Blue Jays Denied Home Games in 2020

The Blue Jays announced that they’ve been denied from operating their seasonal training & games within Toronto. This comes after prolonged delegations with the Canadian Federal Government, making the announcement on July 18th. This gives the Toronto Blue Jays minimal time to locate a new stadium for competition in the United States of America. Supporters of the Blue Jays couldn’t help but emphasize their disappointment to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who often receives backlash for his weak demeanour.

The Toronto Blue Jays President, Mark Shapiro, released a formal statement regarding the federal denial. Shapiro iterated that discussions with the Liberal Government didn’t follow through after concerns of safety for the Toronto community grew. Mark promised that finding an updated location that’s of the same quality to Rogers Centre has become their primary goal. TBJs President also offered his respects towards the Federal Governments decision.

When questioned on how the denial will affect Blue Jays morale, President Shapiro avoided the question by stating players will compete at a new home arena for the 2020 season. He indicated that baseballers will support the same passion & pride known behind the Blue Jays brand. Mark promised to represent the nation of Canada in the best ways possible & will continue to fight for a return at the Rogers Centre before the end of 2020s MLB Season.

Border Restrictions

The Trudeau Federal Government is providing the Toronto Blue Jays with a single exemption, with that being to maintain their Summer Camp Training at the Rogers Centre. Inside sources clarified that the Federal & Provincial government were considering approval before an extension on the US/Canada Borders were increased to August 21st. Discussions regarding the Blue Jay’s return with standard season games cannot begin until that date.

The Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship confirmed that their decision regarding the Toronto Blue Jays will be revisited by August 21st. Marco Mendocino clarified that virus transmission in the United States must also be lowered before serious consideration is maintained. These are reasonable measures to ensure the Canadian Populous is protected. Toronto’s Blue Jays now have until July 24th to locate a new stadium for their first game of 2020.