What Will Happen To Sydney FC Once Milos Ninkovic Leaves?

Milos Ninkovic is considered the man who managed to change the Sydney Football Club since he joined the team in early 2015. Since he joined the prestigious club, he assisted and scored on countless occasions, but more importantly, has been the influence and face of Sydney FC several times during crucial matches. He is someone that you can always rely on during crucial games and never fails to impress both the fans and his team although he hasn’t scored as much as Filip Holosko, Adrian Mierzejewski, or other players on the field. He has always managed to be there for his club which is far more important than scoring goals. Ninkovic has raised the bar at Sydney FC and claimed a couple of trophies in the process.

Milos Ninkovic As a Player

Milos Ninkovic has always been considered the star of Sydney FC. In 2018, when Adrian Mierzejewski was experiencing the best season of his career, instead of feeling disappointed or getting angry, he merely changed how own playing style. He managed to become a deep playmaker where he cut inside and played a direct pass or through ball to another player who had the potential to claim glory on the field.

Even though he never registered a lot of goals or assists, the number of secondary assists or plays he created was staggering. Unfortunately for him, there wasn’t a lot of people that noticed this unless they looked at him intimately through his footballing career. Those that are aware of his skills and abilities genuinely like him as a footballer — both off and on the field. There aren’t loads of players that could, after having such an incredible season, make way for a brand-new important which took away his spotlight.

The previous season was a completely different ballgame for Ninkovic. He was the person that made headlines. After every match, the newspapers were filled with reports surrounding him, mainly because he earned every one of them. He was making considerable contributions to his team in every game, whether it was a fantastic dribble, assisting, or even scoring a goal. He managed to place the league on a new level and was rewarded for his efforts too.

Ninkovic Leaving Sydney FC

Once Ninkovic leaves his current football team, there will be a lot of changes. The club won’t have two midfielders to attack with. Although it’s quite common in the A-League where teams only have one midfielder to attack. Sydney has been relying on two midfielders for attacking which is going to be a massive change. Another aspect that will change is their style of play. Sydney used to play the ball deep, but without Ninkovic, the striker will need to step in going forward. Sydney will also start relying on defensive midfielders to play the football up. Let’s see if they can make these changes going forward and with success in the process.