Mall Site – Charlotte, North Carolina”. This is an abandoned complex that provided the necessary square footage needed for a new sports stadium.

Bank of America Stadium has been home for the Charlotte Panthers for years & is owned by Dave Tepper, owner of the upcoming MLS team. The City of Charlotte Council suggested the Eastland Mall Site for Tepper, which sustains square footage of 20,000. During the October 26th presentation held by the Council, their offering to Dave Tepper wasn’t listed. Incentives previously listen at $110 Million have now been eliminated by 68%. It’s led to an immediate delay in Charlotte FC being housed at the “Eastland Mall Stadium” by 2020. This could mean that similar to other expansion teams; Charlotte FC could have to compete at another local facility, such as Bank of America Stadium.

Postponed Development

It’s also disappointing for MLS Team Headquarters & Charlotte FC Player Development Academy, with both institutions slated to be housed inside the metropolis’s borders. The City of Charlotte was expected to award $75 Million for the development of these two institutions. Decreasing incentives by 68% to create more significant funds to other necessities needed for Charlotte Residents, means that these two institutions won’t likely get developed for years. The City of Charlotte Council now expected local County’s to sustain some of the required cost, including Mecklenburg County at $15 Million.