Old Xaverians Gets A Man With A Plan

It was one of the most extensive and rigorous coaching selection processes ever done by the Football Club, yet the Old Xaverian’s President has finally announced who would be appointed in 2019 as the Senior Coach of the Old Xaverian’s Football Club. Matt Cosgrave just announced that the new Senior Coach is Paul Satterley, who will leave De La Salle Old Collegians Football Club where he has been the coached for the past five years to join Old Xaverians.

Satterley’s impressive resumé also includes that he has been a development coach, full-time at the Melbourne Football Club as well as the Werribee senior coach and then at the Northern Knights he has been the head coach. As a player, Paul Satterley is remembered for his three years at the Western Bulldogs as well as winning the JJ Liston Trophy while being a part of the Werribee team.

Why Paul Satterley? Cosgrave Answers

When asked why the decision came to Paul Satterley, Cosgrave was ready with an answer, and he immediately shared that Satterley indeed ticked all the boxes and that the club completely trusts that Satterley’s tenure would be one that is a successful and enjoyable partnership between the club and coach. Cosgrave went on to say that after numerous conversations with Satterley it was revealed that he has a solid club culture understanding and with be the perfect fit in all regards. After also talking to numerous people about Satterley the club had several glowing referrals about both his abilities and character. What stands out most is Satterley’s experience, he is known to be particular with time, and he has all the characteristics required by the Xaverians football community.

Immediate Plans

Over the upcoming weeks, the club will be working with Satterley in finalising his coaching team. Paul Satterley, his wife Liz and his family Tom, Jack, Summer and Ava was warmly welcomed by the Old Xaverians Football Club, while Matt Hannebery was thanked for the outstanding job he did during the past season.

From all accounts all eyes are on the man with a plan, Paul Satterley and here are some of the experiences list on his resume that indeed impressed the Old Xaverians Football Club.

Development Coach
Melbourne Football Club
Oct 2011 – Sep 2013
Employment Duration: 2 years

Senior Coach Werribee Football Club
Sep 2010 – Oct 2011
Employment Duration: 1 year 2 months

Head Of Development
Werribee Football Club
Nov 2008 – Sep 2010
Employment Duration: 1 year 11 months

Victorian Amateur Football Association – 5 years

Senior Coach Old Xaverians FC
Sep 2018 – Present
Employment Duration: 2 months

Senior Coach De La Salle OCFC
Nov 2013 – Aug 2018
Employment Duration: 4 years 10 months

Graham Arnold in Search of new talent for Socceroos

Graham Arnold, the Australian coach for the Socceroos, continues his search to rebuild his national soccer squad ahead of the Asian Cup. He has named four uncapped players to join his training camp in the UAE this week.

Three of the four players will also be measured for a potential place in Graham Arnold’s first match which will be a friendly on 15 October against Kuwait, with Martin Boyle currently unavailable as he needs to wait for international clearance before he can represent Australia.

Four Uncapped Players

Martin Boyle, the former Scotland youth international, is going to be joined at the training camp by Thomas Deng, a Melbourne Victory defender, Denis Genreau, a PEC Zwolle midfielder, and Awer Mabil, an FC Midtjylland forward, as the only players that haven’t won a cap as of yet.

Martin Boyle is a teammate of Jamie Maclaren and Mark Milligan in the Scottish Premier League, and although he is eligible to play for the Socceroos due to his Australian-born father, Boyle will only be able to attend the training camp.

Statements from Graham Arnold

“We have no doubt that we managed to select a well-balanced squad to participate in the Kuwait City clash as well as the UAE,” Arnold stated on Friday afternoon. “These sensational players will have the perfect opportunity to enhance the principles and standards of play which was established in Turkey, and more importantly, have the opportunity to implement new styles which we have been working on ahead of the international match against Kuwait in October.”

Arnold also made the vital decision to recall Tom Rogic and Mathew Leckie to his national squad for the first time since the World Cup in Russia in 2018. This clearly indicates that Arnold is keen on creating a competitive environment ahead of the UAE where they will participate in the Asian Cup.

“Although some soccer players have managed to miss out on this training camp, they, as well as loads of other soccer players on a global scale, will remain firmly on my radar while working towards the crucial step of selecting the best national squad to assist us in excelling at the AFC Asian Cup next year,” Arnold added.

The former FC manager for Sydney will also name a new captain as Mile Jedinak, unfortunately, retired from international soccer last week. The Socceroos will also be facing South Korea on 17 November in Brisbane and Lebanon on 20 November in Sydney to help with their build-up for the Asian Cup which takes place from 5 January to 1 February 2019.

Socceroos Squad

Forwards: Awer Mabil, Mathew Leckie, Robbie Kruse, Tomi Juric, Apostolos Giannou, Martin Boyle, Daniel Arzani.

Midfielders: Tom Rogic, Aaron Mooy, Mark Milligan, Massimo Luongo, Jackson Irvine, Denis Genreau, Mustafa Amini.

Defenders: Trent Sainsbury, Josh Risdon, Mathew Jurman, Alex Gersbach, Thomas Deng, Milos Degenek, Aziz Behich.

Goalkeepers: Danny Vukovic, Mathew Ryan, Mitchell Langerak, Brad Jones.

How Women’s Aussie Football Grown

While the women’s Old Xavs team have been playing for years now, the girls will finally have some more inspiration to look up to since more women are joining the professional Alsatian Football League, also formally known as AFLW. For the first time last year, women have begun to play Australian football professionally which has gained massive media attention as well as stadiums that are being completely sold out. While the league is no stranger to having the occasional controversy, mainly regarding the pay inequalities, they have gained a notable fanbase and has been appearing even more on television over the last few months.

While the WOX team has a knowledge of what Australian styled football entails, many foreigners are giving the professional players, as well as any woman who plays the spirt, a massive amount of respect as many believe the sport is insane, ferocious, and a wild mix of the toughness of rugby.

While many women have been playing football for the past 102 years, it was not until 2017 that women were allowed the platform to play their beloved sport professionally. It all started in Melbourne where two teams entirely composed of women met on the field to win a title. Though, the interest surrounding the game was so massive the game was forced to move to a bigger venue to host all of the anticipating spectators. Though even the venue change wasn’t large enough as 26,000 fans wanted to see the very first game that made history.

Pay Gap Continues To Be Relevant

Despite the massive loads of support, there have been issues regarding the pay gap between men football players and women’s. The AFLW isn’t standing down as the players have been demanding the same respect and payment as the men’s teams – which has made the game itself even more well-known. There have been signs of their pay gap slowly improving as some female players have been known to receive higher payments if their skills are up to par. Although at the end of the day, as they are playing the same sport, with the same rules, and the same passion – then they should be getting paid the same amount.

Although, this can be easily tied down as many of the WOX players have shown their skills on the field and their passion for the sport. While many of their male counterparts on the Old Xavs teams have expressed their desire to go pro, the females who are apart of the WOX can finally say the same and know that they have a possibility of making it big. While it will require a massive load of confidence, practice, skill, and determination to make it into the big league – it’s finally nice to see that the female players have fellow women that are playing pro that they can look up to. Who knows, maybe one of the WOX payers today will be making headlines on television while she’s dominating the field.

How Can the Women’s Old Xavs Team Improve Their Skills

Aussie football is growing in popularity and is showing no signs of slowing down in the incoming years. Due to this increased popularity, many new football clubs have been formed and play against one another for the title of who has practised, trained and used their incredible footwork on the field to be declared the winners.

The Old Xaverians is one popular FC which has a few separate groups for their men’s and women’s team. While the old xavs have a longstanding history, it seems as if this season the women’s team are seeing more losses than wins for one reason or another. For sports betting sites that are favourable to women football betting, the losses add up to reduced odds. While it comes down to just having better camps and being more focused on the field – listed below are a few tips on how the WOX can improve their skills and chances of winning their next match.

1. Incorporate solo practices or use a single partner

While training with your entire team may seem like the way to go – having a solo session or just using one partner can show great improvements as well. This can help players not feel overwhelmed while also being able to focus on improving a certain position they lay or would like to play. It will also help to find varying partners as well, such as ones that have different height, skill set, and one that plays the opposing position of you so playing them on the field will become a breeze.

2. Bounce the ball skillfully

When I say this, I more so mean bounce the ball while using both hands, which is an impressive and beneficial skill to have. This is especially so when you’re in a squeeze and will need to use the other hand to successful get out of it. While this may be an obvious improvement, many miss it during their training practices. The best way to do it is to practice it solo for a while before bringing in someone else.

3. Master how to play in unkind weather

While playing on a bright and sunny day with a few clouds may seem like a footballer dream – it’s not always the reality. At times, it would be helpful to learn different methods to bounce the ball when the ground is muddy, and it’s easy to skid around the field. One tip that many professional Aussie footballers use is to touch the ball on the ground with both hands to create more control of it on your side.

4. Improve your fitness

This sport is physically demanding, which can be seen easily as it’s recorded that typically, players will have to cover 9 miles (15km) during a single game. Plus, to do this take, it requires a plethora of short sprint runs, dives, and intensity that cannot be matched. Due to this, players need to be in the gyms training their bodies to keep up with the demands that must be met. While going to the gym solo may be ideal, it would help to bring a partner or ask your coach what you need to improve on.

5. Watch and learn from the pros

The best way to improve your playing skills is to watch the professional at work. The AFL, Australian Football League, is a great place to start as you can find an array of players of a similar stat as you and watch their highlight reels. While improving may be easy, you still have to out in the steps actually to put your words into action.

July 1st Recap for the Old Xavs

It seems as if the beginning of July is proving to be a time where the Old Xavs are going through a variety of wins, losses, and new developments. While the teams are giving it their all though each game, no matter if they win or lose, at least they can say that they learned something new and found ways to improve their footwork on the field so the next time they play, they will be stronger than the last. Around the last week of June and the first week of July, the football club has had more successful matches than loses, which is a needed improvement as the teams were not having the best matches last month.

WOX Takes Home Another Loss

Out of the three teams that played during this period, the women’s team did not take home a winning title while playing against the experienced, and taller, players of Marcellin. The reds were playing a hard match according to coach Moodie. No player held back as the girls gave it their all to secure the win that they desired. Although a combination of factors such as the other team having more experience, being stronger and surprisingly having a handful of taller players who used that to their advantage – the WOX team did not seem to be able to defeat the competition. Despite the loss, Moodie was proud to boast about the girls having some impressive tackles and making Marcellin stand on their toes throughout the match. Moodie ended the sentiment by stating while they may have received a loss, next week the girls are going to start their winning streak and hopefully beat Marcellin the next time they face them on the field.
Men’s Team Takes Home a Win

The Old Xavs and the Old Scotch has a well-known traditional rivalry that has created intense games between the two teams. Although, the Old Xavs can ride home smiling as they won the latest match against the Old Scotch team during the recent match at Toorak Park. The men’s Red’s have won four games before this one, which just shows the practice and dedication the team is outing into each game.

During the beginning of the match, the Old Xavs had a strong lead which easily gave them a comfortable space between the Old Scotch. Although, due to the work of some misplaced footwork and lack of having perfect accuracy, a few openings were created that could have changed the outcome of the game. While Lucas Socchio scored the first few goals, the Old Scotch took on the offensive role and managed to score two goals in between.

The Xavs managed to match and exceed the two goals scored by the Old Scotch due to the combination of having precise footwork and teamwork for the players. Which was shown in a display of harmony during the game. While the match was moving to an exciting finale, the Xavs remained strong and refused to create another opening for the Scotch which ensured the victory.

Old Xaverians Women’ Team Falls Short

This season the WOX team has bee falling short on their wins compared to losses. Despite the team trying their hardest to play a strong game – something seems to be out of place which takes away from a win. Ranging from lack of coordination between players, key players gaining new injuries, or lack of experience compared to the competitors. Although the losses may not seem to be positive, it will serve as a well-needed learning experience for the girls playing on how to develop their skills even more and play harder to ensure a win during the next game and next year’s season.

Who are the Reds and Blacks?

The WOX team is divided into two groups, the reds, and blacks. The Black team is filled with the girls who have a lesser experience compared to the Reds who have been playing for a longer time. For this current season, the blacks have not been as successful as they originally planned for the previously mentioned reasons – although this does mean that the team is considerably worse, if anything, there are just some hiccups that they are facing along the way. The reds, on the other hand, have seen their fair share of losses and win this season. Although they do have more experience than the younger blacks, the team is constantly showing improvement and determination to ensure getting close to success for the nest game.

Another Lost is Received Despite Strong Efforts

During the recent WOX game, another loss was received by the Xavs during the recent match against Old Trinity. The opposing team has a well-recorded history this season as they have improved their footwork on the field. Despite the Xavs trying their hardest and bring all they could to the table, they fell short. Coach Young had a few comments regarding the loss. Young stated that despite not winning, the team can at least say that they pushed themselves and fought throughout all four quarters of the match without ever hesitating or letting go. Though, the coach continued as the main downfall for the game is not due to the members not trying – if anything it is due to the lack of having unity of knowing where the ball is along with not being ad disciplined as the opposing team.

Coach Young even admitted that’s how Old Trinity received most of their goals during the game – they looked for openings and weaknesses and exploited it for their favour. Though Young added on that once the team begins to place themselves on the field in more suitable scoring position the chance of them scoring more goals over their opponents will skyrocket. The sentient ended with the Coach showing determination about the future. Young believes that after some more training sessions coupled with additional help could help the WOX team with their next game and create a small change that could lead to a new victory.

Old Xaverians Plays Amateur Football Combinations on Saturday

On a Saturday the Clapham Old Xaverians plays Amateur Football, which is one of Europe’s biggest adult football leagues. Currently, the club has five teams that are active with its first XI placed in the 2nd division of the Seniors. The teams play in and around the area of London, while the higher leagues travel further afield. After matches, everyone returns to the clubhouse for a bite to eat and drinks.

Great Excitement after the Battlefield Trip

Everyone who could not make the Pilgrims the Somme June 2018 trip waiting with great excitement to hear all about the trip from those who were there. Frank Barretta, updated the news bullet as soon as he received any feedback and here are just some of the comment highlights. One of the club members felt that it was the best trip, he thought the battlefields were perhaps even more enjoyed than Normandy. He is confident that no one will ever forget the Somme terrain and the cemeteries on those misty days and for him, it was something incredible to see. Still, the mist of the bare Somme fields impressed most.

Everyone who did go on the trip to the Old Xaverians Club agreed that it was another triumph from start to finish. Everything was excellent from the hotel to the visited places. With near 40 Xaverians in attendance, the sites researched were more poignant. 95% hope another trip will take place in 2019 and that even more Old Xaverians Club members would be able to go.

Old Xaverians Social and Sports Club

The Old Xaverians club has only one objective, and that is to promote amateur sports in Surrey and South London. The management of the club left in the capable hands of a committee consisting a chairman, vice chairman, treasurer and secretary, while its four other members consist of the football club captain and football club treasurer or secretary as well as the cricket club captain and cricket club secretary or treasurer. The final members of the management committee include the clubhouse manager, membership secretary and the bar manager.

Old Xaverians Club Membership

Everyone interested in Association Cricket or Football is welcome to join the club regardless of religion, sexual orientation or age. New members receive a copy of the subscription and entrance fees, bye-laws, constitution, and rules. Any member can bring visitors to the club and is welcome to attend general annual meetings. All members can opt-in to receive the monthly newsletter, which also includes updates of all sports and social events such as the recent weekend Pilgrims Somme trip, visits to the Magnificent Garden of Jack and last calls for sports events such as the upcoming Golf Day on the 22nd of June.

Senior Coach, James McDonald Leaves Old Xaverians

Established in 1923, the Old Xaverians Football Club remains the most successful in the VAFA and have won no less than 14 Victorian Amateur Football Association competitions. From 1923 to 1924, it was Dr Alan Keane that led the team through the difficult early years. Keane was the first ever to receive life membership, followed by the second awarded to Father Frank O’Keefe three years later.

In 1994, Barry Richardson, appointed as the head coach took over from the 1993/1944 coach Matthew Hannebery. Both these coaches were responsible for the enduring success the club still enjoys, by laying a solid foundation. The Premiership in 1995, won under the leadership of Richardson and in 1996, Simon Meehan took over as the head coach.

Other coaches at the Old Xaverians Football Club includes Simon Leatherlean, who left in 2017 after he was forced to resign due to sex scandal allegations. Co-coaches in 1996 included Nick Bourke and Dom Berry, while James McDonald became the newly appointed senior coach in 2017.

McDonald was already involved with the Old Xaverians Football Club since he played in the under 19s. His dedication and commitment led the team to great victories over two seasons. His resignation as head coach leaves the club in a challenging position to find a replacement.

Old Xaverians Football Club to Commence Process of Appointing A Long-Term Head Coach

Before the process of finding the most suitable person for the role of head coach at the Old Xaverians Club can start, the immediate focus is on the match of the senior players at Old Brighton. The senior members strive to bring home their first win for this season and need the support of all club members.

Finding someone to step into head coach James McDonald’s shoes is no easy task, and the club will need to start a thorough process to find the perfect replacement. Until the club finds the perfect, Old Xaverians have many volunteers to rely on, who have been involved for many years.

Lending some extra time to players getting involved in coaching help individuals gain valuable experience while they also get to support their community. But as the Old Xaverians President, Matt Cosgrave said, finding a replacement for James McDonald will be no easy task. As a senior coach, he was completely committed and took this important role very serious, while all players benefited from his sports passion the club enjoyed huge success during the past two seasons due to the exceptional support and commitment of McDonald.

Old Xaverians Club FC History Booklet Now Available

On Thursday the 7th of June, Old Xaverians FC announced that it still had a few of its booklets available created especially for the Club’s centenary season. The booklets offer readers a detailed summary of the history between 1892 to 1992 of the Old Xaverians Football Club. This is the period in which the club made a name for itself in the Lancashire Cup and Amateur Tournament as well as the English Amateur Cup Competition.

No other club ever got close to doing as much for the Lancashire Amateur Football club as the Old Xaverians. In 1920 statements like these published in the Sporting Press not only praised the club but confirmed the image the Old Xaverians believed their club presented. The football club proposal came in 1892, a suggestion that allowed the club to extend its winter activities. No one or only a few could have imagined the immense impact it would have on the local amateur football.

Old Xaverians Football Club Celebrated its 120th Year in Existence in 2011/12 Season

Looking back to the 2011 to 2012 season it perhaps wasn’t the Old Xaverians Football Clubs most successful in terms of titles or trophies, yet celebration its 120th year in existence was a magnificent achievement. Five years down the line the Old Xaverians enjoyed even more success on the field. This was the year Ben Williams, the manager of the first team stepped down after associations with the club for seventeen years.

2018 Old Xaverians FC Results

The most recent results of the Old Xaverians FC include the third-round finish season, a season described as the longest ever. The high scorers in the Third Eleven played league leaders Woodstreet ended in a 2-2 draw, resulting in a 4th position season finish. Everyone is looking forward to a well-deserved rest after the season ended on the 29th of May.

Old Xaverians FC members have several events to look forward to in July 2018, which include the visit to Jake’s magnificent garden on the 14th of July 2018. The garden visit takes place from 11 am to 1 pm, and everyone is welcome to view this award-winning garden, which makes this a perfect family event.

With the COXA Golf Day only three weeks away, Old Xaverians send out the last call for registration as only a few more spaces are available. Teams of three take place in this event and prizes are based on the two highest scorers at each hole. Participation in this event is limited to thirty-six players while registration is £39. It is recommended that if interested, you register early to avoid positions all being filled.

Xavier College Turns 140

The story of Xavier College started after Bishop Goold invited Irish Jesuits to Melbourne so that they could run the St Patrick’s College, diocesan school of St Patrick’s College. When they arrived, it was found that the location for the school was not ideal for boarding of students. The foundation of the school was laid in 1872, and its south wing saw completion in 1878 and the grand opening of the St Francis Xavier’s College. The first year includes 92 students, of which 41 resided in the boarding rooms.

In 1920, the house was donated by Archbishop Mannix and land located next to the college was slated for a preparatory school. The prep school was opened as the year drew to a close and saw 370 students entering into studies. As the years passed, the Preparatory School was r-named to honour the late Mr Thomas Michael Burke, a businessman and Catholic philanthropist who first owned the property. A second predatory school was established in 1936 on the neighbouring property, and prompt remodelling got underway to create the appropriate facilities.

Football and cricket competitions

As each of the campuses became established, and student enrollment increases, the courses offered and sports were expanded. The first of those were football and cricket and following this came tennis, rowing and various athletic. The first rugby competition was in 1960, and the school’s first soccer competition came in 1970 and in 2001, Aikido also joined the list.

As the year went on, the educational program was expanded, as were Early Years Centres that are focused on providing education to those youngest as the Jesuit did in the past. This was a major turning point in Xavier history and broke the tradition of being a male-only school.

The Ignatian Service program and the work that is performed collectively with the Xavier Social Justice Network is traceable back to the time when the school was set up by the Jesuit priests. The early 1900’s saw a fund established to encourage those attending the school to engage in learning spiritual studies. It was created to fund programs, provide assistance when needed to both students and community.

In modern times, the college continues the work of the Jesuits tradition towards education. The school began with 92 students but today over 2000 are enrolled, and many carry on the legacy of the priest’s teachings and work towards inspiring others to find their unique qualities and work towards developing them to their fullest. This includes the mind, the body, the soul and heart of each student.

There are many Old Xaverians who have gone on to become leaders in the fields they chose, both nationally, locally and even internationally. Regardless of where life takes them, in their hearts, they will always be Old Xaverians.