Ramon Abbas Faces Prison Sentencing

Social media is often detrimental & creates false personas of people that are committing various crimes. It’s not often that law enforcement is provided opportunities to arrest individuals that flaunt themselves over Instagram or Facebook. These criminals that create millionaire-esc personas ensure that their illegal actions aren’t recorded. Investigating where these individuals obtained monetary wealth is often unfindable, suggesting that criminal enterprises are sustaining their financial growth.

An expected case of this exact scenario was revealed by law enforcement over the weekend of July 10th. Ramon Abbas has been accused by the United States Department of Justice of maintaining a “Scheme to Steal” from an unnamed Premier League football club. The valuation of funds that have been stolen is $124 million, with illegal methods for obtaining these funds not being indicated. The US Department of Justice noticed an unnamed Premier League team had lost $124 million from their reserve funds, prompting an immediate investigation. Reporting personnel from the DOP didn’t clarify what investigative methods were implored to locate Ramon Abbas.

Why is Ramon a Suspect?

Social media enthusiasts most likely have come across Ramon Abbas in some variation. Instead, that’s from his birth name or self-proclaimed nickname of “Billionaire Gucci Master”. It should be clarified that Ramon Abbas originate from Nigeria & isn’t defined by Forbes Magazine as a billionaire. The Nigerian Influencer supports 2.5 million followers over Instagram & if often photographed with notable footballers in the Premier League. Ramon Abbas has been seen with Ezri Konsa from Astron Villa England, and Tammy Abraham from Chelsea.

Ramon “Billionaire Gucci Master” Abbas obtained his 2.5 Million Instagram followers by posting countless photos of his wearing luxurious watches and designer clothes. After gaining minor notability over Instagram, his followers grew after making posts with private jets & famous athletes in Europe. What concerned the US Department of Justice was the Instagram description emphasized by Ramon Abbas. This description suggests Ramon be an entrepreneur with Real Estate, while also promoting global brands with his Instagram personality.

After the US Department of Justice investigated these claims of owning Real Estate, nothing was founded & an investigation into his substantial monetary gain was executed. Revelations show that Ramon Abbas acquired hundreds of millions in American Dollars from maintaining fraudulent business scams. He was arrested by Dubai Law Enforcement as the request of the DOP & arrived in America by July 3rd. He’s expected to have already been processed into a Maximum-Security Prison.