Atletico Madrid Head Coach Contracts Coronavirus

The Head Coach for Atletico Madrid has tested positive for COVID-19, with the football club making a formal announcement on September 12th. They’d announce that their 50-year-old leader from Argentina wasn’t displaying any symptoms of the virus and has been deemed asymptomatic. Named Diego Simeone, he’ll maintain a fourteen-day self-isolation period before returning to his coaching duties.

The confirmation of his positive coronavirus infection is disappointing for Diego, who began training Atletico Madrid on September 7th for the upcoming La Liga Season. Training strategies will be implored virtually via Diego Simeone for fourteen days, informing assistant coaching staff of what their footballers must accomplish over the coming two weeks.

Atletico Madrid will compete against Cadiz FC on September 15th in a friendlies-matchup. The formal test-run is used to determine which improvements are needed amongst the football club. Atletico Madrid’s official home opener doesn’t start until September 27th against Granada FC & without Diego Simeone being able to attend the friendlies-matchup, there’s concern the head coach won’t be on strategic par to Granada FCs coaching staff.

Team representatives provided an official statement regarding the status of Atletico Madrid’s coaching staff. It was informed that footballers, coaching personnel, and subsequent club staff were tested on September 11th. All club members were advised to return to their respective homes after training as San Rafael. Analysis of their PCR COVID Samples has been issued to the same laboratory that found Diego Simeone’s contraction. Fortunately, there hasn’t been any subsequent confirmations amongst team personnel. This means that future scheduling for Atletico Madrid won’t be disturbed this September.

Not the First

It should be mentioned that Diego Simeone isn’t the exclusive member of Atletico Madrid that’s contracted COVID-19 since the virus broke out. Santiago Arias and Diego Costa were both confirmed with the coronavirus during the beginning of September. It’s suspected that the Right-Back and Striker are unknowingly responsible for transmitting COVID-19 to Diego Simeone. All three men were deemed asymptomatic & are expected to make full recoveries. Health experts working for La Liga will continue to monitor Atletico Madrid for other infections and increase their PCR Tests for weekly to daily.