Doctor Investigated in Manslaughter Case

Shock has evoked an entire nation days after learning Diego Maradona had died. Confirmations were made by Argentinian law enforcement that the primary caretaker of Diego Maradona is now under investigation. The personal physician has denied taking part in the legendary footballer’s death, which didn’t stop law enforcement raiding his home & seizing medical records. All surgeries booked with Doctor Leopoldo Luque have now been cancelled, with mobile devices & laptops also being taken.

Reports were issued by media outlets in Argentina, stating that law enforcement was delegating if negligence was involved with Diego Maradona’s death. Autopsy’s done after Diego’s death indicated that negligence had been sustained, prompting the immediate search of Doctor Leopoldo Luque. The neurosurgeon is now under investigation for manslaughter, which isn’t surprising when considering that local neighbours in Buenos Aires reported that Diego Maradona & Leopoldo Luque had verbally fought days before his deadly heart attack.

When Diego Maradona died on November 25th at 60, the international sporting community expressed their sadness in his passing. Nobody anticipated that days later, this death would become a murder investigation. Law enforcement is privy to questioning personal physician’s whenever a patient had died with complications. Often, it’s cases of manslaughter resulting from previous fights or financial gain. Diego Maradona checks both those boxes.

Daughters Avenge Their Father

Days after Diego Maradona had died, his daughters gathered at local media outlets & expressed that family believe Doctor Leopoldo Luque is responsible for Maradona’s death. Family members had voiced concern multiple times over medical treatments being administered to Diego Maradona, with Doctor Leopoldo Luque avoiding those concerns. The daughters unknowingly prompted the interest of Buenos Aire’s law enforcement & prompted the investigation into Doctor Leopoldo Luque. It should be clarified that after being search by police, Leopoldo couldn’t stand & was seen fidgeting with himself. These are evident signs of stress & guilt.