MLB Player’s Association Sends Counter Proposal

The Major League Baseball Players Association has issued counterproposals to MLBs corporate division. This proposal was released on May 31st, requesting that salaries not be reduced & instead several concessions be limited. The Players Association is also seeking nearly a full season at 114 games, with this being considerably higher than the 82 suggested by MLB Corporate. All matches would be required for completion by October 31st, enabling the possibility of doubleheaders & the world series. All championship venues would be needed to end by November 31st.

The MLB Players Association requested in their counterproposal that High-Risk Athletes be permitted to “Opt-Out” from engaging in professional baseball. If allowed, MLB Outfits would have to create a list of “Coronavirus Replacements”. Athletes from the Minor League or Reserves would be selected to account for that benched player. It should be mentioned that High-Risk Athletes will still receive their standard salaries under this counterproposal. Those that aren’t determined as safety concerns can even leave their positions temporarily, which will result in their wages being terminated for 2020.

This counterproposal doesn’t account for exclusively the 2020 season, with the MLB Players Association thinking ahead until 2022. Under the new format suggested by this union of athletes, the playoff series would be limited to ten teams & support an expanded timeframe. Similar measures would be enforced until November 2022. It should be noted that winning the championship will result in a lower-grade prize, with the winning team acquiring $7 million. These lowered championship winnings aren’t prompted from the novel coronavirus but instead the Houston Astros Scam of 2019.

Limiting several aspects of MLB Corporate would be accounted for by their athletes. The Players Association agreed under this counterproposal that professional baseballers would commit towards broadcasting enhancements. This will include players wearing microphones on-field, allowing dedicated supporters to listen directly into their favourite player. Additional programming would be supported outside the ballpark, such as guest appearances on various TV shows. Athletes have even agreed to “Free-of-Charge Appearances” for any of Major League Baseballs partners.

This could be drastically beneficial for Rob Manfred, allowing him to market these players in a new format after the Houston Astros 2019 Scandal. Analysts have recommended the MLB President accept this counterproposal, as it ultimately benefits the sport.